Friday, September 10, 2010

Riveting News

This morning I woke up feeling like the day was a brand new doll, still in it's box, with it's head wrapped in cellophane.
I so didn't want to mess it up.
So -
I'm dressed.
As in pants.
I'm not responsible for my hair at this moment, cause I have a hair appointment on Tuesday - so we'll address it then.
I bought gas today.
Filled the dang tank up.
Spent about the same on a week's worth of groceries, that seemed to fit in three bags.
Clam juice is in my house.
The thought of it makes me gag. 
I have no idea why I put "Creole Fish" on the menu for the week, like I'm gonna eat that stuff!

Realized that I feel the need to explain some of my grocery purchases to the check-out girl.

I needed to make it known that the instant mashed potatoes were indeed for a bread recipe.
I worried about the dried milk as well - would she think I was REALLY going to drink it?
Once she scanned the Velveeta, I quit apologizing.
At least there was no Cool Whip in sight.

It's 4:30 up in the afternoon and my work for the day is done.
I've worked myself so silly this week that my right arm is rendered useless.
I'll spend the afternoon feverishly knitting slippers and sewing pajamas.

All in preparation for a very important event.

An event so earth shaking, the blog world will never be the same.
If you are a casual reader - make sure ya'll check back here next week.
And pray that I finish my pj's and knit TWO slippers.
For her sake.

An image I found too disturbing not to share whilst Googling for dolls in boxes.

I really have no words.


  1. What the....Sid from Toystory 1 has made himself silverware. Yikes.

  2. Let me be the first to post a comment...
    That cutlery freaks me out!!

    And I bought cool whip last week. My kids love it...I do not!

    Have a relaxing weekend sweet friend!!

  3. Jamye -

    You found the silverware pattern I have listed on my bridal registry.

    You shouldn't have.

    Your Friend,

  4. PS You didn't invite me to your slumber party.

  5. So, who is "her?"
    And as for the silverware, well, they look like salad tongs to me, so whilst you're at it, make some Hawaiian PJ's for them to cover their butts, or you could make them some thongs... rhymes with tongs... get it?? It would make a GREAT conversation piece at your next Luau!

    Yeah I know. I'm in rare form today.

  6. I don't know your friend, I'll have to read her blog a while. I hope you don't serve salad to her, she may run home screaming!

  7. From the look of their legs and rears I'd say those 2 eat nuttin' but salad!

  8. Pray tell, where do you find this stuff???
    I have to say that I get almost as many chuckles from reading these comments as I do reading your blog...your readers are funny!

  9. You can't shock me, I raised two daughters and have seen mutilated Barbies many times! But you have peaked my curiosity, I'll be back on your doorstep daily to find out the whole story...have a great weekend!

  10. I have to say that I am one of those people that is quirky.I love unusual things,but even this is too much for me.Have a great weekend.

  11. Ruby would be ALL up and over that rollerblade Barbie! You'll see exactly what I mean...soon.

    And that last photo is very Dexterish.

  12. My four year old yelled, "'s a barbie spork!"

  13. Must have been the bottom halves of the barbies from daughter number one and daughter number three that daughter number two tore the heads off of. I always wondered what happened to all those poor unloved dolls. I take that back they were loved expect by the middle daughter. She did not like to play barbies and to get the sisters to play something else that is how she got their attention.

  14. I thought I was the only one who worried about what others thought of my grocery purchases. When I'm at the check out, I find myself comparing my basket to the other baskets.. how much is fresh stuff, processed stuff, organic stuff....


  15. Are you getting a visit from the Mistress of Meadowbrook Farm??? Seriously, you get all the fun company! Ask her to pass along some photo tips from her class she hosted this summer. That's how she takes those AWESOME pics!!

  16. Show us the slippers and pajamas you are working on AND clam juice is not a bad thing!

  17. I am laughing so hard at that picture of silverware I am in tears...oh, what would my adult boys say if I put those on the table????...too Toy Story!!!
    Fun....thanks for the much needed laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. yup, they are just too weird for words....I totally agree.

