Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

I'm not getting such an early start today my friends.
It's up near 8am and I'm still un-coffeed and in my nightgown.
My housework is done, and I just finished my To Do List for the day.

It involves washing a lot of windows, and hopefully painting some.
Can you believe I had to put moisturizing on my list of things to do?
I'm losing a little weight, and my skin seems to be deflating.
It's painfully dry.
And wrinkly.
I also had to put 'get dressed' on my list.
Are you one of those fabulous women that just automatically get dressed in the morning?
I'm not.
I will seriously be in my nightgown and Life is Good hoodie all day unless I pass a mirror and realize I'm not dressed.
I will actually be out washing windows like this if I'm not careful.
Dressing, hair brushing - things like that just don't come natural to me anymore since I'm not out among the English much.
I'm slipping down a slippery slope into a world where I have to make notes to tell myself to dress and moisturize.
Good times.


  1. Had to laugh out loud when I read the "slippery slope" comment. You described me most mornings as I get up and try to get myself ready for the day, there are times that the robe doesn't come off until mid morning. :)


  2. Because I am a night shift nurse... and I work in scrubs (pretty much pajamas)... I have lost the energy and desire to wear jeans. I am a jammy bottom dweller... and yoga pants queen. I know this isn't normal... but getting dressed up just isn't fun anymore. Maybe I'm too comfortable with my life... but I'd rather... just be... comfortable!

    Live it up!

  3. Hey Jayme! Love your funny. Thought your house looked nice and clean the other day, but didn't have time to comment. Just wondering, do you have a post about your chicken coop? We are planning to get 2 hens for eggs, and I was searching photos of coops to show my husband. We have lots of land and trying to turn it into a small farm- just got 2 pot belly pigs this weekend. I'm rambling...
    I have to make notes for myself, too :)
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  4. ROTFLOLOLOLOL! I had to share that on my FB page!!!

  5. I think I was pretty much the same way when we lived in the country - but then - do you really NEED to get dressed in the country? The chickens don't care and on that rare occasion that the UPS man comes, you normally know to expect him.

    In the city it's quite different, though. I get up and get dressed - sometimes before coffee. But, yesterday I never got around to putting make up on. I was just cleaning house and scrubbing floors, so why bother.

  6. What in the name of me is going on in that video???!!! And should I be worried about my sanity if I laughed so hard my kids came running to see if I was breathing?

    Uh, I'm still in my jammies and may just throw on some sweats to go to the country fair this afternoon to eat some transfat on a stick. Is that a problem?

  7. Now I know what the "girls" are doing in the hen house all night! They're so chic!

    If it's any consolation, I have to force myself into a routine each morning so I'm dressed just in case someone drives up during the day! Thankfully we have enough windows on the front of the house that I can see if anyone is driving up the street and still have enough time to dash to the bedroom and throw on some work out clothes - gives the illusion you've been sweat'n it out on the treadmill! But seriously, I love getting up early and getting a lot done before everyone else is awake.

  8. I would live in my pj's if I could. But school and work do not allow that. Plus my kids and husband wouldn't want to be seen walking around with me LOL!

    Saturdays are a whole different ballgame though. I have to be going somewhere to get dressed on Saturday. There are times when it's 30 minutes til time to be somewhere and I suddenly realize that I have spent time getting the kids ready, but I haven't even showered. Perhaps I should add getting dressed to my to-do list?

  9. Mornin' Coop Keeper!

    I made your apple crisp. It went wickedly wrong... I failed. But, loved the recipe.

    I mentioned you on my blog (gave you credit for the recipe but not the cooking).


  10. If I didn't have to drive kids to school I'd be on that same slippery slope. I'll bet you look cute anyhoo!

  11. I think those chicks were in my Zumba class! Lots of water will help the dry skin problem.

  12. You are me. Me is you. I only get dressed when entirely necessary.

    Let's pull a fast one and show up to La Fiesta up in our jammies! (I have a feeling J & B are those "Get dressed" kinds of girls.... You know the kind....)

