Thursday, July 7, 2011

To Wheat or Not To Wheat....

Before I begin driveling on - let me ask you this -
do you think I should start another blog dedicated to the weight loss journey?
I'm really not planning on talking about it constantly, but I do want to motivate you to live your best life - even if you don't have weight to lose.
I sure don't want to bore the dickens out of you readers that don't give a hoot.
Would love your thoughts on that -

Today, just quickly, I wanted to share about my decision to go wheat free.
I hesitated at first - because it just seemed like the 'thing to do' - gluten free, you know?
It's apparently in style.
I use a lot of -, don't I?
I also hesitated, because I'm the Queen of baking!  Remember how I used 10 lbs of butter a month and 40 lbs of flour?
Who was I if I didn't do this anymore?
During working with my Coach, he asked all of us to give up dairy, wheat and soy for one full week.
The first three days of eating wheat free, I was pissed off.
I'm just being honest.
I felt that there was 'nothing' to eat.
Every flipping thing has wheat in it.

I can't get enough of this happy bug!
By day four - yowza - (again with the -) I felt like a new woman.
I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me personally.
My energy increased, my body pain decreased.
It hurt to be touched - especially my legs. 
Do not go near my ITB bands, or you might get hurt.  They were THAT tender.
My brain fog lifted - the ADHD symptoms eased.
I felt relaxed.
I went without wheat, or any of it's cousins for four months.
(I didn't use any 'gluten free' products, or noodle substitutes - just not interested in overly processed food).

After Bootcamp (which I'm going into in depth about in the next day or two - hence my wondering if you'd rather me start a new blog about the whole thing), I thought - well - Bootcamp is over - let's have a sandwich.
Then I had another sandwich.

Then I had a wrap.

Then I had muscle pain, joint pain, bloating, gas, and extraordinary fatigue.

I don't know the science behind it all, and honestly I'm not interested.
I'm interested in living my life with my full potential, feeling great.

I'm not going to lie to you and say it's easy - sometimes it's downright hard.
No noodles, bread, cake, etc. etc.
I can hear most of you now saying 'I could never do that'.

I didn't think I could either - but I did.
So now when I look at that sandwich, I have to decide if it's worth about three days of feeling miserable.

It's not.


  1. I would love to hear about your journey, anywhere you see fit to write it. I gave up meat and dairy a few months ago and I never felt better in my whole life. Maybe I should try the wheat? scary. Anyway, with strawberries in season here I made vegan biscuits but put real whipped cream on top. The next day I was so sick! That sure cured me of dairy. Forever. law.

  2. I am so curious to try going without stuff like that to see if I feel better. It seems that many foods seem to clog our brain. I know I feel tired and just worn down a lot of the time. I would love to see a weight loss blog from you. I'm also curious as to what you eat during the day. If you wouldn't mind doing a post on that, that would be great. I know it may change, but just a general idea. Your blog is my absolute favorite!

  3. A second blog would dilute BOTH.... just write about the stuff here....

    Wheat free means so much more than no bakery items.... there are derivitives of wheat in most processed food.... many of those chemical sounding items in ingredients also have some sort of wheat attached to them.

    GMO's are scarey and "they" tell us no big deal.... I am going to be growing more of my food in the back yard.... this is Texas, so the big push for planting will be Aug/Sept/Oct.

    So on we go for clean FOOD... inside the cell and out...

  4. Good question, so what do you eat now? I'd like to know that, cuz I know how yummy you used to eat. Do fill us in. Hugs Baby. Ra

  5. I agree with "Anonymous" that two blogs would dilute. Write everything here. I'm not interested in chickens but I love your personality and writing style so I read anyway same with the weight loss. ;)That is interesting about the wheat. I feel like I need my whole wheat bread to keep me "regular" =/ but if I could get away with not eating it I'd be open. :)

  6. Jayme, I really want to hear about your journey and weight loss. You are inspiring and easy to understand. I would be thankful for any kind of help you can pass along. Thanks for being so open and sharing, and for just being 'you'!

