Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best Ab Workout Eva!

Today whilst talking on the phone to my dear friend Renee, I was ironing my pillowcases.
Don't hate.
I love crisp, fresh pillowcases.
It's a cheap luxury.
I was putting things away, and we were still talking.
I was putting away the can of spray starch, sans the lid.
It goes in an old cupboard in the pantry, and for some reason, I wasn't putting it back on the shelf it normally goes on - but a shorter shelf.
As I forced the can on the shelf, not giving a single thought to the aerosol spray button aimed straight at my face -
I got shot in the face with a seriously large shot of Magic Sizing.
I let out a blood curdling scream and hung up on my friend.
My eyes were ablaze.
But I was laughing at the same time -
Aaron got me a cold, wet cloth and I cleaned my eyes out, and phoned my friend back.
I have been giggling about this all day, and while Aaron was trying to fix my hair a few hours later, I got tickled again thinking about it and seriously laughed uncontrollably for 10 minutes.
My face was swollen from laughter, my belly ached.
I didn't know Aaron got the camera out...
Without further adieu...


  1. Bless your heart, I did not know if I should laugh or cry with you, so I did both. I so feel for you and what a way to get your abs in tone. Laughter is the best med. Please flush our eyes out well with water and get some lubricating drops to refresh your eyes. This is coming from an ophthalmic tech gal... I fear if you got a good dose of startch you may have irritated your corneas. Get some lubricating ointment too and use that at night before going to bed. I should advised you to see your eye dr.

    Bless your heart!!

  2. You crazy thing! You are not safe to be left alone!!! law.

  3. I was just playing your video when hubby walked in and wondered what was wrong! I hope you are alright! I agree, flush with much water, and maybe go see your eye doc to make sure all is well. You poor dear. This is definitely something I'd do!
    Keep us posted!!

  4. I was cackling with you. I did that once. I was talking a opened the cellar door to find a opossum on the step and I screamed in my best Jr High boy voice and hung up on my friend. I miss you, you goof.

  5. OMG- I needed a good laugh today and got one here! Sorry it was at your expense. Gotta love the kid with a video camera though! xo Diana

  6. Oh you've done it again! So, so funny. Brings me back to the one with you pretending to be the crazy lady at your garden tour. The last time I laughed at myself like that was when we had a cute 6'5" electrician working outside at our home. I was gardening and ran into a HUGE spider in a web across my path, so I took the hose and turned it on "jet" to remove the web. I was so focused on the spider I didn't realize that I was spraying the electrician, and of course he didn't see I was spraying the web. He screamed at me, "What are you doing?!?" To this day this cracks me up.

    I've been meaning to tell me you look so great, Jayme! So healthy and aglow. Congratulations!

  7. OUCH! I so WISH laughing was all the workout I need!!!!
    PS I buy liquid starch concentrate in a big bottle and then mix it with water in a squirt bottle. Cheaper AND safer!

  8. funny but it must of hurt. I thought I was the only one ironing pillow cases. I use rose linen spray though.

  9. that kind of laughter just. feels. good. even in the midst of painful lessons. :)

  10. well that would burn like buhjeezus! Hope your eyes are okay tonite.


  11. That is a workout I don't want to try : )
    So funny though!

  12. I was laughing even before I opened the video. I haven't laughed like that in such a long, long time.

    Great memories recalled.

    It's time to get together with my sister's again... we used to get to laughing like this, over the silliest stuff.

    Glad you're okay.

  13. And now I miss you uncontrollably. Glad there was no permanent damage!

  14. Oh, LAW! Cork just said from the other end of the couch, "Is that the Coop Keeper?" He doth know thou by thine guffaw.

    ps- Did you see the 20/20 special on The Help tonight??? So good.

  15. The incident probably wasn't funny, but I had to laugh!

  16. I had to stop in tonight...or rather early morning here. I needed a laugh...and you provided! Love ya for it. Hope your eyes are better. :)


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