Friday, September 3, 2010

What Happens When There's Time On My Hands

Let me just tell you that the romance between the cat and duck isn't cooling off.

Oh, they try to act all nonchalant and stuff.
It's just so obvious.
Maude hasn't even checked her email.

Today, a lovely, wisheverydaycouldbelikethis kinda day -
big plans.
Then - I saw a lot of cobwebs on the front porch.

I planned on just doing a quick job, going over things.
Then I didn't like how the furniture is too close to the color of the walls.
And then I didn't like anything.

And then I tore the whole room apart.
I didn't like how the dollhouse blocked the windows anymore.
I miss the rug that I put in the office.

Then I started digging in the room of merchandise.
Things I've bought, and no longer know what to do with.
Pictures, lamps, do dads.

And now I've just got one big mess on my hands.
And I just want to drive to the Tastee Top and come home and find everything back in place.
Glenny's not being a lick of help.
Said it was all fine to start with.

And then I moved this curb side dresser into the office, changing everything all up.
Glenny won't give me his opinion cause he said I'll change it all again in a few months.

My bikes were on the front porch.
They don't belong there.
They are much better in the kitchen don't you think?

So - a few hours ago - I had a perfectly fine - clean house - and a few cobwebs on the porch.
Now - my kitchen, office and front porch are a mess.
And I still have a wheelbarrow of weeds in my front yard.
Seems I can't finish anything these days.

His fault.


  1. Jamie,
    Seems like you got all discombobulated, re-arranging. I've done that, earnestly starting out with one, one small project, fixing the threshold at the back door, and then it ends up we me waterproofing the whole basement. How I ended up there in the basement with stuff all in the middle of the floor I'll never know. So, project wanderer and kindred spirit you are in the midsts of the creative process, that's what I call getting all discombobulated. The creative process. Somehow though it always, always comes together.

  2. That's right, blame it on the kid! After all, he's not there to defend himself, right? He's at SCHOOL, silly boy!!

    LOVE your porch. I loved your yard even before the garden tour...but especially after. I loved your office (before AND after the recent re-do) and now I love your porch. I'm pretty sure I would love all your rooms.

    You will find yourself again, Jayme. The boy still needs you. He will always need you.

    God bless you, and your whole brood!

  3. Don't you love how that happens?! It's like a domino effect. I would blame Aaron too, after all he's not there!

    p.s. I want to see your dollhouse!

  4. Oh, my gosh. I am laughing. I do the same thing. I can easily get more than a handful of projects going and then oh my what a mess! I usually do it when My Dear Guy is out of the house. We did get shelves up in the garage in our country house in Northern CA. It has only taken six year. It finally got to the top of the Honey-Do list!!!

    Have a fun weekend.

  5. Well I like all your stuff and what you do with it. I am sure it will all be back in place by the end of tomorrow if not by midnight tonight. I would love to have a porch like that. It reminds me of the porches on the homes I grew up in Indiana in. Home sweet Home.

  6. I can relate. I never start a project that doesn't end up messing up the whole dang place. Usually I want to retreat to the fridge for encouragement! But no more I am a changin'!! We'll see what happens when I drag out some of my fall things. I see upheaval on the horizon. I better get to cutting up celery!!!
    I am glad the kiddo is loving school and fitting in! Have a great weekend!

  7. OMG, Aaron is looking so much older! Sorry, that might depress you!! I agree....have a glass of wine!

  8. That happens to me every time I start to clean something. My hubby says I have adult A.D.D. and then laughs while I move big heavy pieces of furniture around and glare at him!

  9. At least you only do that with one room. I start in one, tear it apart....then get overwhelmed and move to another room, tear it apart, get overwhelmed...rinse and repeat.

    Tell Aaron I blame him too. :) (And that I'm REALLY proud of him!)

  10. So enjoy your blog. I hate how this happens and then you have to dig in and get it back in order but the reward of getting it back in order is just awesome! Can't wait to see the new porch :)
    PS--my cat Jerry and my pig Pansy have a wonderful romance.
    Amy at Verde Farm

  11. It's not fair how the best redecorating intentions lead to chaos and disaster and the wish we'd never started in the first place. Been there, done that.

  12. I think your porch is lovely--as is Aaron--but don't tell him I said so.

  13. It is a good thing to shake things up a bit. It will get better soon.



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