  7. Have you ever been diagnosed with ciliac disease? Sounds like you have it if you got all of those symptoms back after eating wheat.

  8. hey jayme - tennessee cousin here!! my husband and i are still on our "journey". he sails and i struggle for every pound!! 35 for me and 52 for him :-( but pressing on! we don't eat any wheat either - our only dairy is yogurt - but i cannot say it has stopped my joints from hurting, at least not in my legs - we've been on this program for 3 months now and my knees give me fits!! really hinders the exercise end of it, i can tell you! but, please write on - i think it can only help people - truly.

  9. I went gluten free for about 6 months and it was hard to do. Once you start reading labels, EVERYTHING has wheat in it. Rye bread....added wheat gluten. Corn bread....added wheat. The only bread was rice bread and, let's be honest, that's not bread. So I do the best I can limiting wheat, but it sure is difficult.

  10. I will read whatever you write...doesn't matter where. I am truly interested in hearing the details as well.

  11. Please start your own Boot Camp weight loss program here for all of us to follow! Diet, exercise,
    menus, etc! I need a regimen to follow and am anxious to get started!!! You are one AMAZING gal!!! Thanks!

  12. do it on this blog.It is who you are and that is why we keep coming back. Sugar does this to me. Whole wheat I can tolerate if I isolate it and don't eat it with protein.

  13. No on the second blog! I'm curious about your weight loss journey along with whatever else you've got going on! I love your energy and writing style! So keep it all here, baby!

    I would LOVE to see some recipes from you and hear about your journey! I think a lot of people, myself included, will be motivated to either start or continue their own healthy eating journey. The old phrase 'You are what you eat' is so true!

    I know what you mean about feeling bad after eating! My hubby and I have been watching what we eat and losing weight since May. When we eat wholesome, natural foods we feel great! When we 'cheat', we feel like crap and the pounds come back. Just last night we picked up a store-brand pizza because it was late and we were hungry. While we enjoyed eating it, I felt horrible for the next several hours AND I gained one pound this morning, ugh! It SO was NOT worth it!

  14. Write about it anywhere, just as long as you write about it! I am very interested what you ate and what your daily food was like....inquiring minds want to know.

  15. 1. One blog. One you. You are a total package and I want it all in one place.

    2. My Granny has been gluten free for 10 years. I have fabulous recipes you would enjoy.

    3. xxoo

  16. I too don't care where you right about it just as long as you do write about it. I have been trying to search though your blog to find the posts about your weight loss.

  17. Another blog? JAYME..think about it. Yeah...put it all out here. I've been wheat free (for the most part) for almost 3 months. Have also been sugar free for that amt. of time but still have butter and real cream in my coffee. Never felt better! You've done your homework, I know that for a fact. Seems it's the refined stuff that gets us. Natural things (outside of a disease process going on) seem to be much better tolerated by our bodies. Another blog could "bog" you my vote is to keep it on here, changing up the subjects as you have and have the extra time to pull weeds! Ha! xxoo

  18. Just to clarify...I do NOT put butter AND cream in my coffee...but you know what I'm sayin'! ha!

  19. I'm excited to hear about Bootcamp and what you've been eating. I have been feeling tired all the time for awhile. Thought it was old age and menopause. If there is a way to eat that would make me feel better, I'd might try it. Though it would be very hard to give up baking and my daily frozen coke!

  20. write it all here lady! i'm curious too. and i don't *think* i could go off wheat forever...but i could do better. as to one of the comments, you most certainly do NOT have celiac, you are probably just 'intolerant'. if you had celiac you'd be in the hospital near death after having gluten. love ya girl, looking forward to the next few posts!

  21. I say keep all your drivel in one blog. OH, and could you give us a list or example as to what a one day menu consists of for you?


