Monday, May 18, 2009

That Happy Squirrel - Part Two

Here's part two of the camper! Sorry, I had the best of intentions of posting it sooner. Been so busy around the yard. Flower beds almost done, but the veggie garden is still too wet.

Here is the Squirrel in the winter. I put lights on it, and a wreath. Glenco thinks it should be tarped and stored for the winter, which would be very smart....BUT, I couldn't use it then! We had a couple of dinners in this over the winter, and we also have school in it, just to break up the monotony of the house.

Here is what you see as you are leaving the camper. Please note the squirrel stuffed animal and the acorn embellished pillow. It's an addiction. Everything I see Squirrel related usually comes home with me. The walls are still a bit plain. I want to tastefully decorate them with kitschy squirrel stuff.

Here's a pic of the 'kitchen area' (Thank you Paula for the cool old coffee pot!) Notice the acorn cookie jar..see what I mean? I got the little toaster oven at a yard sale for $5. We camp with electricity, and lots of it. Microwave, fridge and toaster oven. Between that and my propane stove, I can churn out some pretty decent meals!

Here is what you see when you first walk in. See that picture of the Squirrel? That is the Happy Squirrel. I saw that pic on a coffee making website. I think. Now, for those of you that don't know me too well, I love me some coffee. When I saw this squirrel with a big smile on it's face, clutching a cup of coffee, I was in love. Somehow or another he became the official mascot of the camper.

Here is the little dining area that folds down to sleep two. You have to be in the fetal position to sleep. The mirror section that you see, that is a closet that I've converted with a microwave and then all the food stays in there.

So there you have it. Our little camper. I've a love affair with it. I have it set in the yard as decoration. We still have school in it. We sit in it on rainy days and play Scrabble and Dominoes. I want to plant a garden all around so it looks like it belongs. I had the idea of getting a bunch of these little trailers and making a 'bed and breakfast'. What a hoot!


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  2. I LOVE the Happy Squirrel! :) It is too adorable! I want one. I think a B & B of them would be so neat!

  3. I can see why that Happy Squirrel makes you so Happy !! I want one, it's a cute as a little doll house inside and out. It's like a little house on wheels, such FUN !! Great job as always with the decorating.


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  5. Well, if you manage to come up with enough of the "crampers" to make a bread & breakfast, I'll be first in line to spend the night!!!

  6. What a fantastic camper!! I am officially jealous. :o) I would love to know how you made your awning? I am new to your blog and like to start everything I do from the beginning so if you have already posted a tutorial I apologize...but tell me anyway! Can't wait to keep browsing through your archives. Becki

  7. Your glamper is precious. Love the cheerful colors you picked out.


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