Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Cups Runneth Over

I bet you thought this was going to be more boob talk, eh?
I'm still enjoying the 'perks' of my new Victoria Secret bra.

I swear if you listened close enough - you could hear the pressure being released through my ears.


Bootcamp has been over for one week.
Everyday since then, has been chock full.

Saturday I spent the day with my Coach and some amazing fellow Bootcamp friends.
I made the Coach a rug out of jeans that were too big for me and my other bootcamp friends.

Yesterday I spent the day in Chicago with some friends from New Zealand and we saw the
Blue Man Group.
Please leave this blog immediately and go purchase tickets for the show.


Today I slept til 9am.
Oh yes I did.
It was delicious.
I haven't a care in the world today.
It's 11:26 am and I'm still in my pj's and may stay that way all day.

It just feels right!

I need to get my blog legs back.
Thanks for sticking around lately whilst I've been so scattered.

I'm in a really good place right now -
mentally, emotionally and physically.

As much as this blog is silly, as much as it is about my passion for home, and poultry and sharing my randomness -

I want to share my journey with you - and encourage you to start making some positive changes in your life.  It's so worth it!  It's so worth the short term pain to experience the long term pleasure of it all. 


When you feel it brewing in your heart - oftentimes, you feel trapped by behaviors, circumstances and habits, and you've no idea what to do first, or where to turn. 
You live in a state of frustration.

I absolutely get that.
I lived that for years.

I lived in the valley of indecision for years.
I had to make a decision and determine within myself to stick with it.
I finally did.

And I'm one happy chick.

My question to you - what is bugging you the most?
What do you MOST want to change about your life right now?
What do you think is holding you back?

I'm all ears.
And boobs.


  1. I agree with Jayme! You MUST see Blue Man Group. I saw them last summer and it was like one big giant party! Awesome!!

    I LOVE that you made a rug out of jeans that no longer fit!!!

    Keep on inspiring us with your positive posts!! I need to get out of the valley of indecision :)

  2. ok... so I have not come to visit for a week or so... I lost track. I missed the last few posts only to come back to all of your encouraging goodness!!!

    Wow!!! Let me say that again...

    I am so proud of you and I am encourages beyond words, beyond words!!!

    I do not like my weight. PERIOD.

    I know what I need to do, I've read all the books. I just have no will power.

    I am truly inspired by what you have done though, and I guess it is just time to say enough is enough! I'm the only one that can change this.

    You look truly beautiful!!! And it is obvious that your beauty is on the inside too!

    Congratulations!!! You deserve it!

  3. PS I have seen Blue Man group too.
    Totally Amazing. You can't describe it!

  4. Love the pics and am crazy in love with the rug you made. I love the hand-made stuff you do. I'm so proud of you with the weight issue. You look great but you have always been beautiful to me. Hope to see you soon, lots to catch up on. Hugs and kisses! Love you, Ra

  5. You have truly touched me...I started exercising with my (also out-of-shape) Labrador Retriever. It's nice to share that "peaceful" time with him.

  6. I must say that you have reached me in my valley of indecision. Thank you! You have done and continue to do amazingly well on your journey.

  7. Jayme,
    It's Cornbread Fred. :)
    I just changed my blog a few months ago after an extended absence.

  8. LOVE the rug! Very cool idea! Love the baby chick pics.
    love you. boobs and all.

    xo, Cheryl

  9. Well Jayme,
    Where do I start..I want to lose
    get ready now...100 pounds.
    I have to lose it one pound at a time..I've tried so many times it seems like "Why Try"
    Wish me luck, I don't know what I would do without my sweets.
    Really proud of you, and I always get lifted in spirit when I read your blog.
    all the best..

  10. But I still don't know what Bootcamp is or how a person finds one in their area. Did you post about that and I just missed it? Very curious.


  11. Ok, this post does it, I have to get one of those bras right now.

  12. What's buggin me the most? What changes to make? Do you have huge ears?????
    For three years I suffer from an unknown muscle disease and I found the meds they gave made me a drooling idiot. I had to quit my pt job. I have been fighting all this time with no health insurance. I got the expensive MRI and no diagnosis BUT by the way you have a brain tumor! Huh?
    This is what I am trying to overcome and I made changes in my attitude. I am prone to depression and my change is to stay on the sunny side of life! I can now walk without the aid of the hover round and wheelchair but need my cane time to time. I have gotten use to the pain so good that people see me looking jist fine. The other change is to move back home! I am 500 miles away so we put our place up for sale and our chickens too. I am looking ahead to go home and be a part of my new granbabies life and a better one for me.
    Boy writing this has lifted my soul! Thank you my friend for letting me vent here. You are so inspirational! I thank you.

  13. LOVE Victoria Secrets bras! Worth the money!

    And that rug! Can I just say how beautiful and ingenious! You are SO talented!

    As far changes go... well, the hubby will be looking for another job at the end of this month. It's been a long time coming but he's wanting to get back into traveling construction which is what he did prior to meeting me. I'm excited yet nervous because it's all new to me AND my parents are not happy with the idea. It's difficult. I feel like I'm in the middle. I would just like to have their support which might make this transition easier. BUT, I don't, so I'm pressing on and trying to remain positive and looking forward to a new adventure! Funny you should post about something I have been struggling with for quite some time now! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

    And kudos again for the weight loss!

  14. I love your "silly" blog (your words, not mine) and enjoy every step of your journey!
    My biggie?? Guess it would be just feeling satisfied with my life. I always feel inadequit somewhere, but never get a handle on anything!! I want to be a skinny, early riser, homecooked meal maker, quilt finisher, yard groomer, favorite mom and wife and best friend!
    Can you help me with that???? Oh, and I don't want to be crabby!

