Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Baaaaaacccckkkkkk.......

Here you see The Squirrel in it's natural habitat! I finished sewing the awning, and I'm thrilled with it. Would have cost me about $300 to buy one, and I made it for $60! Still much tweaking to do to the campsite itself. I'm not loving that green grass, and I don't like all the 'clutter' about the table. Note the vintage cooler on the top of the table. Love that thing. I'm always on the lookout now for vintage camping gear.

Much to say, where to start. It was a good time. Relaxing, exhausting, all at once. I'm afraid I didn't get too many pics! My camera died on my at the most inopportune moment. My friend Donna sent me some pics, but I'm not sure how the quality is going to translate here. Anyhoo.....Here we go. I'm just going to blog a quick bit about getting there, really the second day was my favorite day, and that is a going to be a separate topic, and then the food will be another topic as well! I've still not figured out how to put more than five pics per blog.

The biggest thing to tell you about the day we left is how calm I remained. I know it may sound silly to some of you, but well, I grow horns when we are getting ready to go somewhere. Be it for the day, but especially when overnight is thrown in the mix. All of the sudden, I seem to think that I need to leave the house in TIP TOP shape. I'm talking about cleaning out cabinets, etc. I also get very rigid about the departure time. (In my best German accent) "Ve MUST leaf at EXACTLY 2pm!" Where does this come from? I've no idea. Well, I determined not to be that way, and realized that if I weren't enjoying ALL of this, from the getting ready, to the going, to the coming home and cleaning dirt and pollen out of every crevice in my body and camper (lovingly referred to as the CRAMPER now), then I've no business going. OK....well, you get the picture. I was calm as a cucumber, and we left when we were ready. It was refreshing, and I'm sure my family appreciated it. I'm realizing that I CAN control my controlling nature! Mwa ha ha!

We went to Tippecanoe State River Park in Winimac, Indiana. It's not far from us, about an hour an a half in a southeast direction I believe. Far enough to feel like we are getting away. Here is one pic that I managed to get of the park! It was very green there. VERY GREEN. Pollen everywhere. Our white Jeep was green by the time we left.

Let's see. Mosquitoes? Check! Dirt? Check! Rain? Check! We had them all! Wouldn't be camping without feeling filthy and homeless all weekend. I'm not sure that I'd go back to Tippecanoe. Now, there is a very lovely canoe ride that you can take, but the river was too high this time from all the rain we've had. Other than that, there wasn't much to do, and we didn't do much! The trails were under water as well. We ate. We napped. We walked around the campground. We played Scrabble. We played 'Would You Rather' a lot by the campfire. I have no idea how we got on the subject of a monkey lover, but we did, and that was what we used constantly, falling into fits of laughter each time. "Would you rather have your eye lids removed, or would you rather have a monkey lover?" I'm giggling now. Someone shared a story about someone having a monkey that was on Prozac, and it tearing the owners' face off....

Ok..I'll change the subject.

I'll blog about my favorite day next. I'll also be sharing a few recipes. Donna made a fantastic Italian Breakfast Strata. I made some killer bread in the campfire. I'll share my favorite recipe for Sausage Gravy too.

Isn't life a hoot?



  1. Welcome home! :) I LOVE the camp site! And the vintage gear. The squirrel is just too cute! :) Good for you for letting go of the controlling! I have that issue too. It has gotten better the older I get. I think with three kids it is just impossible to keep up like I'd like and I can't let that steal my joy! Or anyone else's.

    Ok, how to put more than 5 pics in a post...put your first 5 in. Then click the little button to add pics again and do the same thing over again with your new pics. The only problem I have with it is that they all end up at the top of the post...you can try to arrange them as you add them before you post them to get them in a certain order. Tinker with it and it will make sense. I usually arrange them after they are in the post, but it is a pain and would be well worth ordering them before adding. Hope this makes sense! :)

    'Would You Rather' is a blast!!!! :) And that scrabble pic is just too cool!

  2. Jennifer...thanks SO much, I never even thought of that!

    I really like what you said about stealing your joy, and others too. A great thought.


  3. Just stopped by and read your posts about camping in your squirrel. I wanted to share my little "Gypsy Rose" with you. http://cricketsongfarm.blogspot.com/2013/08/gypsy-rose-gets-face-lift.html
    I live in her during the summer when I am working at my vegetable farm. She is just the right size when I am alone, but when my big, burly--used to play football---husband stays with me.........well, I think I'm going to have to make a "NO BOYS ALLOWED" sign. Love your blog!


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