Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Early Bird Gets The Worm....

The Coop Keeper felt the need to sleep in until 7 today. The girls weren't too happy. Unbeknownst to me, they had this big meeting planned. I wasn't invited. Apparently they do this every morning. I guess I must be blogging or something when it happens.

I was weeding nearby, trying to nonchalantly eavesdrop. Stubs was leading the meeting, and assigning the daily tasks. Fifi LeFew was to be on cat patrol. What was Stubs thinking? She's much too anxious for that! Maybe I should put a bit of Xanax in her mash. Mother Plumtree was to monitor the southeast corner of the yard, looking for grasshoppers. Scarlett was to take the northwest corner, gleaning for leftover mulberries that had fallen. I could tell by the expression on her beak, she was none to happy about it. Common work for a glorious red hen. Helen was to scout the entire yard looking for freshly mulched areas to destroy and prepare for dust baths. They always take advantage of Helen! The whole yard? Really Stubs? Isn't that a bit much? By now I could tell they knew I was listening, so they broke it up.

Off they went.....Stubs leading the flock. I rolled my eyes at her as she passed. She shot me a look that could kill. "Hey, wait a minute there Stubs'......she kept walking. Acting like a rooster I must say. Cocky. She must be the top hen. "I'm the Coop Keeper baby" I said, pointing my trowel at my chest "....ya, ME". She pooped and kept walking.

The Peep Show will continue tomorrow........


  1. Hi Sweetie, when are we frying the birds, lol. You know I'm kidding. Just wanted to keep in touch. RRRRRHHHHOOONNNNNDDDDAAA is that how you pronounce it? smooches

  2. Love picture number 2--Hen Patrol!! What a hoot!! (Or, more properly, what a cackle!)

  3. Well I see we have two anonymous's on here as I know how to say Rhonda and I certainly wouldn't be frying up the birds. That's why they sell chicken in package's at Strack's. :( I'll end up being a vegetarian yet before I die. Have a wonderful week end Jayme.

  4. Jayme,
    Love the chick stories about your girls !
    You really bring them to life, your a fantastic coop keeper reporter.
    Just wanted to let you know that you truely brighten my 84 year old mothers day , as I read her your hen stories, and she laughs and laughs, she says that you have a fantastic imagination and you should write books.
    You rock girl, keep up all the good stuff you do !Love Ya

  5. Great pictures. I can't wait until we get our own chickens!

  6. LOL :) I can totally see that happening! I know the Dirty Divas scheme behind my back....;) I just wish they could be loose in the that would be a hoot! Maybe that is my urge toward Guineas...the plan for them would be yard patrol.

  7. Oh, how I wish I would have been invited to their meeting this morning. Sounds like fun. Love the green grass. Ummm~I can smell its freshness. Love your creative writing style. I'll be back tomorrow for a "cluck-cluck" with the chicks! Dogwood

  8. Dear Anonymous (the bod' of ya) I'm getting very confused. :-)

    April and Anke, delighted you stopped by!

    The Bug...that comment just made my day! Thanks.

    Welcome Provident Woman...I noticed you on Coal Creek Farm. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jennifer...isn't it the truth? I always have imagined that little critters had a whole life going on that we didn't know about. Now that I've chickens, I'm sure of it. nice to see you again! Good luck getting in their meetings. I'm not even allowed! :-)


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