  22. Hey Jayme,
    Keep it all in one place. I love your blog and I'm very interested to hear all about how you lost your weight, what you ate and did for excerize. I can't wait to open up your blog and read what is going on in your life. You inspire all of us! Keep up the good work!
    Your friend in Bama!!! Angie

  23. I think you should have it all here...this blog is a reflection of your life...not just part of it.

    I too can testify for going gluten, sugar and dairy free. I was diagnosed with hoshimotos disease three years ago and instead of going on meds for the rest of my life, I went the natural route and my dr had me get off all gluten, sugar and dairy and within two weeks I started feeling better and now my thyroid levels are normal. I cheat sometimes and I pay for it later with aching joints and fatigue.
    Love following your journey!

  24. Ok no wheat, dairy, or soy! So what did you eat?

  25. Jayme, you have great instincts and ideas! Do whatever tells you is right - for sure, I'll read two of your blogs (I can double my pleasure!).

    I'm overweight and would love to hear all about your adventure. Especially if that means you'll share what types of foods you eat. If you drop wheat - how will you get around that in cooking? What about hubby?

    I'm w/you, sister. Lead, and I shall follow.


  26. I did a diet a while back (testing to see if it would impact other health issues I had). NO dairy, sugar, vinegar, wheat, oats, fruit (only strawberries, blackberries and raspberries); not even veggies that were high in sugar or starch (corn, potatoes, carrots, peas). It never solved my health issues, but i had a lot less pain and WAY more energy. Been thinking of doing the gluten- and dairy-free thing at least, to enjoy the extra energy and reduced pain, but yeah, its a huge commitment with loads of adjustments.

  27. I am a sourpuss, I guess. I don't include blogs on weight loss, gluten free foods, food allergies, etc., in my reading list. I am an old grouch, and I admit it. Sorry, but I decided to stop following you, and I love you, but I can't deal with the topics above... Again, just my own issues...not YOU.

  28. Speaking from personal experience, I'd say keep everything in one blog, Jaymers. Our blogs are an extension of who we are, and this weight loss journey is a part of who you are. There are SO many people here who are crying out for help...people who obviously respect you as I do. This is where we come for gleaning from your journey in life...whatever it might be at any given time. SO looking forward to what you have to share! I'm making some changes here, too. An e-mail shall be forthcoming! :-)

  29. Hey Jayme... I came back to invite you over to my blog to leave your wish. I won a $50 Amazon gift card just for leaving my wish on someone's blog... !!!

  30. Include it all in one blog. I enjoy your posts on any subject!

  31. Tales from the Coop Keeper are ALL of your stories!!! Weight Loss. Chickens. Serial Killer Camping. Gardens. Blizzard Cam. Pink Chicken. This blog can handle all of it!! :)

  32. Wherever you write it, I'll read it! I'd especially like to hear more about you weight loss journey. So many of us are on the same road. Thank you, Jayme.

  33. I don't think it's necessary to start a new blog. I don't have weight to lose, but I am interested in your journey (just 'cause I like ya! ;) AND it's always very motivating to other areas of my life. (Like just getting fit and in healthy cardio shape....and KEEPING weight off. Anyway, I'm rambling..

    About the gluten--I think it's a great idea to try a gluten free diet. Many people are VERY sensitive even if it's not full-blown allergies or intolerance. I don't think I am though.

  34. Jim-jam:

    IF you start a second blog you'll forget about all of use Coop reader's over here. So just write about your journey here. Those who don't want to know can read another day. Thanks for being great!

  35. i too want to know what your meals are like now! i've often gone round and round with wanting to cut wheat out of my diet. but then i get stumped with what would i cook??!?!?

  36. Jayme,

    I think that your readers have said it all, just stay with one blog that we all love !
    What ever may be your writing's of the day, we will read.
    You write it and we will come and read it !!

    We love you no matter what you write about, and if someone is not interested for that day, they can just wait until another day to read.

    Staying with one blog will be better for you to deal with and not to go back and forth.

    Take care and have a wonderful day !

