Monday, July 25, 2011

I Think the Coop is Hainted

It's what my mom called ghosts.
I'm not sure I believe in them - I mean - it's just too creepy to even think about it - so I don't think about it.

I have no idea how to even begin to tell you this story in a way that it'll make a lick a sense.

It all started with a chicken - which I can't even start that story yet - cause that's a blog post all in itself, and I want the pictures to back that one up.

But THAT is a mystery of epic proportions, and I'll try to tell that story this week.
It involves a chicken returning home with a broken leg after being missing for nearly a month - it involves someone stealing Phyllis's eggs right up from an under her - and something nearly ripping the head off of another chicken.


That's what my life is all about anymore, so it seems.

Notice anything missing in the above picture?  How it differs from the first one?
If you've had your coffee this morning, you'll notice that the pillow is missing.

It's been missing for a week.

Like, as in , no where in this house.

I have four pillows.  Two go on the couch, one on each chair.
I fluff them everyday, and I always know where my pillows are.
I swear.
And then - last Tuesday - there were three.
I searched the house from top to bottom, which makes no sense cause the pillow never leaves the livingroom.

Let me interject here that I really don't like these pillows, and plan on recovering them. 
I just needed you to know that.

Ok - so, the pillow is gone. 
Glenco and The BoyChild promise me that they aren't playing a prank on me, and in fact - it's starting to annoy them as much as it is me.
I even called one of my friends and asked her if she was toying with me.
For us OCD sufferers, you don't play cruel jokes like moving things in the house.
I'm just NOW getting to the point where I can have mismatched flatware in the same drawer. 
That took years of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Glenco is trying to comfort me saying that 'Maybe you only had three pillows all along honey' - which makes me feel half crazy with anger - really?  Only three?
I told him it would be like him opening the garage and his motorcycle is missing - the one he rides to work and I told him -
"Maybe you never really did have a motorcyle".

We came home from a weekend camping trip yesterday to find more mayhem.

A banty rooster dead.

This clock - an hour ahead - out of the blue - an hour ahead.

All of my cordless phones dead.

And - my refrigerator - dead.

Granted, it did storm while we were gone.
BUT, it's still weird.
No sign of power failure anywhere else in the house.
There's is still a dead banty rooster.
The pillow is still missing.

And he's not talking.

In fact, he won't even make eye contact with me.
Shenanigans indeed.


  1. Whoa! That's weird.
    I always kinda thought they were fascinating. The ones that are mean just down right scare the crap out of me. I've heard of some playing tricks though.

  2. Oh Coopy. You should call the Ghost Hunters and clear this matter up immediately. Law.


  3. Okay, that is freaky! So here in the southeast some of us paint our porch ceilings "haint blue" to keep out the "haints." I grew up hearing my granny say she looked like a haint when she didn't have on her lipstick. I still say it to this day about myself when I don't have on mascara + blush, which my granny would call rouge. I hope you solve this haint caper. That would drive me insane about the missing pillow!!

  4. Okay............have you checked the attic? I'm thinking maybe there is a homeless person residing up there that just needed a pillow and the rooster was getting on his nerves so he "took drastic measures." Now the dead phones and refrigerator, hummm???? But check the attic, I'm just saying.

  5. Very strange, indeed. All windows and doors locked? You know, I have a story…. Have time?

    My cousins and I used to go fishing at a remote location in southern IN. We'd boat our items across a mile of water to reach the spot to pitch the tents. One year, we've decided to camp on this little peninsula. That first night, we go to fire up the Coleman cookstove and lanterns. Neither will light. the. entire. weekend.

    We prepare to leave, check in with the manager of this remote location (who we've known for eons), he asks where we camped and tells us of a husband / wife camping there for their wedding anniversary. They'd purchased a new Coleman lantern, she took it into the tent to read. There was an explosion, and the wife tragically died.

    Goosebumps covered my body. I told my cousins to check the Colemans when they got home. Both Colemans fired right up.

    We never camped on her peninsula again.

