Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Fifi LeFew

Remember Fifi? She was Helen's faithful companion during the Raccoon Raid of June 2009. One of only two survivors from that nights fateful attack. She didn't get much blog time since Helen was so ill, and Fifi escaped unscathed. Fifi, named after an imaginary anxious French woman, has become of my favorite birds. She is the most animated, loudest of all the girls. She squawks the most when I pick her up. I've never quite seen a bird move so fast, and in fact, I'm sure that's what saved her life! She probably ran circles around that coon.

She's an Easter Egger. She should be laying some bluish green eggs before the first snowfall. I got her the end of May, the cutest little chick you'd ever seen. I've not figured out the birds pecking order just yet, but I'm sure she's near the top.

I'll introduce you to the girls one by one.


  1. She's just beautiful Jayme. They've grown so quickly and to think, eggs before the first snow fall. And how is Helen? You have a beautiful week.

  2. Helen is doing fine...thanks for asking. I figured she'd be featured next. She is still smallish, but oh so sweet. You have a lovely week as well.


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