Monday, May 11, 2009

I Should Be Flogged.....Really. No, Seriously.

I bought a cake. I BOUGHT A CAKE. Not just an 'oh, I'm gonna get this cake', but I BOUGHT A BIRTHDAY CAKE. FOR MY HUSBAND! I'm not sure if it was some passive aggressive manuever (like, well, I'll show him!), but I was awfully busy that day. The weather is finally turning and every waking moment I'm either in the garden, thinking about the garden, or at the garden center. (I will use this excuse until the first frost.) I'd PLANNED on making a birthday cake. His favorite, Boston Cream Pie, which is a cake, that they call a pie. *shrugs*. The cake pictured above is NOT the cake I bought. I made that cake the week prior for my cooking club. This was a fabulous cake. Double layer mocha chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate marscapone frosting. Yum. Almost pornographic for a food addict like me. In fact, as I was taking a picture of this marvelous cake, I was thinking to myself 'Oh ya, just like that' 'Work with me, work it'.

I actually took a picture of the cake I bought, but I deleted it, I was so ashamed. That and the fact that it cost $15.99 for this cake. $15.99. Store bought cake. The fantastic cake above cost me only $6.00 to make, which even to the cheapsake that I am, seemed like a lot, but considered I used good quality chocolate, it wasn't too bad.

I'm vowing never to BUY a cake again.

Next Post: It All Started With a Bird Turd.

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