Sunday, September 5, 2010

Breaking News From Up in My Chair

This just in.

And I do mean just in.

Or really, just out.

Of the oven.

At almost 9pm in the night.

My day's been a bit cattywompus.

I may or may have not been up til 3am making wedding photo collages.

On my new laptop!

I apologize for spending the money - I do. I don't know why I do, but I do.

I really needed a new computer. What took an hour Friday night on Picnik takes three minutes now.

Do you have any idea how fast blogging is now?

I'll be letting you know every time I burp or trim my nails now.


I ended up sleeping in til 9 o'clock up in the morning today.

The chickens were furious.

The Italian Banty Mob let me know in no uncertain terms.

I'm scared.

The duck - well - see for yourself.

Where was she scurrying off to?

I will let you know how the new Pasta with Italian Sausage and Beans is just as soon as I get hungry and can eat some.

I am not staying up late tonight. No, I'm not.


I'm up in my chair.

My cozy chair, with my feet up on ottoman, in the living room.

Glenco is watching VH1 Classic Greatest 1 Hit Wonders of 1980.
And that's the latest from the Coop ....stay tuned.
I need to know what you think of the new blog format-?
I'm going to be changing the banner as soon as I get around to it too.


  1. Love the new format and love that I can SEE your posts now. I was getting worried!

    Congratulations on the new 'puter. Now remember, you promised many more posts because of it, right?

  2. I love my laptop. I bought it last summer on clearance. I need to have it surgically removed from my lap!
    Hope you have fun with yours.

  3. Recipe. Please.

    New blog layout. Fabulous.

    Except my eyes can't read the blue you're using for visited links...the brighter one.

    Had a crappy day (even 'tho it was my 2nd daughter's 19th b-day). KNowing you got a new laptop makes me happy.

  4. Your blog looks great-
    and you are the greatest.
    Thank you SO MUCH.


  5. I like your new format. I keep trying to get up the courage to do something with my plain jane site but I am not very computer savvy and am afraid I'll loose the whole thing. Maude is a cutie for sure. I told hubs a while ago I was ready for a laptop. I love how everyone can blog away where ever they be. Me I am back in my little corner. At least it is a lot prettier then before. I collected our first eggs today! Yeah! Three little blue green eggs. Giggled for about a hour.

  6. The new format is great! It pops up really quick for me too. Your little Maude is a doll. NooOOo, I canNOT have ducks now too! I had them many years ago... they are so fun, and I miss them. Congrats on your new laptop. No need to feel any guilt. Just enjoy!! -Tammy

  7. Oh...I'm liking your new format! You did good, girl! I need a new 'puter too cuz mine is not the fastest thing on 3 wheels..

    I am so glad that you are going to bed early tonight-you need some sleep I think...seeing that you stayed up most of last night.

    I am so glad to have found your blog, so glad to visit you here, so glad that you just write from the gut..or I guess that would be the lap~ I'll be back~ Diana

  8. that's a word I use! We ARE soul sistahs I tell ya!

    LOVE your new blog format...and love the color!

    I'm painting my kitchen cabinets.
    Talk about overwhelmed!! I've not started it yet, but I have all the stuff. And I'm already overwhelmed!

    I'm torn b/c I need to be getting a big 'ol garage sale done, but I'm afraid no one will come the first weekend of Oct. and all that work will have been done when I could be painting my cabinets.

    I might paint my center island blue. I might not. I like black and also red...but I love the dark Williamsburg bluegray and am so tempted to do something totally out of the ordinary.

    I probably won't have the nerve.

    Okay...we'll chat soon. Maybe you should come over and give me your opinion! Since ya have all this spare time an all! ;)

    Do you know of a place locally that sells Old Village Paint? The website say's nothing is within 25 miles! Ugh! I'd travel 50, but I don't know what direction to go! Ha!! I'm going to order the color chart.

  9. Format? Niiiiccee!! Big and beautiful! So, ARE you still awake and playing??? bet you are! Enjoy!!


  10. Please don't stop blogging, reading your blog always makes me smile,always inspires me to get into the garden or the kitchen or play with the chooks (chickens)

  11. I love everything about you, although I must admit I thought your blog always looked liked this...memory issues for sure over here!
    Loved seeing Maude in action! What a sweetie!!
    I've been canning chicken for 2 days, made applesauce yesterday and fresh pesto. I need to make pickles and pick beans and all of a sudden, what little corn I have, is all ripe!!!!

    Tonight we had corn on the cob, cucumber,onion, tomatoe and bean salad, all from the garden, fresh salmon that my hubby caught and pasta with fresh basil, tomato and goat cheese. Oh my! Was it ever good!!!
    I love eating everything from the garden at this time of year. I'm sure you're doing the same thing.
    Get some sleep tonight!!!!

