Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Photoshop Attempt....

Just a wee lil' post tonight. Been so busy today working around the house and yard so that I can go hiking tomorrow and not think of house chores. Going to hike the Cowles Bog Trailat the Indiana Dunes Lakeshore with Aaron tomorrow. I can't wait to share it with you.....

I have a whole week of pictures to show you! I'm hoping to get the majority of them up in the morning. I have had an interesting week.

For now, I just wanted to share this photo with you. It's an old barn down the road.

Do you like it? Is it too 'predictable'? 'Cliche'? 'Boring'? Please be honest. I need some critiquing here. I love barns. I photoshopped the heck out of it. Do you see the 'face' on it? I love when barns have faces.

This could be quite addicting.......

*added Monday morning* Jennifer suggested that I add the 'original' photo before it was photoshopped! Great idea. I like the warmth of the original, and will probably do something with it again, going toward warm tones instead of the coolness of this one.


  1. I think you did a great job on the picture. I like old barns also. I like to imagine them when they were working barns and imagine the people in their lives. Imagine what they held and the barn through the seasons. When I see an old barn I think of my grandparents barn. It seemed huge when I was little and we would play up in the hayloft. There would usually be kittens in the loft and my sister and I would search them out.

  2. I love the pic...but I would love to see the original too to see what was done to it. Have a great time hiking! Sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  3. Mama Hen...what sweet sweet barn memories! I grew up in the city. It makes me sad to see all the old barns disappearing around here....

    Jennifer...that is a great idea! I'll post that one now.

  4. I love barns in general, lots of memories from Pa. growing up there. Love em. Jess said to remind you not to go in any beach water yet. Hugs, Us

  5. Jayme, I also have a love of barns. Not sure why but I do. I think your pic is great as all of them have been. Don't give it up. Have a blessed week.

  6. What a great pic! I love barns and photoshop! I would love to see the original also!

  7. Thanks for the kind comments!

    Rhon...too late! Went swimming in the lake. Private beach. Two mile walk in....oh, it was glorious. Gotta go now...I have diarrea....LOL.....joke

  8. Love this Jayme! I love taking pictures myself...I have a freind on FB that has some sort of program that turns pictures brown, he says like the 1800s. Are you familiar with that? He does barns too. (I will send you a few of his good ones.) I love the barns out here in the country where we are now your blog! Also, can you tell me what photoshop is? Is it a program, just a word for cropping pics?


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