Sunday, July 31, 2011


Alright you guys!
This is how I lost 50lbs this spring.
I'm still working it - though not with the intensity I did during the Bootcamp.
I have so much I want to say about this whole thing right now, but I don't want to dump it all on you now - I just wanted you to know the program that I did - and that it's coming up again soon, so you can do it too!
OK, I will just say this one thing.
Hippocrates said -
Let food by thy medicine, and medicine by thy food.
Why is it that we never want to take the responsibility of our health into our own hands?
Why is it that it's easier to run to the Dr. and get pills when we are fatigued (plague of our generation), depressed or have high blood pressure?
I'm not trying to preach, by any means, as I still struggle - and I know how hard the struggle is.
I still have to literally take it one day, sometimes one meal at a time.
This is what I know for SURE.
When I eat no processed foods, wheat, or dairy - I feel like a million bucks.
I have energy, I think clearly, I feel happy, I lose weight, I sleep well, I don't have PMS or menopausal symptoms.
When I do eat it?
I'm a hot mess of hormones, fatigue and depression.
The choice seems easy - but it's not.
I plan on talking about my weight loss, clean eating journey every Wednesday until I'm drivel-less on the subject.
That way, if you have no interest, you can avoid me on Wednesdays.
I hope you'll join me!
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You won't regret it.
You'll thank for me eternity.
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thanks so much!


  1. You are so beautiful! Girl!


  2. You are wearing your necklace!! :) xoxo

  3. Man, it's dairy that I would struggle with....

  4. I can't wait to hear all you have to say on this topic. I am starting my program tomorrow!!

  5. It sounds very interesting, but they don't say how much it costs.......which is important stuff.

  6. I'm very interested in hearing more.....thank you so much for taking the time to share your journey.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more about us not taking the responsibility of our own health into our own hands! And it is a daily struggle because we are bombarded with so many food choices, many of which have no nutritional value these days. The old saying is so true... You are what you eat!

    Looking forward to Wednesday's posts!

  8. One week ago I gave up sugar, wheat and most dairy- I feel so much better already that it is amazing. I am doing it through a local program-that I finally dragged my butt there-and it is amazing. You are certainly a wonderful inspiration and will be a wonderful mentor to anyone that is lucky enough to get paired up with you- xo Diana

  9. Three cheers for you, Jayme! You are a great motivator for so many people. A breath of fresh Spring air! Kudos!

  10. So excited to hear all about it on Wednesdays! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Normally I wouldn't believe all the claims this program makes. But I watched you go through it so I do believe it. I went to other websites about the program but nowhere does it give any indication of the cost. That is an important thing to know ahead of time. Can you reveal the cost?

  12. Sounds very interesting. So excited to hear from you!

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  13. What? No yogurt? I can eliminate sugar, wheat and all other dairy, but no yogurt? Are you sure?

  14. I believe, I believe, I believe! I've been eating clean for weeks now (except on my cheat day Sundays :)). And the difference it makes in my life - amazing. You absolutely nailed it. This IS the way to live. No, it's not always easy! Wonderful job, Jayme, and you look fantastic :) -Tammy

  15. Get outta town! No way? I've had this idea called 'weigh in wednesday' on my heart for sometime now! I needa kick this baby weight to the curb!
    So as I sit here taking another bite of ice're giving me something to think about! ;)



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