Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wintertime is Here

It finally officially happened.

It's Winter.

There's snow.

My restless soul feels quieted.

I really don't like the 'feels like winter, but it's not' thing that we've had going on.

I gotta know....what is your Christmas Eve and Day like?

Ours is pretty serene.

We've already had the 'big family thing' this past Sunday.

Christmas Eve will be a simple dinner, "It's A Wonderful Life", opening presents and a Live Nativity.

Christmas Day will be Chinese food and a movie.

It's our tradition.

It's a day I lie around and read all the magazines I've not had time to.

It's the day I scheme all the things I'd like to accomplish in this season they call Winter.

There's going to be a LOT of scheming going on.


  1. It doesn't seem like winter where I live. It's just gray and drizzly. Last year we had 2 feet of snow on the ground. Native western Washingtonians hate snow. I, however, am a transplant from the east side of the state, and I love snow.
    We've already had one family gathering with my husband's side. Our daughter is hosting Christmas Eve this year. On Christmas Day, the hubby & I will attend church, then drive about 1 1/2 hours to spend the day with my parents. Your plans sound better.

  2. Can I come to your house for Christmas? Sounds delightful!

  3. Well, our pretty little snow left us yesterday. Hoping for more on Christmas Eve. Yours is beautiful! We have some quiet, small celebrations & gatherings Christmas Eve & Day. I love Christmas, but the days following Christmas I almost love more. I'm a schemer too, and it's almost time for some big time plans & hopes & dreams :) Have a blessed Christmas, Jayme! -Tammy

  4. Jayme I wish we had some snow. Today it's 60, but starting tomorrow it's supposed to get cold and wet. But not snow, rain, and lots of it.
    Our Christmas is fairly quiet, just the four of us. On the 24th we'll have a nice lunch together and open presents in the late afternoon. We hang out, play the new games and maybe watch a movie together. On the 25th we'll just hang out. Maybe eat leftovers, maybe fix something small and munch... I do miss having family nearby, but as long as the four of us are together, I'm happy.

  5. Winter, we could send some your way, not a whole lot of snow to share, however, with a high of 18*F we could send you some of that.

    Christmas Eve is a very mellow night, we go to candle light service, then settle in for a nice movie. Our family really "loves" The Christmas Story.

    Christmas day, starts real early, even though our daughters are closing in on 30 they still enjoy coming home & ripping open their gifts, as do all the grandkids.

    Merry Christmas

  6. Sweet.. gosh I love snow at Christmas time.. afterewards.. it can melt then.

    So my dear.. your Christmas day sorta sounds like the movie "A Christmas Story".. heehee.. pj's included too. We love movies on Christmas day too.. only way to go I tell ya.



  7. Christmas Eve is a big boisterous get-together for my side of the family - about 25 people, at my sister's house. A big buffet of finger foods and desserts that we all contribute, FUN, games, gifts, loud, I love it.

    Christmas Day is quieter, though we don't get to stay in our jammies. Ron & I will eat something for breakfast that we would never eat any other day of the year, this year it will be big gooey cinnamon rolls. Then we'll exchange gifts, and late morning my step-daughter will come by for a visit. Mid-afternoon my in-laws will arrive, we'll make a fire, and dinner. Dinner will be something special, I think this year duck breats with figs. In the evening, after the in-laws leave, we'll walk across the street and have cocktails with the neighbors.

    And throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I'll be thinking of -and missing- my parents.

  8. Merry Christmas Jayme! I LOVE your Snow! It is 60s and sunny here but we are expecting STORMS Christmas Eve night. Then cold and cloudy.
    I will be cooking all day on C'Eve.
    Hubby's family will be coming for dinner on Christmas Day. My family was here for Thanksgiving.My Titans play on Christmas night so we will watch them. Saturday and Sunday I'm going to stay in my PJ's and DO NOTHING !!!! :)

  9. So, so beautiful!
    Our Christmas Eve is 5pm church service, followed by a visit from the Jammie Fairy, the opening of 1 gift from us and all gifts from extended family, a reading of the night before Christmas, watching a Christmas movie and putting together some toy or another. Christmas Day is spent in our pj's, a fire, gifts, a cozy breakfast, an early dinner, lots of lounging and enjoying our presents. I hope yours is wonderful.

