Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Favorite Day Camping

The day started with a good hearty breakfast from the cooking Diva Donna. (Recipe to follow in next post). I actually slept pretty good in the Cramper. The showers were nice and warm and clean, and my coffee, well, my always tastes better when camping, was delicious.

We decided to drive to town, because we'd see a couple little cute places on the way in. We found this place. It simply had a sign out in front "Rhubarb" We pulled in, and this little old man met us. He asked how much I wanted and then proceeded out to the field to get it. I don't know why, but to me it just doesn't get any better than that. There is something about little old people and gardens that just slays me.

He brought it up in the wheelbarrow and then his wife came out and helped him cut all the leaves off. They didn't seem to mind that I was taking pictures. I'm sure they thought I was crazy. I'm used to that.

I love this picture. So simple. So lovely. The lovely green leaves against the red wheelbarrow. There is so much beauty in the simplest of things. On they way out he asked if I'd like some asparagus that he'd picked that morning. I got 5#. It's the most tender, beautiful asparagus I've eaten. Makes me kick myself that I've never gotten a bed of it established here.

We stopped at a farmstand. It wasn't local produce, much too early for that, but it was beautiful nonetheless, and I did get a mighty tasty watermelon. The lady that ran the stand was from Spain, and had the most beautiful accent.

Misc. pic....My sister Cindy, Aaron's mother enjoying a darn good cup of Joe. Oh where is Aaron? Where are all the teenagers at anyway? Kayla? Aaron? Kyle?? Assshhhllley? Where are you? Sleeping in the popup? Ohhh, that is right. Only saw you at meal time!

Trailer Trash Dave. (Donna's husband) Serving us scrambled eggs.

Peeking at my bread rising in the camper. The recipe will be shared in the cooking post.

There was another vintage trailer at the park. This one is from 1965. The people that owned it were kind enough to let me in and tell me all that they've done to it to fix it up. I asked to take their pic, but they declined. I didn't think they'd appreciate me taking pics inside. They were quite friendly and told me a about a Yahoo group that is all about Vintage Trailers. They came by and admired The Squirrel.

That is one of the things I like about camping the most. Meeting different people. Hearing their stories. Finding out where they are from.

The pictures that I'm missing are from this little place we'd found called Bonnie's. What a delight this place was! I'm going to post the pics as soon as I get them. I desperately need a new camera if I'm going to do this blogging thing! Bonnie's was a little road side place that sold Hosta's for $3, a dozen brown eggs for $2. I was really hoping to see her hens, but no one was home, and there was just a little cash box sitting out to pay. I bought one Hosta, a variety that I didn't have, and a dozen eggs. They were so beautiful!

The day ended with a nice supper cooked over the campfire in dutch ovens. It was such a nice laid back day. I think what I enjoyed the most about the day is that it reminded me so much of my beloved Aunt Jean that passed away nearly two years ago. These are the things she loved to do. She had such a wonderful connection to the earth. The way she lived her life was so simple. She loved and lived freely and deeply. She could cook you a wonderful meal with a chicken carcass and a potato. I loved her. LOVED HER. I miss her terribly. I worry that our generation of iPods and Twittering has lost the connection with the earth. In a fast paced world, where everything is at our fingertips, gone are the days for most, where life clicks on at a simple pace. The chickens are laying, the strawberries are ripening, we pray for rain, and we know our neighbors. There is no rushing a garden. My heart cries out for a simpler life. A quieter life.

And then I came home. HA! You aren't going to believe what I came home to. Stay tuned......


  1. Oh Jayme Mae.... I adore you. I love reading your blog. It makes me smile from ear to ear because there is such an abundance of you in every word. On the some note it makes me a little misty because I miss you SO much. It inspires me to be the domestic diva I've always wanted to me (and I 'm pretty sure is lurking in my bones somewhere just gotta find her) You're amazing and a true gift to this world and anyone blessed enough to know you. I love you Jayme! XOXOXO

  2. Oh Aish! So glad to hear from you. We are sure in one heck of a round of phone tag. You are a DIVA, no doubt about it. You have it in you. It's already there.

    I miss you terribly.


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