Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrifty Thursday! Garage Sale Booty!

Thought it might be fun to share my garage sale finds with you today! My husband and I got out of debt just this past year. House is paid off, all credit cards (the worst thing in the world in my opinion), all paid off. The crazy thing is...I don't really feel any different! I remember paying the house off at the bank and truly expecting SOMETHING. A feeling. The bank president to come out and shake our hand! Balloons! Something! But there was nothing. Just a little piece of paper handed over showing what we'd just paid. I still like being as frugal as can be.

So this is what today brought:

  • Cool old fashioned looking swing. $20 (He was originally asking $40!)
  • Super cute vintage plates. Notice the flower on one, and the apple on another. Got a set of 8 for $3.00. They are going to be perfect in our little vintage camper. I'll be introducing you to that soon! These plates look as if they'd never been used.
  • A chicken towel that made my stomach hurt, I loved it so much. It was $1.25. Sometimes you just HAVE to splurge!
  • A perfectly new smallish sized Scrabble Game in a cool wooden box. 50 cents! Great for camping when we get rained out.
  • Two awesome stainless steel pots for camping. $1 each.
  • Two mint condition 8" cake pans for $1.50. JUST yesterday I realized I needed these! I only have 9" cake pans. A pox upon me!
  • Not shown - Cause I can't keep them off my nephew's feet...a pair NEVER WORN Converse All-star, bright red gym shoes. 25 cents! TWENTY FIVE CENTS!
Here's a better look at the swing.

And here's a better look at the fantabulous chicken towel. I'm going to try to fashion an apron out of it. Because it REALLY doesn't get any better than chickens and aprons. Really.


  1. Wonderful finds! I am so ready to hit some sales. That swing is so neat! And the towel will make a great apron. I have one I made out of an old pillow case that my grandma had embroidered. So sentimental. I never would have used it for a pillow, but I use it a lot as an apron. And congrats on being debt free! We are almost there...we are working Dave Ramsey's plan. We are in a Murphy phase though...only 3K left on debt and things have been coming up left and right. So close! Won't be long though. I think you should throw a debt free party to celebrate and have balloons and a few fire works! :)

  2. Hi Dee Ho, Jayme Jo
    I loved your garage sale finds, they are so you !
    I can totally see that chicken dish towel becoming a apron. Your finds are truely one of a kind, just like you are!


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