Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Confessions

It's Sunday morning.

I just finished reading the obituaries.

I do that every Sunday.

I can't stop for some reason.

I've a confession.

Yes, there's more. Above my obsession with bacon, and fear of mustard, I have many confessions.

Today's confession - I don't have a Christmas tree this year.

I can hear you gasping.

I know!

I kinda feel like Bunbun, half hiding, even telling you this.

I have a small artificial one in the kitchen, filled with cooking, baking and coffee related ornaments.

I have the antique silver one in the bedroom.

I have a wee one in my bathroom.

But I don't have a REAL one.

Every year, we get a real Frasier Fir.

We put the old big Charlie Brown lights on it.

It's full of Shiny Bright antique ornaments.

I string popcorn and cranberries.

We use tinsel.


And you know why I don't have a tree?

It's this minx.

The cat I rescued, that I swore I wasn't keeping.

The cat that wreaks havoc on my Friday stitching group.

The cat that wormed it's way into my heart like no other.


Brat cat.

I just didn't trust him this year with my Shiny Brights.

There, now you know.

I feel cleansed.


  1. Your adorable, cute blog, and Jinksy is adorable too, he's so fun to watch! Friday group loves him. You have enough decorated,trust me. What did u guys do for Aaron's bday? Did u want a gf for Jinksy?

  2. I have friends who are real "cat people," the kind that have 4, 5 and 15 cats....
    What they do is put their Christmas tree on their living room ceiling. No kidding. Its beautiful, unusual and creative.
    They make an outline of a tree with Christmas lights and then criss cross back and forth and then hang all their ornaments on the wires. Very creative, very colorful and very safe. Most have been doing this "ceiling tradition" for 20 years. The cats can't get to it, it doesn't take up any floor space and its a whole different perception to view it.
    Jinksy is lucky to have been rescued and adopted.
    Ain't it fun to flunk foster care!

  3. Jayme, Jinksy is way more precious and more fun than any Christmas tree. You have your home beautifully decorated for
    Christmas so it should be a "no worry" for you. Of course it would of been a riot to watch Jinksy with ornaments hanging and tinsel all over.
    If it helps any, I read the obits everyday and have been doing so for years. But I'm at an age where "old friends" are deciding to leave this world for various reasons. Have a beautiful Christmas week.

  4. he is adorable no wonder he found his way to your heart!

  5. what a weinniepoo he his..

    but you must do what needs to be done and if Jinksy adores trees.. then whats a girl gotta do?

    by the by.. how is he around the hens?

  6. what we won't or don't do for our pets! I put all my "good" ornaments up higher so Mr. Kane won't "nose" them off. He likes to hit them with his nose and watch them swing. He also likes to brush up against the bottom branches to scratch himself and yes he is a dog.
    I bet your tree would be beautiful if you had it up:)

  7. Same here. I have little ones about the house. But between two cats and two dogs, it would be interesting to see which one got to it first. (Of course it would probably be in the dead of night and no one would tell...)

  8. We're down to 3 cats and 1 doofus Golden, and so far, none of them have bothered with the tree. (tho the doofus DID knock down an ornament with his swishy tail then chewed it up) I know folks who put up their tree and 3 days later had to take it all down again! Crazy cats! It's better this way, and who knows? Maybe next year?

  9. We don't have a "real Christmas tree" this year. And, in the past twenty years we have only had a real tree one year. We have a fake ficus tree in both Grass Valley and San Francisco which we have white mini light on for a festive feeling. We have a wonderful Christmas together but a simple sweet one.

    This is our first Christmas with our young Rocky and who knows what he would do with a decorated tree. Maybe just sit and quietly look at it..."NOT."

    Have a happy and fun Sunday.

  10. Don't feel funny about reading the obits every Sunday; I read 'em every day. It's a habit that commonly develops in middle age - one that seemed very weird to me when I was in my 20's and 30's - but not so much now that I'm in my 50's! Unfortunately, these days I seem to spot someone I know there about once a week.

    That kitty is sweeter than any tree!

  11. The sacrifices we make for our dear pets... So far neither one of our dogs has messed with the tree, only Savvy likes to run under it. The only thing dropping are needles and we can deal with that.

  12. That cat looks like Trouble with a capital T! :)

  13. Jayme -

    It is about choices and this choose to love on Jinksy instead of being a hater!!

    christmas tree can come later

  14. You can have half of ours! It looked MUCH smaller out in the field and looks rediculous in our living room it is so big and fat! :) Seriously though, we were given a crazy eyed kitty (for real, she has crazy eyes like 'I am going to attack you and bite your ear off' crazy eyes) a few weeks ago and I thought for sure she'd knock the tree over onto the woodstove and burn the house down. We have barn wood on the walls in the kitchen and dining room and she runs and climbs them clear to the ceiling! So far she will sleep under the tree, but leaves it alone, doesn't poke around in it or try to climb it. You might be surprised at your little stinker!! Only one way to find out! :) It is a beautiful kitty. I'd take it in a heartbeat!

