Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look to the Bees

I spent part of my Labor Day weekend scrub brushing and power washing the garage.
Sadly, this made me incredibly happy.
Why is it when it's a gorgeous day outside, the first thing my mind goes to is "what a great day to work!"
My Aunt Gladys would be so proud of me. The cleanest woman that has ever lived.
She had a freezer in her garage just for garbage.
So it wouldn't smell by the time the garbage man came.
True story.
Whilst scrubbing this side of the garage, I decided to thin out my red daylilies and plant some all along here. Thought it would look so pretty against the white.
Then - I thought what a great place to line up my beehives.
I should have six by this time next year.
I can just picture the pretty hives all lined up with red daylilies among them.
Now, pay no attention to the fact that nearly a half a million bees would be a few steps away from you as you pulled in the driveway.
I personally don't see that as a problem.

The bees have me mesmerized, and scared fecal-less.
As I walk to what I call my 'BeeYard' which is nothing but a weedy patch with a few pumpkin vines growing and two hives, I repeat my mantra.
"It's just a slight burning sensation with some localized swelling"
"It's just a slight burning sensation with some localized swelling"

And then I give them a stern, yet loving admonishment that I'm there to help them.
I like to think that it's working.
Only two stings this year - so far.
Sadly it doesn't appear that I'll be harvesting any honey this year, unless I want to endanger the hive's starvation through the winter.
I just can't do that to the little things.
They've worked so hard for what they have.
It's my first year, I'm told not to be too surprised that there isn't any honey.
But, I must say - I am disappointed.
Do I have slacker bees?
Better than killer ones I suppose.
I thought alot about the bees while I was cleaning the garage and planning on how I would ask Glen if he minded several hundred thousand bees next to 'his' garage.
I like to think that I'm like a bee.
Busy - a bit ocd about the hive.
A good team worker.
Tireless in doing good.
It's things I try to be.

Oftentimes I scold myself for what I'm not.
I have friends that honest-to-Pete wanted to be nurses when they were young girls, and now, at nearly 60 years old - that is what they are, and have been since college.
I shake my head in wonderment.
Or friends that can decorate a room and leave it that way - like - forever.
I on the other hand still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.
See - it's the growing up part I guess I haven't gotten down yet.
I've never wanted to be the Queen Bee - I'm more than happy being a nurse bee, or a worker bee. I'm more than happy being a support to my friends and family. I'm more than happy to hopefully be a little sweetness in their lives.
I used to believe that God had a perfect plan for each of us, and I'm still not convinced that I don't believe it.
I always searched for mine.
Felt like I was missing it.
But I think I've been doing it all along.
Whether it's been homeschooling, or tending chickens, or working at Starbucks (a girl can dream) - I'm part of a colony of life - and I show up, and try to do my part, and laugh and love.
I can't think of a better vocation.


  1. You truly do richly add sweetness, love and laughter to our lives! I love your new pictures with "The Coop Keeper" down there in the corner. Wow. You are sure moving up in this techy age! :)

  2. Great way to start my day... Reading your blog. I'm envious if the bees. We want to start next year and have so much to learn. Love your pictures. Have a great day;)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  3. This may be my favorite post to date. I love your bee analogy. I love you, in all of your incarnations.

  4. Jayme,

    You were not alone this weekend. I started out with side porch windows -- vinegar and newspaper like Grammy taught me. It turned into a purchase of a commercial gas powered power-washer and Thomas and I scrubbing the exterior of the house. I feel like a walking, talking, typing (tapping) raisin. I'm still squishing.

    I can't look at the bee swarm photos. They 'bother' me like mannequins 'bother' you.

    Your Friend,

  5. I think you're on to something about vocations. I think we spend lots of our time trying to figure out our 'purpose' and give it a label that everyone can identify with, when really, our day-to-day contributions are what our friends and family would miss if we weren't here--not whatever label we might have defined ourselves with. Besides...wouldn't that be so limiting!!! :)


  6. Just keep doin' what you're doin' !!
    We search all of our lives for what we will become instead of just being who we already are.
    This is His plan for you, enjoy it!

  7. Wow! Were you a bee on the wall near our kitchen table last night as we discussed some of this with our newly graduated daughter? I think she needs to read this post! The older I get, the more I realize it's all good - whatever God has me doing that day - whether serving my family or teaching a ladies Bible study, if it's what HE wants me to do, then it's good. Somehow, I'm not sure I'm communicating that to her though.

    The beehive location thing is a challenge. I keep walking around the back of the property thinking "I'll put the hives here. No that's not good, better do it over there." And then I repeat the whole process. Perhaps I should get the empty hive out there and move it around so I can visualize it.

  8. LOVED this post, love you. You always make me smile, laugh and feel good.
    I am scared "spitless" of bees so you are my hero! One of the older ladies in my bible study says this and it makes me smile every time. Feel free to adopt it. I was thrilled at the opportunity to break it out!
    Keep up the good work my friend!!

  9. I think you're "spot on"!! With everything except putting the bees on the west side of the garage! How about behind the garage?

    Can I park on 153rd? I didn't think so! If you do put them on the side of the garage, I'll help you plant your flowers but I'll run when you move the bee's. Hey, maybe Glenco will put in a nice gravel circle drive in front of your house where I could park?

    I'm afraid of bee's. I will forgo eating honey b/c I'm so afraid. But I love planting flowers and I love you!

    And when I opened up your blog this morning the first thing I thought about is "what can we plant there?" True story!!

    I'm not starting my painting yet. I'm thinking I got the wrong color! UGH! Back to the drawing board!

    Great day to ya!

  10. Jayme, a delightful post. "Scared fecal-less" HeeHee!

  11. Power washing is on our list too. Time to do the garage and then apply an epoxy flooring.

    Tons of bees on the bushes in our front yard the past two weeks... WOW, are they busy, but have to keep the pup away.

