Thursday, September 23, 2010

this is why I blog.....

The Dented Can in Wakarusa, Indiana

I'm sitting here watching the blinking cursor.  It's indicative in many ways of the way I'm feeling right now.  Feeling like life is an empty document - waiting to be filled with the words and paragraphs of my new life.

But that's not what tonight's blog is about.  Tonight's blog is about three of the most genuine, funny, talented, tough and tender hearted gals I've ever had the pleasure to keep company with.  It's going to be downright impossible to put my thoughts into any type of cohesive form - but we'll give it a go.

My pictures are all willy nilly and mixed up (much like my heart right now - but again - this isn't my whiny post about life's recent changes - you will have the pleasure of that drivel soon!)

Shannan of Flower Patch Farmgirl fame pulled into my driveway in early July of 2010 and pulled into my life and heart forever.  We'd been commenting back and forth on each other's blogs for about a year, and then started emailing, and the rest is history.  Going to her house felt like going home.  Visiting kinfolk.  She's just a seed spit away from me, and for this - I'm gladder than glad.  I'll be back there soon!  Cory is an absolute dream.  What a wonderful father.  It don't get no betta.  It was all I could do not to steal all of her children.  Calvin and Ruby entertained me to the moon and back.  Law have mercy - I could talk and sing with those kids forever.  Silas is even more beautiful in person than his photos let on. 
Her home is full of life and love.  She is who you think she is - and that my friends, is saying a lot.
Sign at the Flea Market in Springfield, Ohio

It was through Shannan's blog that I found sweet Jen of The Cottage Nest.  I won a giveaway on her blog with my first comment.  It was an instant connection between the two of us.  After meeting her in person, I know why.  She makes my teeth hurt - she's so sweet - and she's funny with a great wit about her.  I keep mentioning how beautiful she is too - it's the kind of beauty that is coming up from out of the well of her spirit.  Hearing her talk to her husband on the phone was so precious - you could just feel the love.
She's also a seed spit away, and we already have plans for an immediate visit.  I'll stroll The Village with her, and eat cupcakes and ride scooters.  We'll laugh and hug and share life stories.

Tag on Busy Bee Society Gifts
 It was through Jen that I found Teresa of Meadowbrook Farm fame.  I'm sure you had the same reaction to her blog as I did .  Her home is magazine worthy, her photography - life changing.  I didn't get to spend too much one on one time with her this trip - she stayed with Shannan and Jen since they are closer to one another and I'm a bit too far north to have made it work - but let me tell you this.  Teresa is the real McCoy.  There was such a clarity to her spirit.  I got the idea that she was a no nonsense kind of gal that could do anything she would set her mind on.  The kind of girl that would give good solid advice.  The kind of girl you could always count on.  She has some of the prettiest hair I ever did see, and I adored her clothes. Next time she's in the hood, she's stayin' here, up in the Squirrel.  I'm going to take her to the big city and to the National Lakeshore.  Can't. Wait.

Playing a prank on Teresa of Meadowbrook Farm
Over the past year - the four of us have become good friends via the Internet.  We've formed what we call the Busy Bee Society.  We chat back and forth, and support each other, and I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this group.  We are all in different stages of our lives, all so different, yet when blended together, we form a force to be reckoned with.
My Sweet Rubies
 If you would have told me when I started this blog - that I would be driving off one day to hang out with women I'd met up on the Internet - I wouldn't have believed you. 

Flower Patch Farmgirl Lane
 If you would have told me, when I posted that first post of my goofy Easter desserts that I felt the world needed to see - that my world would be changed by the kindness of strangers - leaving comments - supporting me - making me laugh - encouraging me - teaching me - I wouldn't have believed you.

Beautiful Jen of The Cottage Nest
If you would have told me that I'd be up in a hotel room making french toast, and sleeping at the Flower Patch Farmgirl's house - meeting a blogger from Montana - and loving every minute of it - I wouldn't have believed you.
My Dented Can Stash
 It's these beautiful recent turn of events that give me so much hope for the future.  So much hope for the things yet unknown, people yet unmet, places yet unvisited. 

Enjoy the rest of the photos - cause I'm just too filled up inside to type anymore.  To Shabby, Atresha and JenJen - thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart for making room in your hearts for me.  I feel a lifetime friendship evolving with ya'll.  May we all end up at the same nursing home foreva!

To all of you wonderful gals out there that I haven't met yet - thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments.  They mean the world to me.  You mean the world to me.  This is why I blog -

Flea Market Shopping

Fabulous Old House Detail

Bread to pretty to eat

No caption needed!

Gifts I made for the gals

A sight you rarely see....

Lunch at the Bakehouse in Tipp City, Ohio


  1. oh wow!! I only wish I could be part of your 'in' group too!!I'm glad you all formed such a bond, what a blessing!

  2. Oh dear beautiful Jayme,

    My grandmother always told us that everyone is a reflection of you, from your family to your friends.

    I can see that from all those beautiful women that are lucky enough to be your friends.

    I don't know them but I love them too just by how you describe them.

    Maybe one day I will be lucky enough that we all get together.

    Btw you look beautiful.

    Love always,

    I for one am so glad that you blog. I feel like I have known you forever.

  3. I'm so glad you blog too Jayme. You always make me smile, usually I'm laughing out loud. You gals are the best, everyone who reads your blog wishes they could meet you gals too. I just checked the map from my place to your state. Only twenty hours one way! Yikes.

  4. Friendships are so precious! I'm very glad you ladies have found each other. And I agree with anonymous that our friends are a reflection of ourselves. Thank you for taking the time to share yourself on your blog. You make my life richer.

