Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In

It's a Christmas miracle! My weight stayed the same.....I surely thought with the holidays, the hormones....

Sorry I'm late posting this, I'm having some computer issues, and I had company this morning.

I'll be back later this morning with more on the Wed. weigh in, and Aaron's review of 'Marmalade Muffins' by the Pioneer Woman...


  1. Woo-Hoo! I've been checking in all morning to see how you would do. I knew you could do it!

  2. Yeah for you! I'm sure I cannot say the same. I am not getting on my scale for at least a week without Christmas cookies in the house. I'm chicken....

  3. Gooo, Jayme!! You truly do give me encouragement as well, and I am HAPPY for you!! Keep up the great work :) -Tammy

  4. Good for you! Me, I'm stayin' away from the scale for about a week. Some pie was chasin' me around and I just couldn't run fast enough...

  5. Jayme -

    Monday the 4th will be the start of my healthy walk!

    lets continue to talk

  6. Great job Jayme. So happy for you.

  7. I am in awe of Aaron and his skills both with the camera and in the kitchen.. what a great young man.. I think Aaron could probably have his own blog and would fill is pages!

    On the weight thing... I'm there with ya kiddo... I don't think I am back at my highest of 215 but I know darn well I am easily 20 or 25 lbs above my June weight and like you its time for me to do something about it, again, and hopefully for the last time!


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