Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You...

It's my bedtime, and I'd hoped to have a post on today, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.

I keep reading your wonderful comments.

I can't thank you all enough, I'm quite overwhelmed by all of your support.

I want to respond to each and every comment and email....give me a day or two ok?

Thanks SO much.


  1. Jayme -

    I am in need also....but not quite ready to end the eating frenzy yet!!

    i fret fret fret

  2. Hi Jayme,
    You have far more willpower than I to start before the holidays! I had coffee and pumpkin bread for supper because I didn't want to take time out from sewing 3 kilts that we need by MONDAY for a performance! How do I get myself into this? A dear friend is saving me and giving me a hand!

  3. Jayme, no need to thank any of us..I am sure that I am speaking for everyone here we all love you.

    Just having you share your life with all of us is enough.

    I just came home from Pay Low, I just went to get some flour, sugar, I ended up spending 300 dollars, and I told the cashier it is not so low is it? The poor thing looked miserable there, she was freezing...... the time I came home I ate a WHOLE bag of Witners Potato Chips....they were soooo good you can not eat just one...I sure can't..; ).


    I won't feel guilty anymore tonight...tomorrow I will walk 5 miles...well, maybe is so cold..; ).


  4. Jayme, here I am up early and on the Nordictrac! Well, not as I type this...I am on a break because I can only do 5 minutes at a time. I am so out of shape, which makes me feel worse about the weight. I need to get healthy and strong. But 5 minutes at a time adds up. The other day I did 2 separapte 5 minute stints and I was sore for two days! :) LOL At least I know my muscles are getting worked!

  5. Jayme.. no need to, just remember that we're here and keeping busy does help for the first few weeks. I know you do crafts and other goodies as I've seen your blog with oodles of posts of those great items.

    Just know that you are supported.

    love ya.. and no marshmallow kisses today.


  6. know, sometimes I just think you know it's time, and this is my time. God knows I've had so many false starts. I've been such a shooting star. It's time now for me. You'll know when it's your time.

    Lorilee! Oh that sounds so familiar. I can't tell you how many pizzas I've ordered because of being in such a lurch....LOL Thank God for friends. $300 at PayLow! How many bags of chips did you get!?? Chips and salty snacks do not tempt me at all, it's the sweets. Creamy sweet ice cream and yummy cookies, and cakes, and well...sugar straight from the bag if need be! Girl you'd better bundle up if you are gonna walk.

    Jennifer! I'm so proud of you! I keep the phone nearby when I'm working out, in case I have to call 911! LOL I keep thinking about gardening next year, and how much easier it will be with this weight off. Keep up the good work! are just such a kind soul. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I've not had any sugar in over three days! I feel so much better. :-)


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