Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Temptation of Jayme

I went to a Cookie Exchange today.
I've never been to one before.

My Cooking Club buddy Mari hosts a ginormous cookie exchange every year.

We were to bring 8 dozen cookies to the exchange.
One dozen for people to taste right away.
One dozen was going to the St. Jude House in Crown Point for Abused Women.
I think that is a great idea.

The other six dozen cookies each of us brought were divvied out amongst us.

Oh, this is what Aaron busied himself doing while I was baking cookies today.

This is our cat Boo.
She is evil.
Her nick name is Death Stub.

Steven King has called several times wanting to do a movie about her.

Here are the cookies I brought. Giada's Dried Cherry and Almond Cookies with Vanilla Icing. I heard they were good....I don't know first hand.

Mari awards gift cards to the 'best recipe' and the 'best presentation'

Can you stand it!? Those little snowmen having a camp fire? These were smores cookies.
Too stinking cute.
Hands down the 'presentation' winner.

I've never seen so many cookies in my life.

I didn't even touch one!
I have no idea where this resolve is coming from.
It didn't bother me one bit to be in this room.
This is what I'm talking about.

A fun, talented, generous bunch of gals.
Thanks for a fun afternoon Mari!

I had quite a few errands to run after the cookie exchange. One of them was to get gas.

Notice the sign on the door.
"Now hiring cashier"
Notice the bullet hole on the door.
Is that why they are hiring a new cashier!?
That's a little scary isn't it?

The following four photos are a game for you. Actually, two games.
The first game is 'Find the Inflatables'
and the second...
Do you remember Sesame Street?
Do you remember the game "Three of these things belong together, three of these things are kinda the same.....

Can you guess which one just doesn't belong here?

Now it's time to play our game...time to play our game!

Did you guess?


  1. Boy those cookies looked good! Yum!
    I am so behind this year with my baking-to many sewing projects. Sunday is going to be my baking day- My Hubby and Son are waiting patiently! They are my tasters!
    Keep up your great will power!

  2. BACON.. bacon bacon bacon!!!! Oh hells bells here.. it's not peppered! heehee..

    Okies okies, now why wasn't I invited to this shindig? OMG what a turn out and great cause too.

    Jayme.. you look great! Your hair shines so nicely too. Big hugs for being supportive in 'your' time of need. May you be blessed my dear.


  3. Hi Jayme,
    I don't know how you did it! I don't even like cookies that much and I would have been very tempted to try them all, especially yours.
    Have a great weekend.

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  5. cookies look yummy! i love your blog, i am a hoosier transplanted to florida. :)

  6. WOW, I've never seen so many cookies in one place! And they all looked soooo good... You should be very proud of yourself sticking to your resolve, couldn't have been easy. Just so you know, you really inspired me and I haven't touched anything sweet in several days! No cookies, cakes or anything like that for me.
    Those inflatables are horrible! We have a house around the corner that we call Winter Wonderland, but not in a good way. Inflatables, Spongebob, Scooby doo, even our girls keep asking "what does that have to do with Christmas?"

  7. Gosh, I'm just not sure which of those things is different. Your resolve is inspiring me today. I want the sugar out of my house! I want to be strong too.

  8. Oh my goodness what an awesome cookie exchange. I love the smore's presentation. That is too cute! You are too funny!

  9. you should send that pic of hiring cashier into the leno show.. lol

  10. I shoulda rubbed your head so I could catch your resolve. So far, all I wanna do is eat what you passed up. It's comin' tho, I can feel it in my massive thighs.

  11. And the cookie tree!! Oh, the cookie tree!!!

  12. You are too funny! Bacon!!! LOL It was so great seeing you at the party girl. I woke up at 3 a.m. with a stomachache, too many cookies! I admire your resolve... I'm so happy you came anyway. Have a wonderful Christmas! =)

  13. Deliciouslooking cookies! I would have gone home with a huge tummy ache! You are really, really doing fabulously with your no sugar diet! Wow, you are a powerful woman and I am proud of you.

    Have a jolly day.

  14. Boo has an eerie resemblance to Oscar the Grouch!

    I liked that game! ; )

    Be well ~Andrea~

  15. Wow, that is a table-full of cookies. How did your cookies taste. Did you like the recipe. I am co-hosting our 6th Cookie Exchange this year (with my SIL) on Tuesday. I WISH I had that nice large house!! We get a bit cramped in my little house!

  16. Cookies look wonderful..Bacon better.:)
    I don't think that gas station will get a new employee anytime soon. Didn't you feel funny just taking time to fill up?
    Makes me think of my mother's words of wisdom..."Walk mean" She said that when we had to walk from parking garages to the hospital when her mother was in there. She said people won't mess with mean people, so "WALK MEAN".

  17. I *love* good humor!!


    and bacon too!



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