Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer's Last Hurrah

You know how I can tell summer is almost over? I buy new shoes. It's instinctual. It's getting ready for a new year. I like to buy clothes and sharpen pencils too. I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. It's full of hope and the promise of learning and discovery. I heart these shoes. They make my stomach hurt I love them so much. Rocketdogs. Such a cool name for shoes.

30 actual days of the summer solstice left, 16 days of 'traditional' summer left before Labor Day. How does this make you feel? I feel bittersweet about it. The thoughts of crisp apples, warm sweaters and pumpkins makes me positively swoon. It's almost too much to bear really, it's so glorious. On the other hand, I feel a bit of woe and regret. I just feel that there was so much of summer that I didn't embrace.

It was an unseasonably cool summer here in NW Indiana, and I'm not one to complain. Loved the weather.

The past few mornings have been so fall like. I used to be able to be out in the yard working at 5. Now it's 6. It's dark at 8pm now. The days are definitely getting shorter.

It's hard to see the garden declining, and at the same time a sense of relief! Fall is all about nesting and squirrelling away things, preparing for the cold, stark winter. Preparing for rest. Preparing for stews and books and quilts and more time. Old movies and blogging, Christmas and hopes and plans for a new year..................

Ok...back to NOW. I'm feeling the need to cram some more summery activities into whats left of the summer. I want to ride my bike more. I need to go to the beach just a few more times. I need to drink lots more iced tea, and eat more melons and corn. I need to float somewhere on an inner tube. I need to go fishing fortheloveofGod.

Can you name three summer things that you'd like to do before this summer ends?


  1. Jayme! Love your blog!!! You're makin me ready for fall! =)

  2. I hear ya on the fishing. Hubby and I have been planning to go fishing in the gulf for weeks! Now that it's cooled off we need to get going. I'm glad to see summer ending! I'm ready for all the flowers that need moving to die back so we can move them and work on my courtyard!! :)

  3. Swim in a crystal clear creek - we dont have them here.

    Go see a movie at a drive-in - again, none here.

    Sit under the stars and eat cold watermelon.

  4. Here goes.... Float on something in water also, haven't been in the pool at anon's house all summer, let's plan to do that together, I ll ask.

    Visit Remus's farm, I haven't been there yet this summer.

    Wear a pair of shorts... I just don't see it happening, but every summer it gets sohot that I resort to them, not this year...

    Let's do some pumpkin patches again this year, with the kids or not with the kids. I'm thinking of taking a class on hand quilting whatcha think? When's pie class? Oh and Anon and I want to come out soon to see chicks, is that k? oxox

  5. Well let's see we offically have till Sept. 22 when it becomes the first day of fall.
    1.)I love the cooler days of summer when I can work outside.
    2.)Cooler days of summer when I can finish painting my picket fence,
    3.)Cooler days of summer when I can do more landscaping around my yard
    I guess that my 3 things before the summer ends all involve working, but thats what I like to do, so that will definitely take me into the fall or until the snow flys !!
    I guess I am not too fun in some eyes but a workalholic in others, oh well. what ever floats your boat. Enjoy the summers end. Kids back in school, tomatoes still riping and the clean up of the gardens begins.
    ps.those are some crazy shoes ! looks comfy !

  6. Hey Girls! Thanks for the comments. Crazy shoes? I'll have to post an 'un' photoshopped pic of them....

    Welcome Mrs. C...haven't seen you around here before. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I am just ready for Fall...plain and simple! :) I am in NW/NC MO. I have been down south and it is nice down there. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  8. Get my pool from green to clear~ and then close it for the season!
    Go boating all day
    And boating, all day!
    As much as I don't want summer to end, I too, am so looking forward to the smells of Autumn!

  9. Go camping just one more time ... sleep on the trampoline under the stars with my kids ... sweat. Yes, I would like to sweat. It's been so cool! I think only three days was it actually HOT. I want it to be HOT just one more time. So I can remember what summer is supposed to feel like! :) And a good thunderstorm to follow would also be nice.
    I love your writing. A wonderful post!

  10. The only thing I like about summer is the FOOD - fruits and vegetables, that is. Sadly, I have no tolerance whatsoever for hot weather, it's my least active, least fun time of the year. Can't wait for Glorious Fall!!! But before fall comes, I will eat MORE watermelon, MORE corn on the cob, MORE tomatoes, MORE peaches, and MORE raspberries (I'm going picking again this evening.) Oh, and for sure I'll go swimming a few more times.

  11. Love all of your suck the life outta summer ideas. Jennifer and Sparky, it's been so cool here, that I've not sweated that much at all. I don't mind a little hot weather, but I really don't like that oppressive weather we get sometimes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE early summer mornings and evenings though. Sigh. I will miss you summer.

  12. Oh, so frustrating. I wrote a comment and then somehow deleted it. Shoot! Here I go again. Love the shoes. Fun way to start the new season. I LOVE the fall season. Things to do before summer is over: put mulch around the plants, buy some comfy warm walking shoes and eat lots of fresh, fresh fruit! Thanks. Dogwood

  13. Your Canadian FriendAugust 25, 2009 at 7:29 PM

    Let's see...

    1. Have friends over for a day of swimming, eating, drinking and sitting around a fire in the evening.

    2. Lie by the pool and read a whole book in one day (while getting a wicked tan).

    3. Drink lots of margaritas, while (you guessed it) lounging by/in the pool.

    I'm some lazy eating, drinking cow, aren't I?


  14. Hi Jaym! I'm so ready for autumnal nesting tendancies are in an all out frenzy this year thanks to all these hormones the little one is causing, but there is one last grand hurrah of summer planned. Wes and I are going to Montana and going camping in Glacier Park, can't wait! but as soon as we get back it is baking and broth brewing madness 'round here.....bring on the chill!

  15. Chris! Aisha! Dogwood! thanks for stopping by.

    Well, it's seems to be for sure that ya'll are ready for fall. Really really ready. I'm still torn. Very torn.

  16. Bring on the fall. I'm more than ready. Now that the power surges are almost gone, I cannot deal with the heat so thank God for the cool summer we've had. Love the shoes and I cracked up on the inside when we briefly seen you the other night. You talk about resting in the upcoming season, you know you won't. :) Just continue to blog for all of us.


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