  10. Christmas eve with some dear friends who are more like family than, well...family. Christmas day will be with our children, opening our frugal gifties, a wonderful dinner, wine and lots of love. And before they are all out of the driveway, i will have my pj's on!

  11. Love the two photos...variations on the snow theme! Looks so peaceful and wintery!

    Fun reading what othere bloggers on doing on the 24th and 25th. I will be back to read other comments that come in after me.

    Our Holiday plans:

    Tomorrow (12/23)we will walk to Union Square (San Francisco) and check out all the window decorations especially Macy's which has a dog and cat (real animals)from SF/SPCA window display. It is precious. They set-up darling little rooms for the animals with small furniture and etc!!! It is very amazing. I will take photos for my blog.

    12/24 We will take walk to a fun neighborhood that has a fabulous deli. We will get ravioles for dinner. We will probably watch a movie.

    12/25 Lazy day. Sleep in. Listen to music. Chat with family and frinds on the phone or email. Dinner will be cornish hens. Yummy.

    We saw my daughter and her husband at Thanksgiving. My son and family live in Hawaii. I had a fun time with them in October. So our Holidays will be sweet and serene.

    Thanks for asking.

    Jolly and hohoho to you!

  12. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a day to lay around and scheme!!!! Our day will be filled with family, food, and fun. Exhaustion will hit after the first...at which time I am hermitizing myself for a few weeks. Yes, I know, that's not a word, but still, you get the point!

    Merry Christmas to you......

    Bee Haven Acres

  13. Well, my sister and her family will come over Christmas Eve and we'll all eat, play a game, watch TV. The kids will all open a gift, drink hot cocoa. We're suppose to get rain on Christmas Eve and Christmas day so it'll be a stay at home day. My husband and I will be up early on Christmas Day so we can see what the kids got for Christmas from Santa. Breakfast will consist of homemade buttered biscuits, chocolate gravy, eggs, and ham. (Our traditional breakfast) The rest of the day will be fixing any new toy that has a wheel fall off or putting Barbie's head back on because they couldn't get her clothes off anyother way.
    I envy your quiet day.

  14. Hi Jayme Love the snow pictures! it's snowing crazy outside as I'm writing this, and it's supposed to continue through the 24th (fingers crossed that it will last even longer)
    Christmas Eve Wes and I are going to candle light Mass when he get's home from snowboarding(yes Jaym...I am going to church and actually I can't wait!) I'm hoping when we get home we'll watch a movie and just be cozy.
    Christmas day we're going down to my brother's house to have dinner with him and his family.
    I'm hoping this year will get a tradition started for us, especially with the little guy on the way.
    Merry Christmas Jayme Mae!

  15. Oh how I loved reading all of your Christmas plans! Yours all sound wonderful and better than mine! I miss my parents so much at this time of year, and hate that my family is a bit scattered, and not too close.

    Thanks for sharing your plans!

  16. Jayme, I love Christmas time and the whole anticipation of the season, family, friends, and food.
    Christmas Eve this year, I have invited our neighbors over for breakfast, they're great neighbors and we "do" for one another through out the year, We'll share one last meal for the year 2009. Then I'm making 5 pies for our family get together Christmas Day. There's about 30+ of us that come together and it too is loud, fun and we eat, exchange gifts and play some fun traditional games! It's been difficult pacing myself this year with work, baking, gift buying etc. But I'm glad I pushed through and am looking forward to spending time with friends and family enjoying one another and the meaning behind this Christmas Season, Our Saviour Jesus...how sweet He is!~


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