Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Lookie What I Did Today!

Woke up to rain this morning, and I can't say I was TOO disappointed as things in the house have been falling behind. It's still raining, and beginning to weather up a bit with lightning and thunder. Good sleeping weather! This is pretty indicative of what I look like on my days off. Hair smashed under a hat, and wearing whatever I pull out of the drawer first. I always tell myself I'm going to get up and make myself presentable.......but, I don't.

What am I doing here? Well, homeschooling! Sorry about the pic quality. Aaron blindfolded me and plugged my nose. I got to eat fun things. Raw potatoes and apples with pepper on them. Didn't taste a thing. We laughed til we cried.

Made a ham, broccoli and cheese quiche with the leftover Mother's Day ham. Oh yum. Made Aaron hold it outside cause the lighting in the kitchen was so horrible. I'm surprised he was able to see where he was going, with his eyes all rolled up in his head. He says I'm obsessed with blogging now. Me? Obsessed with ANYTHING? Preposterous! I also made deep fried pickles. They didn't last long enough for me to photograph. Seriously. Made a strawberry shortcake too, but dang it if the light was just gone, and I decided not to photograph it. planned...we went to the Garden Center first today! The rain put a damper on the trip, but it was fun nonetheless. Look at my booty! My garden booty silly! Basil, chives (I'm not sure what happened to mine, I had some, and now all I have left is Garlic Chives. There's some dill in there, some flat leaf parsley, and would ya look at that lovely rhubarb on the left hand side? Makes me weak in the knees. I've tried rhubarb a few times, starts from friends, but it always died. I'm a bit scared about this one, but I'll never give up on it. I tend to get scared a lot with gardening. It makes no sense. I finally planted corn this year. Been afraid to grow it. Afraid to grow corn? Isn't that weird? I'm afraid I'll do it wrong, the coons will get it, the deer will get it, the corn smut will be all over it, ugh, and those stinking worms that get all over the tips. I took Bill's advice at Maple Grove Greenhouse and planted them in little circle hills. We'll see what happens. I planted popcorn too!

Bought some more cement reinforcing wire for the tomatoes. This makes my favorite cage. Nice and roomy, and you can pull a nice big Brandywine right through the fencing. It's four feet tall, and doesn't topple over like the little cages. I'm not the neatest gardener. I wish I would tend things better, but my tomatoes tend to sprawl all over. Just not enough time in the day to prune them and tie them up.

Here's a lame shot of a couple of the cages made and in the garden.

Well friends. I'm toast. Been up and at them since 6, and it's 11pm now. It's storming. I'm sleepy.

Night night.


  1. Oh my gosh...the game sounds too funny! Not sure I'd trust what my kidlets might try to feed me! LOL :) That quiche looks amazing. I have never made one, but I think you just inspired me to try. Tomato set up sound great! Since I put in 55 tomato plants, all in a long line, I think we are going to try a fence stake at each end and periodicaly along the row and then run some wire to trealis to. I hope it works! Last year we put fence panels for them to climb and it worked well. But last year we only had 12 plants. Good luck with all the garden stuff! I get nervous too. I have tried a ton of new things this year too. I just keep telling myself 'They really do want to grow, that is what they are meant to do!' :) LOL

  2. It was a bit like Fear Factor for me too! Quiche is very simple. I like it cause you can use up so many leftovers. Leftover veggies, bits of cheese, bits of meat. Yummy too. I can't believe how many tomato plants you got! It would be costly to make cages for all of them. I got the wire at Menard's for $3.99 each. One is big enough for one cage, with a little leftover. I might make some trellises for the cucumbers out of the leftover.


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