Friday, July 15, 2011

Something I Know For Sure

Life changes.

Sometimes for good, sometimes for not so good.

So - my thought for the day is this -

If you find yourself in a crap storm right now - hold your breath - change is coming.

If your life is nothing but silver linings and happy time smiles and sunshine right now?


Change is coming.
It's inevitable.

Sometimes it takes you by surprise, and you realize that you've been worrying for nothing.

Other times, it takes you by surprise, and you realize you should have been more concerned than you have been.
I think the sooner we accept it, the better off we are.

And with that - I'll bid you adieu for the day!

Please know that my eyes are fine, and I was laughing the entire time the video was shot.  It was HOURS after the starch incident.
That's just how I laugh when I get really tickled.

Also know, that I'm working with my Coach now to bring the Bootcamp to you!
There is hope, no matter how long you've struggled with your weight - no matter how discouraged you presently are - no matter if you've just about given up.

Change - it's a comin'.


  1. Again, thanks for this. I really needed this today.

  2. Sister friend,

    I keep telling all those people at church sitting in their pretty clothes with their fancy cars and houses and loads of expensive crap that they need to get ready. Their day is coming. They just smile like I'm crazy and lost my mind.

    We shall see... I have sat in their seat before.

    I know it's coming.

    They don't believe me.

    For shame.


  3. This is very true. And...when you think you've got it bad, there's usually someone who's got worse. It's just hard to think that way while in the midst of it.

    I need to tell you and share my good news with you, since I've shared to you about my weight before, that I have lost 15 lbs. since May 6!! I am really excited but have SO far to go that it is still a long haul ahead. That has been with mainly just editing my diet and not through exercise other than a walk here or there and gardening. Maybe your boot camp will inspire me on the physical side of things :) BTW, Love your accent at the end of the video HA!

  4. I love this post, Jaime. I always say that life is nothing but decisions and decisions come from change. You are never not making a decision. BTW...I am using your oil and I love it as long as it doesn't get in my eyes. ;-b Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  5. That is the truth..the other truth is that often people hide behind their smiles and what they have and inside their lives are falling apart. I see it every day at the hospital where I work.

    This is a great post, Jayme! The sun NEVER shines on anyone ALL the time-cuz even too much sun is not a good thing. xo Diana

  6. No, this was for ME!!! :) ....Bethany

  7. From your lips to God's ear.

  8. yes! I keep trying to remind myself of this as I battle with sleepless nights due to a newborn who is CHANGING and will SLEEP one day even if it doesn't seem like it!

  9. Jayme, Your just going to blow away. I thought you looked fabulous before, and now look at what you have gone and done, you look GREAT! ( I LOVE YOUR GARDEN'S ), they need to be in a magazine.

  10. Bring it on, I am waiting for the boot camp lowdown.

  11. Jayme, this is SO true. We all face potential changes and you just never know what is ahead! I really enjoy your from central IN and thank you for taking the time to express yourself. You take care!

  12. Hey gal, good to know your eyes are okay, I was concern.

    YALZA, I hear ya', Change is a comin'.

  13. Can hardly wait for this change!

  14. I've never really been a big fan of change, but I'm learning to deal with it. And - here in Oklahoma it is HOT. It was 114 yesterday and I could stand to see that change. 98 degrees sounds cool - can I have that instead?

  15. Change most certainly come whether we're ready or not.

    Last week we received the news that a neighbor/friend had committed suicide.....leaving behind six children (ages 3-20) and a wife. She was a SAHM and he was the breadwinner. Only 44 years old and the LAST person you would expect this from.

    He always seemed happy and joking with people, loved his family deeply.

    Why? I don't know....I don't think the family knows either.

    You go to bed one night with your world one way and look at the world they faced the next day. Please pray for this family, God knows.

  16. Good! I need change! I'm ready... well, I wish for change. Until then... I'm enjoying reading about all the stuff you are getting up to... love all that energy. Sure hope my energy scares its self up and reports for duty soon. P.S. My daughter brought home some local honey... you are so right! That honey is so good it is past description!!!


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