Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Solitude and Rest of Winter

This is where you'll find me, most mornings around 5am.

Fortifying, soul satisfying solitude.

I know it's not quite Winter.

It sure feels like it this morning in NW Indiana.

I've been trying to keep Glenco's schedule since I've been home full time. It makes it so much easier on the both of us. We both go to bed and get up at the same time. It's less disruptive. I don't climb over him to get in bed at 11pm when he's getting up at 3, and he doesn't wake me up at 3, when I don't need waking until 6.

I've got to admit I'm loving being up so early, and feel incredibly productive. Today we got up at 3:15 and I made sure he had breakfast and lunch. I felt excited about the next few hours of 'me' time.

I vacuumed, dusted, made dinner plans. It was now 4am. What to do?

I can't tell you how I enjoyed knitting and sipping coffee.
Then I pulled out my latest library books.

I got to thinking about Winter. It gets such a bad rap. Poor winter.

I'm going to embrace it this year. I'm going to embrace these early cold mornings.
(I know what you are saying...easy to do if you don't have to go out in them!)

I'm going to knit, and sew, and make scones, and enjoy the 'restful' spirit of winter.

I'm going to love and nurture my family like nobody's business.

Soon enough the busyness of Spring and Summer will be upon us.

Seed sowing, weed pulling, lawn mowing, vacation planning and everything else wonderful about summer.

Then the busyness of fall.

Harvesting and canning.

Enjoy the quiet of winter.


  1. make it sound wonderful:D

  2. You be a smart cookie. CrazyUnk and I decided to, if not LOVE winter, enjoy what we could. I have no problems with it at all on days I'm not in charge of carrying out water to the chickens and it dribbles all down my front and freezes there. Or driving to town for IMPORTANT stuff, like a new candle, and end up sliding off the road. Or chasing the stoopid dogs who don't realize yet that I am the pack leader. Or when I talk to my friend in Florida and she complains about winter temps of 65. Or when I notice my shoulders are permanently stuck up next to my ears. Other than those times, I'm all about lovin me some winter.

  3. I love a quiet house in the morning! Granted, I don't get up at 3:15, but when I do get up at 5:00 I enjoy the time I have to myself. Gives me time to get ready, pack everybody's lunches, take care of a few small chores and enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning. What makes it even nicer is a fire going in the fireplace, aaahhh, winter...

  4. I'm with you girl. And mornings are by far my favorite time too. This winter I'm going to spend reading, creating, and feathering up this nest.

  5. Good post Jaym, love how you capture the reality of life. But I love reading the comments too. I can't wait to check out some of those lib. books tomorrow, don't let me forget. So glad your you. Manana. Hugs, Ra

  6. You have found the secret! Lots of people never realize that "me time" can be robbed from early morning just like it can late night. I love your reading material...How Not to Look Old...can I borrow???

  7. The only time -EVER- that I'm up before 5 AM is when I'm still up from the night before! But I do love the 'coziness' of winter...

  8. This is the first year ever that I am looking forward to the 'restful spirt of winter', as you so eleoquently put it! I have been a winter hater for as long as I can remember. Not anymore! :) Enjoy, Jayme!

  9. I'm not usually an early riser preferring to drink my tea in bed courtesy of Mr B (I know, he spoils me!)but today when Ben the cocker spaniel needed to go out at 6.00, I stayed up,made some tea and had an hour of "me time" catching up on all my friends in blogland.
    It was great. Might do it again, one day!!

  10. Wow, I would definitely need a nap later in the day after getting up at 3 a.m. Holy smokes! It all makes perfect sense though. Nice post! -Tammy

  11. I found your blog recently and noticed we have a lot in common - from Indiana, over 45, raising a teenager and love our homes and dare I say, being domestic......I have been telling my husband over the last two weeks all the things I plan to do this winter and then today I read you post. Let's just say I totally connected - nesting is the word that comes to mind. It's a lovely post - enjoy your winter nesting.


  12. What a great way of looking at things. When it's cold and clear out, I really don't mind getting up early. You're right about how much you can accomplish. However, when it rains for days on end, I tend to want to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head.

  13. Jayme this is beautiful.

    Enjoy every single day. You deserve it.

    They don't say "the eary bird gets the worm" for nothing.

    I always say seize the day, life is way too short.


  14. Early morning is my most favorite time of the day! I love it when I am the only one up and about and I get to sit in my nightgown and sip the 1st cup of coffee, all by myself! Just that time spent alone gets me geared up for the rest of the day and I think I am more productive because of it.

  15. I'm looking forward to winter, if only for the chance to do things I don't have time for during the summer when I spend more time in than out. I also hope we get some snow, so we can ski around the pond!

    Be well ~Andrea~

  16. I love your description of winter, your schedule and your enjoyment of your early morning time.

    Oh and by the way, our chairs in our Grass Valley mountain home are the same as your green chair. We have one lighter green than the other. They are WAY too comfortable!

    RE~regarding the pretzel treats. I went all over town looking for round pretzels. No luck! So, I used the square pretzels with grid on them. Worked OK but do not look as nice as yours. I made them for the my daughter's Holiday Grand Opening at her pottery studio. They look festive with the red and green M&Ms.

    And...I really, really, really love winter! I may see snow this weekend in the Sierra Mountain with my daughter.

    I also love to read, knit, sew, craft, garden, watch birds, love my cat and the list goes on...

  17. I see cross country skiing and giggles again in our future!!

  18. Nice cozy corner to sit with your book, coffee and maybe your kitty all cuddled up? You will have until sunrise when your chicks will need to be fed.

  19. Jayme, really, you need to write and publish! You really do~ Julie K.

  20. I enjoy those very early quiet moments as well then about 6:00 all breaks loose when the kids get up. I am most thankful for those 90 minutes to myself.

  21. Thanks so much for all of your comments. Here it is a 5:15 am and I'm waiting for it to get light so I can roast some more coffee beans! I do love these mornings. It gives me some much needed time alone before Aaron gets here at 7:30.

    I'm almost worried winter won't be long enough to get everything done that I'm much for rest!

    Dogwood..I hope you read this...I'm so sorry that you are having trouble finding the pretzel rings, or shall we say 'nipple rings'. I would be HAPPY to mail you a bag if you'll email me your address.

  22. You are WAY too sweet. I do like the round ones better. No need to mail pretzels to me. I am in Grass Valley (small country town) now and next week back in San Francisco. I am sure I will be able to find them there! Thanks again!

  23. PS~I always come back and re-read your blog and look to see if you have commented to our comments on your blog!

    I love it here (your blog) as it always makes me feel good, smile and get teary.


  24. Thanks Jayme..I needed this one. I for one am not especially a fan of Chicago winters. I love a beautiful snowfall...but that bitter wind that makes your nose hairs freeze..ugh!

    Loved your perspective on this upcoming season...and I will tuck that one away, for the really cold days ahead of us!


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