  19. I'm with Cheryl, freaks me out. That's just not right. Can't imagine using them to eat with.

  20. Oh Ma-gosh, Oh Ma-gosh, Like, Oh Ma-GOSH...LOVE "HER"!! Not the Barbie leg silverware...creepy, don't think I could toss a salad with those...could toss something else... rhymes with wookies...what did they do with the other parts, NO don't tell me. Who thinks of these things???

  21. Oh my stars and garters! I'm not sure I should have read this post/seen that picture just before going to bed! I'm wondering if the big event involves the instant potato flakes, Velveeta, and those naked Barbie butt utensils? In any case, thanks for your kind words on my blog. Now I know you're kind and funny--which is kinda like, kinda funny. I'm going to bed now. I hope I don't have nightmares...

  22. oooooo, laughed out loud at the butts! That would go perfectly with the bizarre doll head lamps and doll part mobiles I've seen in the blogs!

  23. Slippers too? Thanks for reminding me to pack mine! (Hotel room floors, ya know.) Are you bringing your vacuum?

  24. All of my girls' Barbies were headless and naked their entire lives.
    You need to post your menu for the week.
    It sounds interesting.
    What are you working on?


  25. OMGOSH. I HAD that Barbie and I LOVED her!!!! Her roller blades actually shot out sparks, which was, of course, totally boss. They were later recalled because a bunch of sissy-babies complained that they were setting things on fire. Seriously, where's a little appreciation for the excitement that Mattel brought into their lives?!

    My mom threw them away and RB Barbie just wasn't as fun anymore because they'd made her legs out of SUPER hard plastic so you could push her across the floor, spewing sparks all over your "POSSIBLY" flame-retardant carpet.

  26. LOL- I see you are still using Barbie as a roll model! You know we are never going to look like that again (as if we ever did)...
    And why, pray tell, do we always feel that we need to explain food purchases to strangers? I've done that too! lol Diana

  27. I'd rather eat with those uber-weird utensils than hafta consume the (ewwwwww) clam juice.

    BTW, I'm in Poland visiting my brother-in-law and the first time I tried to leave my comment I got a message that said: "Wystąpił błąd podczas przetwarzania tego formularza. Spróbuj jeszcze raz." Just sayin.'

  28. I don't usually explain my grocery purchases but whenever I buy Harlequin Romance books for my Mother-in-law I feel the need to explain they are a gift!

    Next week. Can it get here quick enough? You sound like a Busy Bee right now in preparation. Me too.

  29. You know, my great grandmother's gnocchi recipe calls for instant mashed potatoes. Oh how I wish I could have asked her about that before she passed away. I just wasn't bold enough as a child.

    Too funny. Happy Friday and let us know how the Creole fishy dish works out.

  30. I can't imagine having to hold on to a Barbi's bottom to serve up a meal. I guess - that could be a diet plan. Write a book!

  31. That last picture - didn't need to see that! Disturbing indeed!!! LOL!

  32. Okay, 1. those utensils are beyond weird. 2. the thought of you explaining your grocery purchases was laugh out loud funny. And 3. If I read every day am I casual?

    P.S. I bought a bottle of wine @ Trader Joe's with a chicken laying a golden egg on the label....had to purchase it in honor of you! Hey, I think I have my next blog post!

  33. Okay, 1. those utensils are beyond weird. 2. the thought of you explaining your grocery purchases was laugh out loud funny. And 3. If I read every day am I casual?

    P.S. I bought a bottle of wine @ Trader Joe's with a chicken laying a golden egg on the label....had to purchase it in honor of you! Hey, I think I have my next blog post!

  34. Oooo, Gross! I wouldn't put those things in my salad.
    You know, I always have wondered about clam juice. Where does it come from? Clams? How do you juice a clam, for heaven's sake? Second thought, don't tell me.

  35. *More* changes?? Girl, I can hardly keep up!! Woo!

    ps: those salad forks are enough to turn me off veggies like, forever.



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