Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hiking, Serial Killers, E Coli ....Oh My!

Had a WONDERFUL time at Cowles Bog Trail yesterday. Where to begin. At the beginning perhaps?

Got there about 10:45. It was a bit drizzly, but not raining. There was only one other car parked at the trail head. It was an Envoy with Wisconsin plates. Why do I take note of these things? I work at the license branch, but this is the thought that went through my head: Call home and give these plate numbers, this may be the last thing you ever do.

WHY do I think that hiking trails are a buffet for serial killers? I don't know. I just do. I get awfully spooked. I would never do one alone, and that is just a rotten shame. It's such a beautiful place to spend time alone.


We started walking the trail and noticing all the birds and the wildflowers. There wasn't a soul around. It was so peaceful.

We'd not heard that many birds chirping in one place in a very long time. Every little critter was so active.

Also hadn't felt a mosquito bite in a long time! There just hasn't been any around the house all summer. We got our share on the trail.

Certain places were so incredible to look at. Almost a prehistoric feel to them. I LOVE it so.

A couple of places were flooded out, with twig bridges to cross and ropes to hold on to. I have good balance, so I found these places extra fun. All the while I kept waiting to get ambushed by Ted Bundy. He never showed up. Thank you God. We never saw another human.

The woodsy trails started giving way to sand. Despite what the people at the Treadclimber would like to say 'it's easy...it's like walking on sand'.....it's NOT easy!

A couple of miles later, the trail opened up to this. This. This makes my heart sing. This makes me burst out in song....literally.

Our own private beach. We'd not planned on swimming, this was supposed to be a hiking trip, and I didn't want to carry in a bunch of gear for two miles. Like, we didn't even carry snacks or water. I know...I know.........no lecture needed.

We found this cool structure. Look to the lower left hand side of the pic above. See that? What is that? A fish head or something.....?

Here...have a closer look!

Standing here for a few minutes, we could take it no more. I know Rhonda...the whole E coli thing in the lake right now....but....but...it was warm out...there was no one there.....we went swimming! I in my jeans and t shirt, and Aaron down to his little briefs. It was glorious! The water was beautiful!!!! The first gas pain I have, I'm sure I'll think I have E Coli now.

We hung around for quite some time, soaking up the gloriousity of it. (I'm making up new words now). Hiking back, I was pretty worn out feeling and just plugging along. My serial killer fears subsided just in time for a MAN to pop out of what seemed like no where. I'm certain that I've lost a few good years of life due to this scare. He had a back pack on (which I'm sure was filled with cutlery, rope and duck tape). Let me tell you this scared me straight and I started walking faster and faster and being VERY alert! I just wanted out of the woods at that point. Of course, with my internal GPS being what it is, we got turned around and ended up walking another mile. Five miles all together. No water. No food. We were like ravenous maniacs when we got in the car and drove to the first gas stations for rations.

I just seem to attract crazy people. I'll have to tell you about Schlong Man sometime. Oh, now that was creepy.

Fears of death, germs and mosquitoes aside. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's beautiful. If you get a chance, you really should go and experience it. Just bring mace, mosquito repellent and stay out of the water.


  1. What a wonderful daytrip!! I am glad you chose to swim, too! :)

    Schlong Man, Jayme? Oh Gawd, please tell me he is called that for some gutterish reason...and it isn't just my mind that headed straight for the gutter? :) LOL Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads....

  2. Hi~ I enjoyed reading through your blog. I came here via BellaDella.....hope you can stop by my farm sometime soon! :) Have a great day.

  3. I always think stuff like that too. I've watched way to many Lifetime movies for sure. Glad you had fun and can't wait to hear about the Schlong Man!!!

  4. What beautiful photos! Looks like such a wondrous day. Glad you had fun and made your own adventure.
    P.S. You can't just drop names like Schlong Man and expect us to wait patiently. I don't want to know but I really do.

  5. The tribe has spoken. The story of Schlong Man will be posted tomorrow. Now what the heck kinda picture am I gonna post with THAT???

  6. I'm just glad your home safe, you have no idea how I worry sometimes about your adventures. Pics are great, loved the first one. Good camera, curious to see how tomorrows post will turn out. You know....never mind. We'll talk. Love you girl, Me


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