    I like the new blog look. Great color and let me know if you need header help or anything else.


  12. I'm with ya on that! I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, and I'm 53.

  13. I personally think your life is one of the most fabulous and enriching life! Keep marching forward with a smile and be proud.

  14. You can come visit my hive anytime....dont' cha know. And if it makes you feel better, I still don't know what Iwant to be when I grow up. I don't think there's a ding dang thing wrong with that. Some folks are born knowing what they are, some of us wander the trails. Just different. No better, no worse. We learn from each other, and do best just being who we are. :)

    And you, my dear, are lovely. But if you move a bazillion bees next to the garage, I'll be parking next door and walking....

  15. Love you. Love this post. And like Popeye says, "I yam what's I yam!" And you is what you is. And I don't think anyone who knows you would have it any other way!

  16. beautiful post...i got trapped for many years wondering what my "purpose" was and trying to make it this big ol' complicated thing. A few years ago I felt like the Lord whispered to my heart "bloom where you're planted". I am to be faithful right here, right now where He has placed me on earth...that's is relieving and refreshing to me.

  17. I loved your post. Am thinking about raising bees this next summer--and chickens.

    We live on a farm (hasn't been worked in ummm..25 years) that is used for hay only. We have inheriated the farm now and I am just overwhelmed at the thought of farming.

    Your blog just seemed to pull on my head and heart.
    Maybe you can give me the push that I need...

  18. Funny, I was thinking about cleaning out the garage myself this morning, but I decided to read blogs instead. We're painting the house next week, so I thought I could move some plants around, but I decided to eat watermelon and read blogs instead.
    I think we're very much alike, with only a little difference...We both have big plans, but you get yours done, whereas I read blogs!!!!

    I don't think I've ever seen red daylilies! They will look so pretty by the garage. If you don't bother the bees, they won't bother you right?? Put them where they'll be happiest, unless Glen doesn't want them there! He's pretty good to you, don't be mean!!!!!

    Have a great week! Meet you at Starbucks???

  19. The bees and I do not mix. Not totally allergic but I have had some side effects. Got blood poisoning one summer after stepping on one walking around my brothers yard barefoot. Something I had always done my whole life and have not since that happened except once or twice. And when I do I think how awesome it feels and how much I miss it. I wonder if you need to worry about car exhaust around the bee hives? I'll meet you and Holly at Starbucks!

  20. LOL at Holly's comment. I feel like that very often when I read your blog!

    This was a terrific post, and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up either. I like your idea that we are what we are supposed to be right now. Thanks for the reminder.

  21. I think the showing up and doing your bit is the important part and you have that down pat!

  22. Great post, Jayme ...you paint such pictures with your words!

    You might check with your bee class instructor about the advisability of putting the hives that close to a garage. I know bees don't like to be disturbed and engines fall into that category for bees. Having been chased on a tractor by bees more than once (bees are faster than the tractor, trust me), I can vouch. I finally learned (by accident) that if you leave the tractor running (in neutral, of course) and RUN, the bees just hit the tractor until they have sufficiently vented their frustration and then they leave. But they don't like engines and if Glenco has power tools in that garage, they might not like Glenco!

    Just a thought...

  23. So, I just admitted to Flower Patch Farmgirl that part of the reason I read her blog is that your comments crack me up. So now I'm following you. Try not to be too creeped out. No idea what I'm going to be when I grow up either. Next year I turn 50 which means I officially get to be eccentric. Just thinking out loud here, but I think maybe you're a writer???!!!!

  24. Sometimes I think about this...when I was very young..(20 or so)..I worked Civil Service...there were ladies there that had been there 25 years..getting ready to retire...they would tell me "Just think Sheryl..you started so young..you will retire when you are 50 with 30 years of service..what a great retirement"!....I thought NO WAY...I can never do this for 30 years of my life...I lasted 7 years..never regretted a minute after I left!. Life is to live...not tolerate!..enjoy every minute

  25. Hey Jayme...

    Loved your post today. I get it...I have had some of those same thoughts myself. I am 60 and still wondering what I am going to finally BE when I grow up. lol...actually at this age I will probably slip into my 2nd childhood before I ever find out.

    My Uncle was a beekeeper on the farm next to ours. I don't have any real fear of them either and I am astounded by their industrious little lives and what they produce.

    I am also a lot like you in the work ethic. I love to work. I sometimes feel guilty for just spending time here in Blogland when I COULD be working. Working makes me feel purposeful and happy...but that's just me...and ain't that the bee's knees? Diana

  26. I am just starting my 5th career at age 58. I figure I have ended up where I am supposed to be. I think you have, too. Relax and enjoy the ride. Keep your eyes and heart open- you will find the right path. It seems a little soon after Aaron's decision to go to school for you to know exactly which way to turn. Take a deep breath and just let it come to you.

  27. Bees are great! They never scare me, because as long as you don't bother them, they sure won't bother you. I love the look of the bee bxes in the garden. My boss gave me one (just decorative) and the bees came and "robbed" all the old honey and wax, just like he said they would. He also just harvested his honey and gave me his old bees wax. It has been fun making little candles with the wax ~ I'm learning alot! Whatever you do is fantastic! I only wish I had more time to do what I want to do - maybe then I'll be grown up....

  28. I'm so happy that you are taking such good care of your bees! Poor little critters have so much to battle right now.
    Jayme, it takes all kinds to make this world go round. So glad you are true to you. :-)

  29. Hey Jayme-
    You are doing exactly what you were meant to do-
    and I am so glad because then we get to read about it!

    White Spray Paint

  30. Just found your lovely blog! I just had the opportunity to start hives on our farm, so I'll be glued to your posts! Thanks!


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