  37. Hi Jayme,

    I have to say you look so great and I am sure you feel great, too!
    I am all for you writing about your journey-I want to hear about it! I am doing Weight Watchers and I am stuck-not losing-staying the same and I have 10 more lbs. to go! Then I have to maintain.
    I did go on a 21 day cleanse last summer-I was meat, dairy and gluten free and I lost 7 lbs. I had no desire for sweets but it's not that easy-soon I was eating stuff that I thought was good food-but there are hidden sugars in most (processed or not) foods and I started gaining it back-it is really hard to eat good food when I have 3 teenage sons to cook for. We don't eat red meat at all but they love burgers so they sneak off to a fast food burger fest! I don't care but I am not eating red meat
    or white sugar on purpose. I still feel the struggle, even though I do cardio, walk miles and strength train at the gym. So please give us all the info you can on what works for you, I don't doubt it will work for a lot of us if we put our minds to it.

  38. I would love for you to write a blog about your journey and give inspiration to others!
    Do it!!

  39. Jayme,
    I don't read other comments...I just tell you what I think. And I think you should keep it right HERE... on this blog.

    And yes, we want to read all about it! xo, Cheryl

  40. No for the 2nd blog. :) I want to read it all...I would rather not have to check 2 different places! :) I am a fairly new reader and just starting out on this journey...I am 12 pounds down and have 30 or 40 to go I guess thank you for sharing so much with us!!

  41. Please share it here. It's part of who you are!
    Also- I have gone wheat, dairy and soy free and when I don't cheat- I feel GREAT! When I do- oh my, it is just not worth it!!

  42. Please stick to one place. I love everything you write, your style, your heart & passion. I have all my blogs organized (I have too many to count)& yours is #1. I try to make sure I at least check back every day or so to see if I missed anything. Thank you for your blog.

  43. I am for one blog ~ this place is you ~ all of you ~ don't make me go anywhere else :)
    I am so proud of you, Jayme. I am looking forward to your whole she-bang story.

    ~Andrea in NH

    PS ~ Guess you're not eating many of those Spotted Dog Scones nowadays ;)

  44. I like to see you posting here on this blog about anything. This blog is YOU. I would love to know what you have been eating. I have been wondering to to eat, I need to do something... Thanks for sharing this journey!

  45. i am directionaly challenged as it is. i live in IN and may end up in bum skunk india if you start a differant blog! you know what i mean vern? i vote to keep it real simple in one place. you are a hoot and inspirational. blessings on your journey!

  46. Hey Jayme
    Same thing - I'm the knee scraper DG was referring to. I'm 48 hours in the clear now and feeling much better. Was it worth it..hell no


  47. Jayme, this is YOUR blog and the weighloss journey you are on is your season of life. Write it! I have to say that I love to read anything you write from confessions on weightloss to the gossip from the coop. Just keep writing and we'll keep reading!

  48. I just saw the movie, Forks over Knives last night and I am thinking about going veganish. I am just going to flirt with it....I love reading about your weight loss journey by the way.

  49. One blog, I think. My husband just decided he is gluten sensitive so I changed a few things....we didn't eat processed so other than the baking not too much different. He actually had a problem keeping weight on...which is also a sign of gluten sensitive. I went to my health store today to price almond flour...a little pricey at $7.80 a pound if I buy 25 pounds...but I figure he is worth it...seems as if almond flour is the best to bake with? When it all comes right down to it...we all just eat way to much, I'm thinking.

  50. I totally agree with everyone else, we love the package you came it here.

    I also want all the fun and ugly details of your weight loss battle and menus would be fab! I went all organic about a year ago and dropped all meats and my aches and pains are all gone! I have lots more energy too. Cutting way down on wheat may have helped too.

    Please feel free to post to your heart's desire on ANY subject! Love this blog!!!!

  51. First, I want to say that you look great. I don't mind if you sprinkle your blog with weight loss topics.

    I went GF 10 months ago and it was the best decision for me. I didn't lose weight (didn't need to really), but feel 100% better. Now, it's easy to follow. I only eat the occasional substitute product. For example, I keep rice noodles in the house for quick dinners 1-2 times a month. Every once in a while I will use the GF bisquick and I do keep GF baking flour (with Guar gum or Xanthan gum) if I ever do have a baking craving.

