Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Almost Can't Take It...

This could be one of my all time favorite photos, of all time, favorite photos. Ever. This is Aaron. (Doesn't he look like Lennie Kravitz?) He's planting a garden. I feel like I've died and gone to Heaven. Let me just inject here that I do believe in Heaven, and I do believe I will go there. I do believe there will be a lot of dirt there. No weeds. Beautiful dirt, beautiful plants, and nice sharp gardening tools. You'll never get a callus...ok, wait...I'm getting off track here.

Aaron. His garden.

I'm not sure what prompted him, but he told me he wanted a garden of his own. 'You got it' was my response. We went out yesterday to the garden center, and I let him pick out some flowers and herbs he liked. He got one Jalapeno pepper, and that was all he was interested in for veggies. For all ya'll that know me, I'm a bit of a control freak (understatement). You'd have been proud, I let HIM pick them out, let HIM plant them where HE wanted. I'm enjoying this so much! He's SO proud of the garden! It's so much fun having a gardening buddy now. He can't wait to get to the garden center again. In fact...we might just have to go first thing in the morning instead of school.........:-)

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  1. Ditching school for the garden center? Why couldn't you have been my mom? :) I love it when kids garden. My youngest (5) has a little spot in a flower bed where she planted 2 sunflower seeds and like 5 tomato seeds all right together. They are growing in a clump but she is so proud of them! :)


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