  15. no no no girlfriend for Jinksy! I'm his girlfriend!

    Janis...I AM one of those people...Jinksky makes FOUR cats. That is why I swore I wouldn't keep him.

    Linda, Jinksy is fabulous isn't he? I guess I'd do without a tree forever for him.

    Sherry, I wish you could meet him. :-)

    Olivia...he'll never see a hen, unless I bring the hens in. I don't want anything to happen to Jinksy, so unlike the other cats, he's strictly an indoor baby.

    Pieceful Bits...the things we do indeed! The other cats don't bother the tree too much. Boo steals all the tinsel off the lower portion and bats around at ornaments. I could see Jinksy climbing the tree though. He's a brat.

    Brenda, I could just imagine hearing a 'crash' in the middle of the night!

    Farmgirl Cyn...I do hope for next year when he's outgrown this crazy stage!

    Dogwood...leave it to you to point us in the right's not about the tree, but the Spirit of Christmas...

    Sparky...what gets me is what people die from. When I see someone my age, I want to know why they died. I do wish that all obituaries would specify that!

    Anke...I'm glad you don't have any tree troubles! My other three behave pretty well, but they are outside alot and can run off all their energy. Jinksy has to do it in the house, and I KNOW that minx would climb the tree!

    Mama have him pegged!

    Susan....yes, the tree will come later when he behaves. I love him so stinking much, I would give up a tree forever.

    Captain's Wife.....I'm laughing about your tree! The first time we 'cut our own' it was HUGE! They sure don't look that big in the forest. I'm not trusting that cat this year! I'll give it a try next year. :-)

  16. Jayme, you and Bunbun come out from behind the tree. There is no such thing as "Christmas tree police!" Jinksy, eh? Great name! He looks like a keeper for sure!!

  17. No tree? You must really love your brat cat. What a lucky guy to have found a home with a softie like you!

  18. Confession is good for the soul! Bring in a few branches of evergreen and the whole house will feel like you have the whole tree. "Children" grow up so maybe next year Jinksy will calm down a little!

  19. LOL! Chicken-girl is for sure a chicken her ownself! Where's your sense of adventure? You mean hearing a crash in the middle of the night and knowing all your sparkly antique pretties are dead and embedded in the carpet forever doesn't appeal to you and Glenco? Wienie girl. We be adventuresome types here on the Queen's farm. This morning GrumpyUnk let the English Bulldog, Sally, out to do her business. Off she went to explore the 5, count them 5 acres. Sally is stone deaf so the rescuer, ME (NOT the goof her let her out!), went out in her jammies, slippers and bedhair through frozen tundra to do the bulldog wrangler thing. Poor little Sally was so surprised to see me! And she only has one speed, ssslllloooow. I'm out there laughing my behind off following a little round flatfaced stinky girl. Worth the cold wet socks! Today's assignment for ya, take on one silly type adventure thing! smooches!

  20. Oh, Jayme,
    Jinksy looks adorable! I thought ALL adults read the obits! I've really missed having a cat lately!

  21. I love this post!!! Thanks for the smiles!

  22. Jayme, I'm right there with you. My "devil-child" (Cait) is the reason we don't have a tree up. It just doesn't feel right though. Next year the tree will be attached to the wall with fishing line and I'm not sure how I'll be attaching the ornaments, but I've got a year to figure this one out.

  23. Your Canadian FriendDecember 22, 2009 at 7:06 AM

    Jayme, Jinksy is adorable; I hope I get to snuggle him some day. I'll have to send you some pics I took of Roxy, who as you know is about as nig as a cat, and actually smaller than many. She just decided that lying under the tree with Christmas ornaments covering her face was a cool place to be! She's never bothered with the tree though, thank goodness, because believe it or not (cue angels singing) I actually find Jake and Roxy cuddling on the couch these days. It's a miracle! Thinking of you hon...hope you're feeling the spirit of Christmas.

    Bug hugs,


  24. Love your blog, I just stumbled by it today, we have a lot in common with homemaking and bacon :)
    I can't put up a tree either, we have to many crazy dogs. I might have to try that tree on the ceiling like Janis's friends.

  25. with coffee in hand i have laughed all the way though your cute, funny blog...

    just found you!

    my gosh girl...lets me friends!


  26. Jayme, I didn't have a tree up either, I feel totally liberated by that. Is there a scripture or a law that says you have to put one up? Love, Sandy


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