  6. Ok, that would drive me crazy...I have enough trouble remembering where things are...let a lone they disappear on their own!! Crazy...hope the cat brings the pillow back! Heeheee

  7. This it like my vanishing mushroom... first you it then you dont.

    I would suspect in your situation a storm for all the electrical problems but the pillow? You know the old joke... I dreamed I ate a giant marshmallow only to wake up and have a bed pillow missing.

    As for the chicken with the broken leg, remember you had that high wind storm that blew over the tree, is that when your chicken went missing? Maybe it was blown away in the storm and finally found its way home.

    As a child I loved to play detective, Was not good at it but still loved to play. Cant wait to hear more and if you found the pillow.

  8. I never thought about blaming those dad-burnt haints for all the craziness! :p Best wishes, and hope the haints will soon return what they have taken. Sad for your banty roo loss :( -Tammy

  9. Have you been reading Nancy Drew again? :)

    Let us know when you get the mystery solved!

  10. I could tell you tales about my husband's old apartment that would make your head spin. literally.

  11. Oooh!! Love me a good ghost story.

    Know what else I love? The mirror behind your inexplicably-one-hour-fast clock.

    Do keep us posted! :)

  12. It was Col Mustard in the coop with the candle stick holder or maybe the homeless person(from your attic) with the pillow in the coop. Either way someone is playing with you. I never new what a haint was. I'm a northen girl. I did live in Salem for 5 years...that place is dirty with haints. Good luck.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I've never been one to believe in ghosts, but that's enough to make me wonder! Be sure to let us know when you get to the bottom of it all.
    And yes - that cat knows. Too bad animals can't talk!

  15. We have shoes and clothing items go mysteriously missing around here. No lost pillows yet. Oh, wait! We HAVE had one pillow go missing. It was never found. The shoes usually just have one of the pair missing. Maybe our Haint is one-legged! Hope you solve your mysteries! A dead refrigerator is the worst!

  16. Oh my that's weird. I never believed in haints. Neither did my sister or anybody else in our family. But my sis lived in a rent house one time that all kinds of crazy weird things happened there. She had to stay there, so she just talked kindly to the haint (with a grin to herself). Her toothbrush would move around the house, and her keys would move. I was even at her house once and so was mom - we could hear a door close loudly - not really slam. We'd go look, and all the doors would be open.My sis said it happened all the time. Her son lived there for awhile - he had strange things happen to him. Sis would be watching TV in the evening, and she'd get a cold draft come through. Never did figure all those things out. Hopefully, someone's just playing with you. Make them stop.

  17. Jayme,

    You're not going crazy. We've had many incidents in The Fairfield House. Even guests have commented. Considering the age of the house, how many lives walked in and out of the door, it's no wonder.

    Your Friend,

  18. Oh my word...

    This reminds me of friends who would hear pots and pans, dishes moving around downstairs - while they were upstairs. Check. Nothing. Then laundry would start to disappear - over time, it was getting so bizzare until one day they noticed clothing sticking out of the hardwood floor. Stuck in the cracks. Sure enough they pried open the floorboard and down beneath their floor was all their missing laundry, etc.

    Turned out it was packrats.

    They had found a knot in the hardwood floor, that had popped out, where they would take stuff down through.

    But. That doesn't explain your clock. You signed off on one key word at the end of your post. Shenanigans.

    Isn't that what you call FPFG - sometimes? Are you sure she didn't stop by to pay a visit, unbeknownist to you. :)

  19. Check the coop! I think the chickens took the pillow.

  20. #1) your home is how old?
    #2)did you really think you lived alone?
    #3) nothing to fear,in fact they wonder who YOU are
    #4) Leave out the paint: They may have taken pillow to match paint and paint your porch while your away!

  21. is it with the girlfriend blanket somewhere?? You had 4 when I was there. One of Annie's friends swears she saw 2 boys by her bed when she spent the night. There was a plane crash in our field in the 30's and 2 boys were killed??? Hope you figger it out. Was it my banty friend?? sob.

