Monday, December 14, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothin...

It's an incredibly dreary day here in NW Indiana. I thought I'd just give you a few glimpses of Christmas around here.

I have a confession.

I'm still not in the Christmas Spirit.
I don't know why.

Usually I'm obnoxiously so.

The tin in the picture above is one of my favorite things. A dear friend gave it to me years ago, and I treasure it. It brings back so many wonderful, fun memories.

Here's another glimpse of the bedroom. You can see the silver tree that I found in the trash. It's decorated with all silver and pink antique ornaments.

I tuck in Christmas anywhere I can. I like to hang ornaments in with the dishes.

I like to decorate with cookbooks.

This little snowman tucked in my soap basket makes me happy.

This is my new kitchen ornament. Every year I find a coffee or baking themed ornament for my kitchen tree. I love this ornament so much it makes my stomach hurt. Seriously.

It was an incredibly busy weekend here at the Coop Keepers, or the 'Poop Keeper' as Glenco is calling me now.

There is so much poop.

All the time.

Glenco's brother Jim stopped by to help put up the cupola he's been working on. Made it out of curbside garbage. Old saloon doors worked nicely!

Still need a weathervane.

Other random news....

I received so many lovely comments and emails about sweet Helen.
Her eye is looking better, and I don't think it will fully open since the raccoon attack in June, but there is no sign of infection. I held her close up to my ear, and her breathing seems fine.
I cleaned out the coop good and put down all new bedding today.

I also got two heat lamps!

Thank you so much for your concern! I told her about all of your notes, and she was a bit overcome by the outpouring of love and attention.

Further random ramblings...

I went to Chicago to visit my sister last week, and of course had to stop by my old house.
This is where I grew up.
The green house in the middle.

I really hope I don't step on anyone's toes here...but....seriously people...can we stop with the inflatables? I'm going to start a petition for the immediate deflation of all animated air filled Christmas decor.

Stop the insanity.

And now for the finale of randomness....

Back in my kitchen post a few weeks ago, I neglected to tell you that we still have the original wood floor in the kitchen. It was covered with newspaper, linoleum, and glued on carpet.

This is a burn spot right in front of my stove.

About 15 years ago, an old woman stopped by the house and told me that she lived here as a little girl, and would love to see inside again.

I obliged.

She told me she remembered when her mother dropped a hot coal out of the wood stove and it made that mark.


I love old houses.

I hung this number 9 on my kitchen wall Saturday. I almost threw it's a long story, in which I'll spare you the details.

Inspired by the love of numbers and letters that Shannan has, I decided to save it and hang it up.
It bothered me that it had no meaning to me though.

I googled 'the meaning of #9' and found this:

The #9 is associated with tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, creative energy, success, and a deep love of life.



  1. I love your bedroom so much!! It looks so cozy and so inviting, I wouldn't leave it EVER!!! You make me want to add more Christmas to our house.
    Poop keeper, now that's funny...

  2. I'm not in the spirit of the season either. It must be our dreadful weather. So sick of the gloomy, wet days.

    Poop keeper is a far more accurate description isn't it? It never ends! lol

  3. I am SO with you on the inflatables!! U.G.L.Y. Really. And why are they always so BIG??

  4. Wow Jayme.. what a post.. sorta like we jumped on a magic carpet and took off..zooooooooooommm.. like Charles Dickens.

    I do so agree with you.. Hubs tells me to leave my 'pins' at home when we walk.. goodness knows why. It's like every neighbor purchase a 'blow up xmas' thingie and we're just about the only one that doesn't have one.. on well to bad.

    Thank goodness for Helen and her wee eyeball.


  5. You can ramble for ever and I will continue to read your blog post.

    I love all your Christmas decorations. Sweet to have decorations in the kitchen and bedroom. Love the tree in the bedroom!

    So glad to hear the chickens are doing well. Helen is so beautiful.

    What fun it must be to have people visit who lived in your home years ago and can tell you stories about its history!!!! Wow, how fun.

    Sweetness and happiness to you.

  6. Jayme, what a warm posting on such a wet, miserable day. I still cannot grab on to any sort of festival attitude so therefore, will not be decorating at all. I used to decorate every room in my home regardless of where I lived but I just can't get there this year.
    I think the inflatables are sinful! What does Mickey, the Simpsons and all the others have to do with Christmas? It's not's Christmas. I am not down on the holiday just not decorating.
    So glad Helen's eye seems to be ok. Thank God she won't be driving anytime soon...or will she? :) As always, your blog brings me smiles and the #9 is all you!

  7. You made me laugh out loud about the inflatables. I seriously despise them too. They look so tacky when the are not turned on. I hope you find your Christmas spirit soon. Fa la la la la la la la la....

