Friday, May 22, 2009

No Blog Time For Bunny

You thought I was talking about this rabbit? Well, yes and no. This is Bun Bun. What an ORIGINAL name isn't it?? I thought I'd put her on here, since she gets no blog time, but I was really talking about me, not having time to blog.

We are getting ready to roll out tomorrow for our weekend camping trip. I'm extremely proud of myself because I haven't turned into a raving lunatic about getting ready. I'm totally calm! I still have to pack my clothes, bake Renee's Blondies (I can't wait to introduce you to Renee), and Peanut Butter Cookies. I'm looking SO forward to getting away this weekend. I've got my dutch ovens packed. I'm making a chicken and rice dinner in the 12" dutch oven, and a loaf of bread in one of my smaller ones. It's been YEARS since I've baked a yeast bread over a campfire. Can't wait.

Since I'm a little scatterbrained this evening, so will my blog be. Above is a picture of dwarf lilacs. If you've none of these in your yard, please stop reading this now, and get some! You must have them! I have six mature bushes in my yard, and I can't even begin to tell you how it smells here. Just getting out of your car, it hits you. I have them strategically placed throughout the garden so you smell them all over. The sad thing is that they don't last that long. I've never actually kept track, but it's maybe 10 days? Even if it were 2, I'd have them.

Dwarf lilacs. You won't be sorry. They don't get gangly like the old fashioned ones. They are well behaved shrubs that make a nice round shape naturally. I've never pruned them at all.

I have one placed right outside of my bedroom window, on purpose, so that I can open the window and fall asleep with that fragrance.

You can see it past Mocha's big fat head. Like the Ugly Doll that Aaron got me for Mother's Day? Her name is Fea Bea. Too cute.

The irises started blooming. Still no peonies. Seems late. I'll be ticked if they bloom while I'm gone! A former neighbor brought me a bushel basket of iris rhizomes. They've since moved, but his irises live on. Those are the kind of neighbors I like. Not the gone gardening ones.

Does anyone know what this is? It spreads like the Swine Flu and I have to remove wheelbarrows of it every year. I call it Buttercups, but I don't think that is what it is. It's about a foot tall, spreads, and blooms for a short time. It would be GREAT in a spot that you just want filled with ground cover. It's apparent that it would choke out anything in it's path. I bet that is where all the socks I lose in the dryer are. Want some? Seriously. Come and get it.

That's about all for now. Thanks for reading! It was a nice break to sit and type for a bit. The oven is preheated, so I must depart.

Oh, who's watching my chickens while I'm gone? Get this, they are being boarded. I kid you not! My friend TOOK THEM HOME. :-) I almost got more at the feed store today. I went for rabbit food, and oh my, those little baby chicks, staring at me. Homeless baby chickens. I think I could have a hundred and it wouldn't be enough. I should have gotten them, but then I'd have had to take them camping with me. I think that would have been ok, don't you?

Happy Memorial Day!

PS Just so you know, I know that there are weird indentations on this blog. The crazy thing is, I don't see them when I'm doing it, but there they are after I post. I am trying to figure out why. It bothers me! Also, if any one knows how to blog, and add more than five photos to a post, PLEASE let me know!

PPS Well, now isn't that something. The weird indentations are gone......I'm losing it!


  1. Hey Jayme,
    I love this blog of yours. This is better than any soap on t.v. :)
    Have a wonderful week-end! Hurry home with lots of exciting things to tell us. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading every day.

  2. And you have no idea how fun it is to get comments! I'm like a kid at Christmas!

  3. Hi Counting Chicken,
    I knew you would be blogging before the night was over. I seem to check on you through the day, to see what is new with you. Have a safe and wonderful camping week-end !! I was thinking about your baby chicks too, glad they found a home for the week-end. Your bunny really got big since I've seen it last. Gee I wonder whats baking in the oven ? Beautiful flowers, sure wish they would stay in bloom all summer, don't you ? You sure camp high class, (but that's jayme all the way) , dutch ovens and home made bread, and desserts too, yum ! Have fun and be safe. Happy Memorial Day to you too ! See ya when you get back !

  4. Hey Jayme,
    Hope you had a wonderful week-end. I have an offer for you if you're interested. We're cleaning out things (outside shed) and we several different pieces of wire fencing. Chicken coop, etc. Hate to throw them out when I think you could use them in some creative way. If so, just say so and we'll get it out to you.

  5. We could probably use them! We'll be refurbishing the old chicken coop this weekend, and we will HAVE to be creative in order to do it!

    I'm not sure who this you have my phone number?

  6. Yes you do know me and I'm so sorry for not posting my name. Just wasn't thinking I guess. I will call you.

  7. Hope you had fun camping. I have two of those dwarf lilacs. They are wonderful! I still have flowers to cut off today.
    Love Ya, Bert
    PS. How do you post comments without using anonymous?

  8. Hi Linda! I will be home Thurs and Friday evening. Would love to see you!

    Bert, I'm not SURE, cause I'm on this end of it. Maybe Linda can tell you what she did?

    I like knowing who's talkin'.


  9. okay, this is getting weird. First you had a hobbes- and so did we. And now you have Mocha, and we had one for about 15 years. She was a tortoise-y rather than a calico. I'm waiting to see what your Mocha looks like.


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