    TBH, I often still bake for my family using gluten products (regular old flour). I totally used your dutch oven bread about 2 months ago because we never buy bread and I knew it would work well with a meal we planned that week. It got rave reviews, so thanks.

  52. At first I thought, do a separate food blog.

    THEN I READ the WHEAT . . . post and decided, keep right on doing it here. It is fabulously motivating!

    No wheat . . . My next "TRY".
    (Although, once I heard there is no TRY, just do it.)

    So I guess, I am doin' no WHEAT!

    TOMORROW, for real!

  53. Here~Here, My friend keep it ALL here in one spot..As others have said "It's all about you, and we love hearing about you"

  54. The weight loss blog would be fine here. I am interested in specific recipes or products that you like.Thanks so much!

  55. be you in your one place...maybe label out your posts for readers who are particularly interested in one of your topics?

  56. I just recently discovered your blog and I would LOVE to continue to hear about your weight loss journey--along with the rest of what's going on in your life/head---right here on your blog.

    You've done an amazing job and I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey. Your attitude and humor will carry you! :)

  57. Don't you love it when people ask you "So what DO you EAT?" Sigh...

    Jayme, if you feel best without eating it, then for sure you should stay off of it. Whether Celiac or Gluten Intolerant your body is telling you not to eat it.

    I am sorry that you can no longer enjoy all the lovely baked goodies that you used to love, but you do get used to it eventually.

    Need someone to talk to? I'm here. Oh, and there are some awesome GF items out there now, but do yourself a favor... Just say NO! They are certainly not good for your weight loss regime... Although I have been known to eat an Udi's bread sandwich or toast from time to time! (Udi's = closest thing to real bread out there)

    P.S. My sister-in-law with LE was told by her physician to give up wheat seems to make a real difference in her symptoms and energy levels.

  58. First time commenting. Do yourself a favour and check out the blog Gluten Free Girl - A feast for the eyes and palette.

    My partner has Celiacs disease and I find it fun finding tastey recipes to bake.

  59. I have a hard time maintaining. I do not use processed foods at all..nothing instant, but run out of menu ideas. jan

  60. I vote for keeping it all in one blog. Though if you decide on a second I will most definitely read it too.
    I have that feeling like I'm right on the edge. I've been irritable and antsy and nauseous. I need a change and I need direction and I think you could help me.

  61. I want it all on one blog! I can't wait to hear all about your journey! Since our last email, I have lost32 lbs and I am still working on more. I have cut out wheat,sugar,and dairy. I do this for about a month, and then I slowly add dairy and some carbs back in. Then after a month I go back to the stricter regimen . It really is working. I don't feel deprived and I'm having success. My husband has lost 30lbs too. Can't wait to read your recipes! I am always looking for new healthy ones. Congrats on your success! You look maavelous darling!

  62. Since it is all related, life in general and eating, I would like to see it all on one blog. Congrats on your success and discovery of wheat free eating.

  63. You've got so many of us hooked that we will read every hilarious, informational and thought-provoking thing you write. Just keep your one blog which is truly you. Can't imagine how many spirits your words lift each day.

  64. Congratulations! You are a winner in so many ways! Wheat free? Yes! So glad that you found out about that problem. Another blog? Yes! But only 'if' you can manage another blog without stressing yourself. One blog is all I can easily manage... but you are a super woman! However, I think you would find yourself writing about your weight adventures on two blogs, because people want to know! So... I guess I would say no?
    Oh... and don't bother answering this comment... you are wayyyyyy too busy. Relax!

  65. I've been wondering if wheat is part of my problem, and OMG it's EVERYWHERE. I would love to have a list of what you DO eat. Because I want to do this.

  66. I would be interested in the weight loss, too. I quit eating it for 6 weeks, felt GREAT and lost 30 pounds. But then, once it was over, I started back in. And so did depression, constipation, gas, sluggishness, AND WORST, the craving for more wheat!!! I think it's like crack. But, it's hard to think of life without it. I would love love love to find alternatives. So, I'm a vote for keeping it all in one blog. :)

  67. I am excited to read about your weight loss. I love reading your blog.


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