  12. I really like the new format. Nice very nice. Laptops are the greatest. Dinner looks yummy.

    Off to bediby.

    Tomorrow will be a great day. I can feel it in my old bones.

  13. Lovin' the look! No need to change the banner - it looks great.

  14. Okay, every time you post something "DUCK" I just about go crazy! They're way too cute to be waving around in front of my face like that because it makes me want some!

  15. Site looks great! New pic n profile too? Sooo pretty! I DO love your current banner... Envious of your new laptop but happy you're getting lotsa postings done easily. I come here when my life's cattywompas to find a kindred spirit so hope you'll keep sharing duck tales (CUTE tail shakin too), recipes and furniture moves...

  16. I really like the new look, and I still like your banner. But I'm sure whatever you change it to, will be just as pretty. Any chance you'll share the recipe for that yummy looking dish with us?

  17. Hope you got a Mac. I saw another post about the wedding on blog rolls but when I clicked in got a page does not exist message.

    Your Friend,

  18. Thought I was the only one left who used the word Cattywumpus! Now I find that you and another reader use it! Way to make me feel less antique!

    As for new computers, well when you gotta upgrade don't hesitate! There is nothing more infuriating than waiting for-E-VER for your computer to do something. Isn't new technology grand? :)

    New site change, well, I haven't been around too long so I was still loving the old one, but this one is good too! Have to agree about the very pale blue lettering... I didn't even know I was missing it until someone else mentioned it (but then it might've helped if I had put on my glasses this morning!!!)

    Oh yes, RECIPE PLEASE!

    Counting the days and weeks~

  19. Would love the recipe for the pasta dish in the picture--I am going to try it as I love beans and sausage in pasta!!
    The duck video is just amazing. What kind of duck is it with that beautiful blue marking?
    Thanks for sharing-Amy at Verde Farm

  20. Law, Glenco's show sounds good! So much better than what we were watching last least some of us were watching.

    Also, I just clipped my nails out up on the back stoop! And Siley's, too. I never woulda thunk it newsworthy, but what do I know?

    ps- Likes the layout. Is this the one where the photos can be made larger? Was it scary to switch it all up? I'm scheming up some changes, too. Maybe you can talk me through it in one week and two days...

  21. Well, my grandma always said kittywompus (and kittycorner).

    I like the new blog layout, congrats on the new laptop... lucky you. My husband works in IT so we usually have a "rebuilt" computer. Is that like the cobblers kids thing?

    I just started playing around with Picnik and have been having a lot of fun with it.

    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

  22. I seriously like the new format! You deserve to sleep in AND have a new computer!

  23. Woot, new style, new format, new header??? coming? New woman! :-) NEW FOOD!! Did you or are you going to post the recipe for that awesome looking food???
    I still have yet to make the muffins. ...cause I have to get the cherries...sigh! Can't wait for those, and now that top pic looks like something my men would all just think I was the greatest if I made it!!!

    Have fun with the new TOY!!!!! :-)

  24. Very nice blog design choices... chic and graceful. Love the little duck! What a cute little girl. Congratulations on the new laptop! Enjoy. I've had one of those on my list for a long time.

  25. I love ALL things Pumpkin, so I love the new blog color !
    Makes me crave pumpkin muffins!..
    or Mac & Cheez ( recipe PLEEASE )
    Did you do all your blog design on PicNik ?
    What kind of computer did you get ? Has it got a cow on it ?
    Kiss that duck and make it rain here!

  26. I don't care what the blog looks like - just keep them coming. You are such a bright spot in my bloggy day.
    Thanks - from northEAST Indiana.

  27. Love the new design very elegant looking. A new laptop makes all the difference have fun with it.

  28. Dinner looks delish and Maude is ADORABLE!

  29. Believe me...he drives a "Much" nicer car than I do too...and he doesn't hesitate to let me know!!!1

    I've been doing some back reading, as I want to read all of your posts!!! I think I started following you sometime near the end of Jan this year, so I figure I only have 175 posts to go and then I'll know it all, and we'll truly be bossom buddies for life!!! What do you think?? Only answer if it's positive!!!

    I must comment on you hubby post. He is so cute and you did such a nice tribute!! I love the pics of my hubby as a little boy and just want to hug the dickens out of him!!!

    I must pace myself!

  30. Love it...the fall colors are great!
    I was having the same problem with Picnik a while back...kept blaming their site for bein' slow,turns out it was the old computer that finally died(sorry Picnik)
    Please give us the recipe,sounds yummy.

  31. Holy moley! What is that? Because it looks fabulous!

  32. I am just checking back in from being away from your old blog layout......I was having trouble with it and just quit glad I checked are a delight. Look forward to catching up. B.


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