Monday, September 27, 2010

This Ain't Yo Momma's Mac and Cheese

Well, technically - it is.
It's from Betty Crocker.
Aren't you frustrated now?
I made you wait weeks for a flippin' Betty Crocker recipe!

Without further adieu - I shall put the recipe on the bottom of this post.
Don't even think about making it with anything other than Velveeta.
I've made so many fancy mac and cheese recipes - you know, the kind that cost you $20 in cheese alone?
I always come back to this - it's Mom's Mac and Cheese.
It's home.
It's me being 12 again.

In other Coop News:
A young chicken - one of Phyllis's spawn-  was found headless in the coop last night about 7pm.
A fox is suspected.
Stay tuned.

The Italian Polish Godfather Chicken is ailing and is up in my kitchen as I type, recuperating from a cold.
Yesterday I thought he was a goner - today, I have hope.
Thank the Lord for antibiotics!
I've read that these Polish birds aren't very hardy.

 Fake Accent Lady was spotted at a yard sale this past Thursday.
I began to speak to her, when I looked up and realized it was - her.
I made a quick exit before things got out of hand.
I'm finding out that a few of you thought she was a made up character. 
Au contrare - she be real!

A woman stopped by my house today wanting to buy pumpkins.
That's odd - I don't sell pumpkins!
Have I over decorated for fall!?
I don't think so.
It's just so odd - so odd!

I didn't get up til 4pm today.
Feeling quite under the weather.
Had my 'morning coffee' at 5pm.
Heading to bed as soon as I hit 'publish post'.
Thought I had the flu, but come to do some Googlin' about, it could just be allergies from the soybean harvesting going on around me.

Aaron and sis came by for a visit tonight.
He wants to spend the night once a week with me.
Thank you for all of your kind, heartfelt comments on the last post.
You guys made me cry all over again.
This kid - that is so the life of me - is going to be the death of me.

Before I start thinking about it, and bawling - here's the mac and cheese recipe.
I sure hope ya'll think it was worth the wait.
It tastes just like I remember dear old mom making it.

Macaroni and Cheese
1 cup dried elbow macaroni
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 T butter
1 T flour
Dash pepper
1 1/4 cup milk
6 oz Velveeta
Optional - bread crumbs, tomato slices, bacon crumbles

Cook macaroni according to package directions.  Drain well.  Set aside.

Cook onion in butter until tender, but not brown.  Stir in flour and pepper.  Add milk all at once.  Cook and stir until slightly thickened and bubbly.  Add cheese, stirring until melted.  Stir in cooked macaroni.

Transfer to a one quart casserole dish.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes, until bubbly.
Top with tomato, bacon and bread crumbs if desired.
Bake an additional 5 minutes.
Let stand for 10 minutes before serving.

Get a cozy blanket, a good book, or your favorite TV show.
Prepare your favorite chair.
Serve in your favorite bowl.
Sit in your favorite chair,with your favorite bowl, with your favorite show or book.


  1. Old Grandma Great used to put a few drops of iodine in her fowls water each day. When my chickens or turkeys get sick, I pull out the eye dropper and start giving them a daily dose of antibiotics for a few days.

  2. Oh great...Just one more reason to make mac and cheese. I so love it! Hope your feeling better soon. Blessings, Patty

  3. Yep, that is momma's recipe. Oh the memories. Nothing like it. She never added the onion, bacon or tomatoes, but this is the BEST, especially with the velveeta.

    This may sound gross, but my Mom always served it with salad and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing...we kids ate the mac and cheese with the ranch dressing. Don't knock it till you try it.

  4. Get well Girl! Drink tea, some chicken stock soup, and thanks so much for the recipe..woot! Know you miss your sidekick...must be hard. It truly is so very very hard to let go of the things we love most. But the tighter we hold the more they struggle to be free. When we let them fly, they keep coming back..voila...there he is...wanting to spend a night with you. RAH!!!! Saying a prayer for you to feel better. It IS allergy season again... Hugs Jayme.

  5. Oh my, fake accent lady! Ha Ha! And someone stooping by to purchase pumpkins....laughing over my oatmeal this mornin'. Have a blessed week, Jayme.

  6. oops, meant "stopping by"...but maybe she was stooping?

  7. Okay- I am still snorting over the Fake Accent Lady being real AND the Pumpkins For Sale....did you have any of those little HOBBY signs up (for fun) that say PUMPKINS FOR SALE? Or ..I have one that says PETER'S PUMPKIN PATCH. Lol- That is rich-really rich entertainment this morning. I hope your chicken gets better. Poor thing. I am sorry that you lost one of them. There is always the danger from predators when you have animals, isn't there?