  8. 1. I love your bedroom ! I am with Anke in that I would never leave it. The children would just have to come to me. That bedroom is the inspiration for what I want mine to be. I am going to show it to Mark and tell him to get right on that.

    2. I am with you on the inflatables. I refuse to have them.

    3. I am having a hard time with the season this year too. Something just doesn't feel "right" about it. But thats okay, the children are excited and James is keeping us smiling by talking about Rudolph and his beeping nose.

  9. I am right with you on the inflatables. We had neighbors that lived 2 doors down that had a giant (aren't they all giant?) inflatable grinch. Every year I would threaten to go over and steal that thing. They have since divorced and moved on. I'm not sure the grinch didn't have something to do with it.

  10. Evening girls! I'm laughing at your comments...this post pretty much sums up my mood today....ALL OVER THE BOARD!

    I wanted to do a whole post on bad Christmas decor, but Glenco said not to, that it was mean. He said 'they think it looks good, that's mean'. What a sweetie.

    Thanks for reading all my silliness...hopefully I'll have my head together a little better tomorrow!

  11. #1 You found that tree in the trash????!!!! I should find trash like that!

    #2 I have a weathervane for you...seriously! And, you won't believe this, it has a chicken on it!!!!! I've thought of giving it to you before, but now it's yours for sure so save a spot & the next time I come thataway or vice-versa...

    Hugs, Leslie

  12. Love the number 9 and your explanation of it! And a chicken weather vane from Leslie? That would be perfect! We have a MOOSE on our little potting/hay shed!

  13. Hi Jaym, Love the blog, lets stay away from all that weight talk til after the holidays shall we? lol I enjoyed all the goodies that you shared. I didn't get who Shannon is or how u got the 9 but I like where you hung it. Is that one lonely gingy still around? lol Give the guys my hello and the hens too.

  14. First of all, I'm with you wholeheartedly on the inflatables. There's a guy down the road who must have 25 of 'em in his yard. Uggh. Second of all, your bedroom is so cozy and cheerful! And as for the #9 ... I had no idea. I need a #9 too! :)

  15. Love your blog! I totally agree about the inflatables, but then, the inflatable-ees probably don't agree, and you know,things that require blowing up don't usually last too long...

    Chickens,how can anyone resist having a few? ( or more)

  16. wow -I'm so happy everyone agrees with us on the inflatable thing - we could start leaving notes in people's mailboxes in the middle of the night telling the to DEFLATE. LOL :D

  17. oops I hit the wrong button that's not anonymous it's ME

  18. Wow Jayme! Seeing the picture of your old house really brings back memories. I really loved spending time at your house and I loved your parents so much. You were a great friend and I miss all of the laughter we shared. I'm glad you are bringing so much joy to everyone who reads your blog. Blessings to you and your family. Cynthia

  19. I don't think that was a whole lot of nothin'. It was interesting and I'm sorry you're not feeling festive.

  20. I love your house so much. The more I see, the more I love it! And I am 100% totally with you on the inflatables. Sheesh. -Tammy

  21. I would love to see another picture of your silver tree with pink antique ornaments without the lights on...but only if you have time;) Looks like some Christmas spirit is trickling in to your home and heart<3
    I agree with the inflatables-enough is enough.

  22. You're so cute Jayme. I loved every part of this post. Helen has got to be the prettiest chicken ever. You are such a dear heart. Love all the Christmas decorations all around the house. I do that too. Husband thinks I am crazy with Christmas in the bathroom. I also hate those inflated things they are so tacky. I am also having trouble finding my Christmas spirit this year, mostly it is due to the passing of my dear grandmother just after Christmas last year. (Her birthday was Christmas day). Can I also say that this year really flew by and with all this crazy weather we've had I am still waiting for the summer we never had to get here.


  23. I'm catching up with the Coop Keeper!
    I loved seeing all the christmas touches all over your house when I stopped by. You seemed in the Christmas spirit to me! Hey, are those some of your handmade soaps?

    Cupola, poopola.

    I would appreciate if you gave Helen a robust squeeze from me. I love her more than someone like me should love a chicken. Love Stubs and Scooter too...must be my affinity towards the downtrodden. :)

    Seeing your 'growing up house' makes me want to burst out in the Archie Bunker theme song.

    Inflatables are #2 on my creepy list. #1 would be mannequins. I found out recently I passed this gene to my oldest son.

    I told my kids about that burn mark when I got home from your place. Then I told them about the story my gramma tells whenever old houses come up in conversation....that being watching *her* gramma running from the kitchen on fire. Yes, my kids were horrified as well. The fire was started by a lone ranger coal that landed on the floor, but no one noticed.

    And finally....number 9 definitely fits you, you tolerant, generous, forgiving, creative, successful lover of life (and chickens).

  24. Cynthia!? As in Cynthia D? have to email I've tried looking you up in the phone book to no in the world did you find the blog!?


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