Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In

This week's goal - 235.5
Weight this morning - 234.5

I hope you don't mind that I didn't put the newspaper in the picture. I've been up since 4am, and it's now 6:05. No paper delivered yet, and I'm HUNGRY and want to eat! I also need my coffee.

As expected, the 'honeymoon' phase of this weight loss journey is coming to an end.
Do you know what the next phase is?
I call it the 'Conniption Fit' phase.
We've all seen perfect examples of this numerous times in grocery store check out aisles. A toddler reaches for a candy bar, is told 'no', and proceeds to have a conniption fit.

Of course, on the outside for the most part, I remained calm and collected. On the inside I was on the floor, limbs flailing and being a real brat.

This week was harder.

I'm so thankful I've done this here, cause if I hadn't I might have just decided to 'do it later'.
For those of us who fight this beast, we know the pain of another false start.'s 'Doin' Time'. It is so Doin' Time now.
If you need this, don't keep putting it off.

In the coming weeks, I'll be talking about this more, in detail, what I'm doing, etc. I just figured two days before Christmas isn't really the time to delve into it!

I'm missing sugar terribly.
I find myself wistfully fantasizing about having tea and scones.
Oh what a comfort sugar has been to me.
It's been my little 'take a break from reality' drug.
I know it's as much a physical addiction as a psychological one.
Cookies soothed me. What I needed soothing over, is still not clear.
Cupcakes tucked me into bed at night, and cheesecake told me bedtime stories.
Candy...well candy was a secret lover that no one knew about.
It sent me risque text messages.

This week, my goal is just to stay the same, not to lose, or gain.

Several of you have made comments and sent emails saying that you don't want to take my money if I fail! That is so incredibly sweet, but for right now, I need the accountability. I need it to hurt here with embarrassment and hurt in my pocket book too.

So...again...a $50 gift card to be offered next week if I gain any weight.

If you've read this far into the post....thank you! I plan on tempering this Wednesday Weigh-In post with a Pioneer Woman Wednesday recipe review from Aaron in the upcoming weeks. You know...the yin and the yang. I'm sure you're all not interested in my weight loss musings.


  1. Jayme, you are doing so good. Stay strong, we're all behind you and sending good thoughts your way.

  2. You are doing so well! Keep going we have total faith in you! When it gets hard (and it does) take comfort in knowing you have a cheering section filled with loving people who want the best for YOU!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Woot!! I woke up this am and thought, "wonder how JaymeLoo did??" Yes, really. I knew you'd do great! You set yourself up for success. A plan. Accountability. Realistic goals. Accountability. Support. And such a good spirit. Won't you have fun buying new jeans!!!! Monday's comin.

  4. Well, I for one am very interested because I keep seeing you reach your goals and I think "Ok if Jamie can, I CAN". Plus... I'm waiting on a chance for that 50.00 gift card.:)
    Looking forward to the reviews.

  5. Actually I think all of us are interested in your weight loss musings. Cause most of us want to be doing it. I stepped on the scales this morning and was shocked to see I'd gained three pounds in a week. And I don't even bake! Yep, accountability is something one must do for one's self if one is to succeed. I wouldn't take your gift card, because I can't see myself gain from someone else's pain. But I sure get the idea!

  6. Another good week, despite the sugar cravings.
    Maybe you should think about other "treats" to give yourself instead of a cookie.
    For me that would be a long soak in the bath tub with some candles and a good book. It's harder to eat whilst sitting in the bath.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, see you next Wednesday.

  7. Jayme dear, it sounds like you've got a good plan for the next week. I read somewhere that it takes at least 21 days to change a habit, so give yourself some time to adjust. The sugar addiction is a tough one to beat, but it will soon be only a'll see. Slow and steady is the only way to go. I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Hugs to you, Aaron and the chicks.

  8. Hang in there! And have a SAFE and BLESSED CHRISTMAS!

  9. YOU can do it! You CAN do it!! You can do IT! Honestly, in my little world I could never give up sugar. I will just have to run farther and faster maybe to compensate??! I am in awe that you have come this far.
    Happy Holidays

  10. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! And, you are a smart lady to set a realistic goal for this coming week!

    Have a peaceful day.

  11. Jayme,
    Be proud at every pound that you take off !!
    I am so proud of you !
    Keep up all your hard work.

  12. Remember that slow and steady will keep off the weight.

    You can do it!!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. You are doing a nice steady progress and you are able to communicate honestly about it. Sugar Cravings are demons to deal with. Don't be embarrassed about it. Anyone over 35 is going to have a difficult giving up sugar and "white foods" ( bread, pasta, etc )
    Historically, when the days get shorter and colder, our bodies go thru a little transformation and hold onto all our bodyfat so we are able to survive the long winters. Starting a diet in the winter is twice as difficult.
    So give yourself some credit for doing a good job considering all the extranious circumstances.

  14. Awesome ooo rah.... Keep it up. Don't let those little screaming fits inside get to you. IGNORE them!!!!! Pay them NO attention.
    They just want you to give in. And YOU WILL WIN!!! I am getting so ready to join you. I just didn't think I could start in before Christmas. I don't have the resolve that you have had while baking! Can't wait to start up!
    Hang in there. Ohhh that scale is just reading out fantastic you-go-girl results. :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  15. You're doing great! Way to go on meeting your goal this week, and then some. Know what? With each pound, I am encouraged too. You'll do this! And we're all really in this together. YOU, my dear, just have a good head start! Great job!!! Keep it up!!! And Merry Christmas :) -Tammy

  16. Yay for you! And I am SO interested! Keeping blogging about whatever moves you. I'll be here reading and cheering you on and hopefully standing up with you. Good luck this week.

  17. Keep up the good work-what will power you have at Christmas Time!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  18. You are a wonderful person...regardless.

  19. Actually Jayme.. it's just fine to toss a hissy fit every now an then. Let's you keep things in check here.

    Many moons again, while trying to drop some 'baby' weight after having my first child I was in the doctor's office with the baby for THE babies check up.. an my tummy growled.. not just a squiggle.. but a loud roaring beast growl.. and the doctor looked at me and said.. "it's good to let that happen as your tummy is shrinking and you'll lose weight"..

    WHAT? I was THE milk machine for my child.. I needed what I ate to produce milk for a 10+ baby. That was the first time a doctor had outright told me to drop a few pounds. Supid doctor, not every woman is built the same, he was lucky I wasn't PMS'ing that day.. heehee

    Love you sweetie and congrats..oh and please toss a few fits over the next few weeks, you'll feel better.


  20. Jayme,

    I'm rooting for you!
    You can do it!



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