    Smiling about your boy's picture..they do kill ya, one way or the other...we love them til it hurts. Our 8 year old had her first-I want to go home to see a friend last night-she has always fought to stay here overnight. She is growing up and it is a happy/sad experience.

    I am making that mac & cheese tonight. I have been looking for a an old-fashioned recipe for it and I'll bet this is it. I am tired of the $20.00 cheese ones that taste "refined". Hugs- Diana

  8. OMGosh- I went back to the Fake Accent Lady and watched that clip. WHAT a hoot! Did you film that at your place? Was she acting the same way at the garage sale? You could follow her around and do a whole blog about her!!! Hugs- Diana

  9. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Our allergies have been especially bad this year, like a cold making us feel terrible. And to think you are taking care of an ailing chicken too, do chickens get allergies? Aaron spending the night will be so good for you Jamye. It's special time to do what they like, go to the movies, camping or just hang out. The best part is they know you want to be a part of their life. I don't know why they want to come, I'm just glad they do!

  10. I forgot to mention the delish mac and cheese recipe...that would cure any malady known to mankind! Nothing as good as the "classics"

  11. Would that Fall decoration you speak of include an awesome new yellow chair? I think I need to see some pictures, little missy!
    p.s. Great minds think alike....have my own mac and cheese recipe sitting in the dashboard pipeline, just waiting for the right day.

  12. Yep! We have soybean madness here too and it is wreaking havoc on my allergies. Claritin isn't doing the trick and neither is Benadryl.

    P.S. You could buy my soul with some good macaroni and cheese. ;)

    Feel better!

  13. I did NOT behead that chicken! I don't want my name on the boss man's list!
    I love that you saw the fake accent lady..please post another performance imitating her. That was one of my fav Coop moments!Funny!
    Funny!! So, she wanted to buy pumpkins. I had people stop at my house once to eat a meal! They thought I had a country restaurant...WHAT!

  14. Mmmm...nothing says comfort like homemade mac n cheese! Feel better soon.

  15. Stay cozy and get to feeling better!!

    Somehow you giving a Polish Godfather Chicken antibiotics makes me having to give a cat thyroid medicine seem more normal.

    Mac and cheese on the list for supper one night this week. Thanks for sharing.

    Everyone take care at your house and get to feeling better!!!

  16. I have torn two Mac & Cheese recipes out in as many weeks. One calls for brocolli, which I bought. (Blasphemous??) Now this. I like this. Especially since one recipe called for "1 carton of creme fresch" or however the heck you spell it. Meijer don't be selling Creme Fresch.

    I'm sorry you're ailing. I keep telling Cory I have a cold and he keeps telling me it's allergies.

    And I'm with Benj - I need to see that chair!

  17. even though i do not really like cooking and My Guy does most 99% of the cooking...i think i will want to make this mac & cheese real real soon.

    no cozy tonight. san francisco ca is in the mid 80s. the sun has almost gone down so we will go out for a stroll. i am real for the coolness of fall.

  18. That macaroni?


    I might eschew the low-salt diet for this one... just a little cheatin'... it's good for the soul :)

    Loved your last post, btw, your love shines through!

    ps: rip headless chicken... sigh. i hate these murders :(

  19. Yum! Mac-n-cheese is the ultimate comfort food.

    So sorry about your chicken. Makes me sick thinking about it.

    Allergies have been plagueing us here lately too--ragweed pollen (Solidago). Hot steamy showers and Target's version of Claritin will do wonders. Take care.

  20. Born and raised on Velveeta.
    that made me giggle...a woman stopped to buy pumpkins from you...
    loves ya, Jayme, Cheryl

  21. Chickens get colds? Nobody told me about that when I got my little ladies... I'm so sorry to hear abou the headless chicken, I don't think I'd handle that any better than the chicken with a cold... hmmm maybe I'm not cut out for this farming life.

    I'll have to try the mac and cheese, only for my son and myself (and my daughter if she wasn't in Toronto). My husband is quite the mac and cheese snob... he only eats the kind in the "blue box", I've probably made more of that culinary delight in our 25 year marriage than people at the Kraft test kitchen. It's one of about 12 things that man wil eat.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  22. I love mac-n-cheese.And I love the picture of Aaron.


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