Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy Chicken Lady Goes to Chicago

One of the things to do on our 'Before Summer Ends' list was to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. So I packed up Aaron and my pincurls and headed out. I didn't take too many pics today girls, just cause. Cause they didn't want any photography in the exhibits, and it was raining all day in Chicago, and I just plum 'twernt in the mood. K?

Our trip to the big city was as smooth as a hot knife cutting butter. I didn't tear any gas pumps apart or anything.

The museum was quite inspiring. Here's a pic of Aaron at the main exhibit. Aaron loves anything and everything that is modern, contemporary or stark. I love watching his eyes as he sees something that moves him. He wants to be an architect. I will do anything and take him anywhere to fuel his passion.

I even felt artsy as I went to the bathroom. Snapped this pic. My gallery showing is next week. Ha!

Recognize those Rocketdog shoes? I'm thinking they'll be in every shot now.

I did not take the following pictures. Photography wasn't allowed in the exhibits.

This is a tunnel of mirrors and light. It was like the portal to heaven. We spent a lot of time in there. I was awed by how long it must have taken this artist to create this.

I'm ashamed to tell you that my first thought when I saw this was "What the heck is wrong with you can't even paint your house trim and this guy is building stainless steel abstract art".

This room was hard to describe. It was completely black, with a light hanging down, and a small mist of water. I kept waiting for Count Dracula to come out and scare us. It was ethereal. Beautiful. Inspiring. Really was delightful.

The rest of the museum was 'ahem' interesting. Not really my style of art, but I did feel inspired, challenged, confused, confounded and like I was on Candid Camera at times. I mean, come ON....seriously? Art? THAT? Why a 2 year old could paint that......

Had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Visited Crate and Barrel. Oh how I hankered for so many things in that store. Actually purchased a few little things. Went to the Apple Store and a few little funky boutiques. Got a Green Tea Smoothie and threw it in the trash. Gak.

As we were leaving Chicago, I stopped at my old neighborhood. I sat in the alley behind my old house for a long time, looking, remembering. Those were the sidewalks I'd learned to walk on. My diapers hung on a clothesline there. So many thoughts went through my head. My mom worked so hard making that yard a little showplace. There was no evidence of her hard work now.

Stopped at the Physical Therapist on the way home for my torture session. Illiotic Band Syndrome. I call it the Idiotic Band Syndrome. It's the muscle that runs down the side of your leg. They use a rolling pin on me....a rolling pin! It's beyond excruciating. I cry. I sweat. I plead for them to stop.

Came home to all of your fun comments.

Thanks so much!

Night night.


  1. I'm scared of modern art! It's arsenic to our country-girl sensibilities.

    The burning question on my mind: What didst thou dine on at CF?

  2. Hi Flower Patch Farmgirl!

    You are so right about modern art. :-)

    I dined on Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Corn Succotash. Good farmgirl fare in the middle of the big city.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Awww...I hope that idiotic band gets better soon!! Rolling pin. :) LOL Did you know you can stop a nosebleed with a tampon? The pics are great! Looks like a fun field trip! :)

  4. Jayme you make me smile...and by the way, you are the best Aunt I know!

  5. I'm sorry but that kind of art hurts my country head. Art is clothes hangin on the line, fresh mowed lawn, pork chops cooking for supper, now thats beautiful! But thanks for sharing, love u lots girl.

  6. For me, boring!! I guess that's why we're all made differently and maybe speaks for my daughter's taste in, homemade and warmth (which is not bad).
    Aaron needs those things if he has a passion for them. I guess all young people need to be exposed to different things in life. My biggest mistake in life raising kids, was, I measured their life by mine as I was coming up. What a pitiful mentality.
    That's one of the things I love about your blog, it takes me back to so many years past, never to re-live or re-gain again. I'm glad you had a fun time but as we all know, you can make a fun time out of anything. What a wonderful Aunt you are.

  7. I have had the rolling pin on the leg, OH that hurts soooooo bad! I feel for you!

  8. Jennifer, you CRACK me up! I can kinda picture the tampon By the way, I know I didn't address your pincurl questions. I'll be blogging about it soon enough!

    Tina...thanks for the compliment. I really love it that you are here.

    Rhon, we have the same idea of art. Love you girl.

    Kim...sooo happy to see you here!

    LINDA!'s YOU! :-P I think you and I could sit and talk for hours, days, weeks, months. You touch a special place in my heart. I find you so interesting, open and honest. I love being Aaron's aunt. He's so easy to love and be around. I truly feel that I've been a mom since he was born. It's hard to describe what I feel for him. I want him to truly be happy, and to be himself, and to find himself. I guess I feel like I want to open doors for him, and say....'hey, go look in there! What do you see? How does that make you feel? What do you think about that?' I never want to discourage him, but I want to ENcourage him to find his own way. I'll be here for him always. Fun? Omagosh, we have it. Not a day goes by where we don't pee our pants laughing. Thanks for thinking I'm a good Aunt. It means the world.

    Terry...THANK YOU! I was wondering if I was just being a baby. I could cry now just thinking about it...and I go back tomorrow morning.

  9. Jayme, The south east side of Chicago sure looks different doesn't it? I guess that old saying is true. You really can't go home again. It's just not the same. Glad you are having so much fun with Aaron. He is very blessed to have you for an Aunt. Take care.

  10. My idea of art is scenes from Cades Coves in the Smokies! The clothes on a line will do too! HA!

  11. What epiphany did you have in the washroom at Crate and Barrel?

  12. Thanks for your interesting post today along with great photos. "My guy" grew up in the Chicago area and went to Northwestern College a few decades ago---hehehe. I have never been there but we are planning a trip to Chicago next year. I know there is lots to see.

    I always love reading you posts and look forward to your wonderful writing.

    Have a fun-fun weekend. Dogwood

  13. Anonymous, it's so sad to me to see my old 'hood' deteriorate so. It messes up my memories!

    Carol, I agree with you!

    Bert...that's a long blog. I'll tell you over breakfast. :-) will LOVE Chicago! I do think it's the prettiest city in the world. I had a fun filled weekend. Fun filled with DayQuil/Nyquil, thermometers and delirium. LOL


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