  15. Well done you for making the effort for yourself. You can only go forward, and it is lovely to chill out sometimes - you deserve it!

  16. You are such an inspiration! I have been wanting to lose 50 pounds for the last ten years. I have done pretty well this summer, but it is hard. Thanks for sharing your progress!

    I love the rug. Great idea.

  17. Your words, pictures and journey area so inspiring. Yet I still sit here wondering where to start. Yet again. I have NEVER been a healthy weight. I will be 42 next month. I don't know what it's like to feel better than this. This sucks though. I am so hungry. But not for food. For what, I don't even know anymore. But reading all your posts does give me hope. Even though I don't think I can do it most of the time. But the hope is still there! Thank you.

  18. 1. Flat chest
    2. Boob job
    3. $$$

    Now I'm depressed!

  19. Jayme,
    I think you look fantastic and that rug made out of old blue may have something going there! How cool is that!

    but I have to admit, I need to go back and read aobut this new bra; ohhh lah lah!

  20. It's me again... i've been thinking about your post all morning. I swear I'm not a stalker ;-)

    My question:

    If I have 45lbs to lose, in your opinion, what is a good goal (amount of time) that I should shoot for in trying to lose it?

    Just threw out the coffee and creamer, and the cookies. I'm going for it!


  21. May I just say you look FABULOUS!

  22. So - if we get on the band-wagon and lose a goal amount of wait and have you as our "coach" and we do it. I mean really do it. Then you'll make a rug for me and everyone else who succeeds with their goals, etc. ? Am I hearing you correctly? You could make those things and sell on Etsy... seriously.

    What a cool idea - all around.
    Good for you and I'm proud of you. Of course, I can't do anything until my baby is born - come late August.

  23. I have ALWAYS wanted to see Blue Man Group. How cool!

    I love your blog, in all it's random glory. :) Your writing style is funny and real, and you make me feel like a close friend and I love that! I used to live in Indiana--I wish I could come visit you and your chicks! :)

    Oh, and the awesome! WHAT a great gift to give a coach! You amaze me.

  24. you forgot are all heart too Boobalicious one! xoxo

  25. To do list....go to Victoria Secret
    buy Blue Man group tickets
    learn to make a rug out of jeans
    strike that last one-I glue on buttons
    sleep till 9 am
    wear pj's until 11:26
    ask the coop keeper what lipstick she wears

  26. Hmmmm..... what would I like to change? I can't think of much, really. I'm pretty content. Of course - it's summer, which is my most content season. It's HOT, and I'm not super busy, so I have a little bit of time to relax. When fall gets here I will be wanting to slow down! *LOL*

  27. OH, you are just inspiring me beyond the beyond!!.. So good to see all this happiness here today!.... I remember THAT post. Look how far you've come :-)

  28. I wish I could change some family dynamics, i.e. put relationships back on the right track but I don't think that's going to happen. We have parents who are failing in their health and I wish we could roll back the years. I feel strong, I'd never have made it this far if I hadn't been!

  29. You got the guts, girl (or lack thereof now). I am proud to be part of following your journey. You will inspire so many people to change! I do hope you will share your bootcamp experience with those of us that might want to try it. Hugs- Diana

  30. The thing I want to change most about myself, that's holding me back is my temper. Sad, but true.

  31. Jayme - Love your blog! I too lost weight before I turned 50 - 40 lbs and feel so much better but at the same time, very scared. I know how incredibly hard it is to keep going! You have done an absolutely fabulous job - woo hoo!! You look beautiful! I have a sister in law who is rail thin, revered in our family and revered just as much by herself - and even after my accomplishments, my jealousies continue to hold me back and drive me crazy. Your blog is just what I needed today.
    I want to change my outlook and my thinking! I going to give it a go and see where I end up! Kelley

  32. That rug is a great idea! I love you whether you're silly or not. law.

  33. Can I get that baby chick print framed? Oh my word. I could eat those chicks up. Oh, that would be bead, I mean love them.

    You look great.

    My husband and I have been in a car together for the past 4 days. That is what is bugging me. Retirement will be the death of is for sure.

  34. Jayme, I love the rug, love it! You're such a talent!

  35. I'm thinking you must have made a decision on the color you are about to paint on your porch ceiling and floor!! Can't wait to see it!! Up next, my bathroom. I've got the paint but when that gets done, I have to pull the toity so I can paint behind it well AND take off the cabinet and paint that...AND paint the vanity cabinet and install a new faucet. be content with what I have. Can it ever be?? ;)

  36. the "pink chicken" blogs were what originally hooked me..but following your weight lost journey has been inspiring as well. I find it amazing that you "bloggers" are so honest and open in sharing your personal journeys. Thanks for showing us the way...and where to find "support"...Life is indeed good!!

  37. All I can say is WOW! I am sooo happy for you. jan

  38. I want to thank you so much for your authenticity and for sharing all the positive AND negative parts of your self discovery. It's been liberating and inspirational to see you do this, and very helpful to me in discovering who I am.
    Please, keep writing, and we'll keep listening.

  39. Love, LOVE the rug idea!! Brilliant! Great job all of you! ...and if I were you, I'd make one for myself so I could stomp on it once in a while!! : )

    Change.....We have been living in limbo for a few years now. We moved 1,000 miles from home 5.5 years ago for a job that lasted only 1.5 years. My husband has been looking for a job back "home" ever since. He finally found one a year ago after 6 months of interviewing. We have to sell our house and raise funding before we can move. So, we've been in a state of pending change for a long time! I like my life here, and the thought of all the change to come is nerve racking, but I'm ready to get the move over with and get on with life there and experience this change we've been waiting for.


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