  22. Those slanty eyes say it all, she knows something! Sounds like the fridge and phones got fried in the storm. The clock may live to be reset and work ok! As for that pillow, and the gone A.W.O.L chicken w/broken'll have to squeeze it out of Mr. Black!

  23. Perhaps someone spilled something on it and in an attempt to destroy the evidence either got rid of the pillow, threw it in the wash, or took it in order to get you a replacement?

  24. Sounds strange but hey things do happen. You must do a Sherlock on this matter my dear.

  25. Yup! You got ghosts! I say the same thing when things move or disappear...I ask "Art" where they went as he was the past owner of this house! Poor guy.

  26. The chicken incident, I think, was explained well by Tammy. The power outage during the storm could have caused your other problems. I have a clock almost like that and after my power outage, it started back up an hour I know that is possible. As for the pillow....I agree with some of the others....SOMEONE is toying with you.
    If you had a "haint" or a ghost in your house, you would have noticed it long before now. Trust me on this one.
    This did make a very interesting post though and I'm anxious to read more. lol
    p.s. the cat REALLY DOES know.

  27. Have a ghost party!!! jan

  28. The cat did it! I can tell by the way his eye twinkles.

  29. OK,
    1. The giant black roosters got out and killed the little banty roo. Did he stand a chance? NO!
    2. The missing chicken was taken by a hawk and dropped in so undisclosed location. It took her some time to limp home on that leg!
    2. The clock will automatically come back on and start running from 12:00. The power was out for an hour at your place! ;)
    The rest of the appliances are all on the same blown circuit?
    3. The pillow has been absconded by the same Haints that took my beloved and most comfortable bra I ever owned and they discontinued that style!!! Never did find it.

    Tell us more I love a good mystery!

  30. My grandma says haints too. I have always loved to hear her say it. She also says moffie instead of mafia.I have always wondered if it is a Southern thing or an odd-but-sweet grandma thing. Sorry about the power surge problem. My boys have a habit of pulling pillows to the floor to watch tv then they end up under the sofa?

  31. Who ya gonna call......

    sorry, couldn't help it.

  32. Ooooo~ Right info on the clock, but my math was all wrong! :P

  33. Wellll, I've found things in the fridge... like a potholder, but not a pillow... sooo not the fridge. But, how about the pillow being in a car? or the cat did drag it away? or your loved ones are having their fun? Is it on a chair somewhere used as a booster for a visiting child? By the tub where it was used as a head rest while taking a bubble bath?

  34. You got me smiling! I know the feeling. It is strange how things disappear for a while and then all of a sudden appear again.

  35. thinks you may be right in your way of thinking.

  36. Once upon a time, we lived in a home where the light bulbs were unscrewed regularly. Argued with the hubby that the lamp was defective. Replaced said lamp. Bulbs continued to be unscrewed. I said, more defective lamps. Hubby marked lamp and bulb with permanent marker. I continued to be an unbeliever til the night I saw the bulb turn with our four hands holding books...
    And the pipes banging in the night to the point of waking us up from a dead sleep.
    And the sound of glass breaking in the back bedroom with no one in the room and nothing found broken.
    Learned from a former owner that there were some unmarked confederate graves on the property.
    We sold the place and "forgot" to tell the buyers...

  37. Maybe the pillow is in your little camper!

  38. Jayme,
    This whole post gave me chills. That pillow situation is unacceptable and would make me a little crazy. The suggestion that maybe there had only been 3 to begin with would have sent me over the edge! I hope all of your mysteries are soon solved.

  39. Oh deary me. Ok, the appliances got zapped by lightening in that storm. Chickens are...delicate, especially in this heat. Pillows...somebody is fooling with you my dear!

  40. My Mammaw always said "You look like a haint before daylight!"
    What does that even mean? I never really thought about it, just knew I must look pretty bad. It's for sure a southern thing. Hillbilly southern.

  41. My granny, who lived in eastern Kentucky, used to say that someone looked like a haint before daylight. I always wondered where that saying came from.


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