  13. Oh for the love of yoga pants and hoodies! I moved into 'town' last year and all of a sudden people could stop by unexpectedly, which I love, but, my girls never get put into a bra until I have to walk out the door.(sing- do your ears hang low song- only switch out the words) Pretty sure every Jehovah's Witness and Mormon for miles are scarred....

  14. Blogger is driving me nuts today. I'm having to type this again. Here goes: I have to remember not to walk out on the back deck naked. So there. I just started a little blog that may be more up your alley than CLH. It's
    See why I have to remember not to rush out naked? I have FAIRIES in my GARDEN. I wonder if they're dressed?

  15. I love you! I love wearing jammies while doing my work, well all day!!Be careful what chores you do in bad clothing... 2 years ago I decided to fix up my hair a bit but didn't get dressed while I washed windows...I had on awful turquoise sweatpant capris and a tee shirt... I decided to just stand on the desk chair for the final window. Moments later I was on the floor with a busted shoulder. When my husband got home(in the hay field) I made him change my pants before I would go to the ER. I wore my better jean capris there ,then I had to have the nurse unhook them and re-hook them before and after the stupid cat scan. Should have worn the hideous pants... better to have bad butt pants than a nurse dealing with belly chub!!

  16. I've been reading your blog for a while but haven't commented. Bad me! Yes, I can be in my jammies all day and would prefer to be. I seem to get worse in the winter when I wear my flannel pajamas...then I do everything in them.


  17. Techno Chicken? Oh, Jayme, I'm still laughing.

    I didn't moisturize today...because it wasn't on my list. There you go.

  18. Jamie,
    Pj's are my standard fare wear on the weekends. I'm lucky if by Saturday evening I am showered and dressed (my weekend starts on Friday). If, on a Friday, Sat. or Sun, I do decide to shower and dress it is never before noon or is it two o'clock. Anyway I kind of like going down that slippery slope and pushing the hygiene envelope to the point that I can't stand my own scent and am forced to shower. I probably sound like an odd one but sometimes I am just too busy or mostly too lazy to clean myself up on the weekends. If I do have to go out to walk the dog or run errand I go when it is just about dark out. Then who cares. I just throw on a pair of sweats and a hoody or a ball cap and off I go. Techno Chicken very entertaining.

  19. Nothing quite like driving the school carpool for your teenage son (who is mortified simply because you dare to BREATHE in public. In front of his friends), while wearing slippers and sweats/pjs, only to realize that you drank WAY too much coffee during the drive and need to go inside the building when you get there. And techno-chicken? I'm sure the parents of whoever made that are so very proud!

  20. oh my children and I have watched the video over and again and laughed so hard!!!

  21. That vid! What have those chickens been putting in yer eggs?

  22. I am NOT one of those women...just so you know.

  23. Jayme, I remember that video! And, what's up with all these ladies who never get dressed all day! Are they nuts???

    Hahahahaaaa... and I thought I was the only one!!!

    Glad I'm not! (not the only one)


  24. I certainly hope "make pj's" is on that list.

  25. Nothing better than days where you stay in your pajamas and don't brush your hair. I have those days too. I work the entire time but then look at the clock and realize it's 3:00 p.m. Good for you!!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  26. Well, at least YOU have a sense of humor before coffee! Me? Not so much. (at all)

    Sounds like you may need to up your water intake with the dry skin deflated thing.

    Kudos on the weightloss!


  27. Oh boy, you just wrote a description of me around here. I feed the sheep and chickens in my P.J.'s and the moisturizing thing, yeah!

    I can do all my cores, clean my house, and then I remember, oh my goodness, I am still in my pajamas. I would have laughed at ladies like me when I was younger. But now I am comfortable, and ready for a nap, anytime.

  28. That's it!!! I'm forgetting to put "Get dressed" and "Moisturize" on my TO DO LIST! I sometimes wear my pj's until lunchtime, please don't tell on me...oh yes, Techno Chicken made me want to get up and boogie!

  29. I haven't been in real clothes before 10:00 in a long time--and then only because I had somewhere to go where PJs were acceptable.
    I love Disco Chick.

  30. OooOOoooO your to-do list looks an awfully lot like mine...

    Then we wonder why our days are so dang busy and full.



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