  5. Glad you are having fun!! how is Aaron!!!! jan

  6. I'm glad you blog, and take chances on Internet friends and then take pictures so we can see what you did/bought! I love that you found these great ladies so that we can find these great ladies. Sometime today, I'm going backwards to that first post that you deemed blogworthy of the Easter desserts...have a great weekend sweetie!

  7. What a great way to start my morning--seeing your pictures, reading your stories. I could almost hear the laughter. And, any day you see pictures of girlfriends and one is wearing a sombrero, well that's just gonna have to be a good day. Thanks for inviting us into this. I think if we ever met, we'd most likely make headlines on the Drudge Report.

  8. I am soooo glad you blog Jayme. It makes my heart happy to see you on my reader thingy.

  9. I am so happy that we had this time together Jayme and I just can't wait for more! Before I met you I knew you were funny and a little crazy but what I didn't know is how truly precious and sweet and lovely you are. I'm cherishing the memory of our time together!

  10. How precious is this? Very sweet memories. I spied the Yoder popcorn...ahhh, Indiana memories.

    You all sound so happy, and I would love to meet them (and you...OF COURSE YOU!) some day.

    We are flying up to Indy in a few weeks to spend a flurry of just a few days to check out a job opportunity for my man. (Shhh---it's in the Connersville area, which I see isn't so close to you as I'd hoped. But it sure is closer than Florida.)

    Love ya gal!


  11. Jayme, how wonderful. You know I just started blogging about a month ago and I can NOT believe how connected I feel to some of my bloggy buddies. I told my husband that I wanted to go to Indiana and sleep in the squirrel. He knows me well enough to know I will :) LOL Thanks for sharing this inspiring story!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  12. What a wonderful, heart felt post! I am amazed by the women I have "met" through BlogLand! What a special place this has turned out to be. I do believe like attracts like, have sought out, and reached, your own level! You did good, did good! Hugs- Diana

  13. Looks like a great time! The Springfield Show is so much fun, we try to go twice a year. When you get time would you kindly give the recipe for the honey cookies you made the girls? Thanks Jayme, oh and by the way, love the squirrel on your dashboard!

  14. Okay, I think this one requires a numbered list....
    1. How in the world did we forget the artichoke spinach dip? Perhaps because we were busy eating a full meal approximately every three hours?
    2. I was also blessed by a visit to the famous Dented Can. A life changing event if there ever was one.
    3. I'm not sure "prank" appropriately describes the whole Sombrero Incident of 2010. I'm pretty sure the words "blatant lies" should be worked into the description somewhere.
    4. I was able to talk Ruby into singing the opera version of "Frog, frog" for me at least once a day.
    5. I can't wait to come visit you and see your sights.
    6. I've told you a million times how wonderful your honey cookies are, but I'm telling you again, just for good measure.
    7. I love my dishcloth.
    8. I love that we both wore Converse shoes and I also love that they were different colors.
    9. Does Blogger limit comment length? Because I'm only just getting started.
    10. I love ya, Jaymes. Thanks for having that bottomless heart.

  15. Oh Jayme-
    It is YOU!
    You bring it out in people.

    White Spray Paint

  16. You done good, Minnie Mart. You done real good. The Bakehouse is actually in Troy, but who's counting? Ruby was elated to see herself up on the Coop Keeper's blog. And I LOVE that I am forever immortalized pumping gas!

    We really lived it up, didn't we??

    Shoot dang, there was something else I wanted to say and it felt really important. I may be back....


  17. Oh yes! Here it is:

    I love that we both used "willy nilly" to describe ourselves. Fateful.

    And yes, that was really, REALLY important. :)

  18. I've so been looking forward to hearing all about you gals adventures. This has been a super treat getting to read all of my favorite blog gals gettin' all bloggy together! LOVE IT!
    Is that flea market everything I've ever imagined it would be...the perfect flea market that doesn't have prepackaged socks and a super cheap tool booth (sorry Hubby, I know you love it).

    God Bless Ya!!

  19. How wonderful! I feel blessed that YOU blog! Ya'll just look like lots of fun!!

  20. You really are the best person I know with the gift of making people feel special. I too love my dish cloths! It was so fun to see the four of you drive off into the sunset together, knowing you would create memories for a life time. I sure am glad you didn't set off the smoke alarm in the hotel room with the french toast! But then how funny would that have been??

  21. How much fun! I am envious. Glad you had such a wonderful time! Cooking in the hotel room, what a gal. Hubs and just took cheese, crackers and jerkey to snack on while playing cribbage. You are so smart we could have saved outselves from a not to great breakfast.

  22. Reading a lot of your blogs this evening. You really put your heart and soul into what you write. What a blessing you are..I love to read your blogs.
    Every so often I read Springfield, Ohio...I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. After I married I lived in Suffield, Ohio. Is this the Springfield, ohio that is near the old lakemore plaza? on Canton Road?.. If it is I have lots of memories of this corner of the world.. I live in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area now..

  23. I love to read your blog too. Sometimes I'm sitting here, late at night, in my little corner of my kitchen laughing all by myself. I loved (like most of my fellow bloggers I sure) reading of the adventures of you four blogging friends. It was also interesting to read about your adventure from each of your points of view.

    Keep it up!


  24. be lookin' skinny....:)

  25. I'm going to say it.
    I'm simply just going to put it all out there.
    I am very disapointed in you.
    You were at Tipp {15 minutes from my home} and you didn't even stop in, or invite to to the Tipp coffeehouse. I would have met you there. I would have done it! But it didn't happen.
    :) Let me know when you're in the area again! :)
    {I'm not TOO mad anymore} :)

  26. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  27. I was born and raised in Tipp City! Charming small town..hope you enjoyed your visit!...candice


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