Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleeping Like a Baby

Peace and order has been restored up in this house.
I'm happy to report that the baby bird has quit it's peepin'.

It reminded me a lot of growing up - sharing a bedroom with three sisters.
We'd be talking and giggling up a storm, and then out of nowhere my mother's silhouette would appear in the doorway.
"I don't want to hear another peep out of youns!"

I scoured NW Indiana for baby birds.
One feed store will have some in three weeks.

I brought the baby out in the cage and put it by the other chickens.
They were mighty interested.
In hurting it.
Phyllis the ever broody banty (who just happens to be NOT right now) clucked in a way that gave me hope.
After all - with a name like Phyllis - you'd think you could count on her.
I don't know anyone named Phyllis, but if I did, I would imagine them to be prompt to Bunco, bearing an appetizer to share - the kind of gal with an always tidy hairdo and a clean toilet.

Well, Phyllis the chicken let me down ya'll.

I found some information online that suggested putting a mirror and a feather duster in the cage.
Worked like a charm.
The minute the mirror went in - poof, that baby be done got all quiet.

Then I started checking to make sure it wasn't dead.
It was that quiet.

We both slept like babies last night.

In other news - Maude came home after being gone for two days with a shiner.
Her nest has been abandoned, and two eggs were broken, and other's moved about.
We aren't sure what happened, but we have put Maude in rehab.
She seems very repentant.  My heart aches for her.
I think the Italian Banty Mob knows something, but they aren't talkin'.

Thank you all for the great poison ivy advice.  The spot on my chin is the worst, my arms, belly and thigh isn't that bad.  Poison ivy is everywhere around here - I do believe it came in a load of mulch one year.  I pull it out with my bare hands and laugh at it.  Well - this time it got the last laugh.  I'm on the mend.  It wasn't bad.

A few of you had commented about me having a baby bird in my bra, and what about the poop?
Good question.
Lest you think I walk around with a poopy bra - I had to clear this up.  First of all - the danged bird was so traumatized that it wouldn't eat or drink.  I do believe it was just hours old when I snatched it.
However, I wrap it in a small, thin towel before I insert it betwixt me bosoms.  Otherwise, I would be freaking out.
And normally - I do not stay up all night holding a bird.  Usually when I have the baby
 birds up in the house, they are fine and content in their box, cause they have company.

In other other news - I'm leaving tomorrow morning on my great adventure,.
I don't mean to be all vague - but because my other friends have not yet shared on their blogs what's going on, I don't really want to let the cat out of the bag.
Not that there is a cat, or a bag, but I'ze just want to be polite.

I should be packing and getting ready to go - but here I sit, up on the internet.
I finally sewed my new pj pants today, but only have one slipper knitted up.  Gone be a long night.
I was hoping to respond to some of the newcomers here, and catch up on my emails - but ya'll don't want me only wearing one slipper do you?  I'll have to get to it when I come home.

If I weren't so busy trying to get out of town, I would have SO painted that birds toenails tonight.
And maybe fashioned a hat for it.


  1. Phyllis is the name of my mother- and you know her. Does she live up to the standards of the name?
    Have a great trip

  2. I have a cousin Phyllis who is NOTHING like the one you described! lol

    What do you mean you are going somewhere? Is that all right with us? Who will give us laughs whilst you are gone? Just sayin...

    Have fun! Hugs- Diana

  3. Love the mirror in the cage! Do you think it will work with my poor lonely Husker dog? He has recently been dissed by a certain standard sized poodle. She packed her bags and returned to her people. He is lost without her. Do you think he would feel less lonely with a mirror in his room? My luck he would realize he was looking at a male dog and attack the reflection. Glad you are having peep-free nights again :)

  4. Have a wonderful adventure, Jayme! I adore those pictures of your sweet li'l chick. Oh, please don't make me go back to the feed store for more babies. Too tempting! -Tammy

  5. Okay, so I get the mirror, but what's the feather duster do? Have a fun trip! I hope you get some hangin' in pajama bottoms time in.

  6. I may never eat another marshmallow peep again! Great photo.

  7. I laughed at the chicken , mirror and feather duster ... crazy what will work. I wonder if a Swiffer would soothe it as well.? Have fun with the blogger pals....this Nancy Drew knows who they are b/c I read them all. My fav bloggers fo' sure. I have a Beth Moore conference in Chicago Fri and Sat with some gal pals. I had to buy jammies b/c I couldn't make a glue gun work for that!
    BTW I know a Phyllis and she is dirty and can't cook! Hope she isn't a follower of your blog...oops!

  8. Jayme, have a great adventure! Hope you will still be blogging. The mirror was genius! Poopy bra comments made me laugh so hard :) LOL

  9. Your blog made my night. I would have never thought of the mirror.. I wonder if things like a mirror, or stuffed cat animal would work with kittens? Just a thought... I am soon to get a new baby kitten.. I may just get two. lol

  10. Your blog made my night. I would have never thought of the mirror.. I wonder if things like a mirror, or stuffed cat animal would work with kittens? Just a thought... I am soon to get a new baby kitten.. I may just get two. lol

  11. That is just precious. I love how it's looking at its reflection. Does it snuggle up to the stuffed chicken or the feather duster?

  12. Glad that the little chick is content now that it can see itself in the mirror. Also glad to hear that your poison isn't too awfully bad. Hope it all dries up before long.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  13. Woo hoo! So glad to hear the problem's solved! And how ingenious! I'm going to remember that... although I'm kind of hoping we don't have to resort to that for any reason!

    Have fun with Teresa and co.

  14. Have fun on your trip! Are you going to take the little chick with you? Wrapped in a towel, in your purse, in a little cage? ;-)

  15. You have got to be the most honest person I know! I am so glad your little chick likes their new "twin" companion, and she totally needs painted toenails and a hat. :) Blessings to you on your adventure. Love you girl!

  16. Well, have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures for all of us who don't have an exciting life! You know I live vicariously through your escapades! Glad the chick has settled down and I will store this feather duster information to use on hubby the next time he has a meltdown.

  17. So happy the baby chick is doing better. How clever with the feather duster + mirror. You go on and have yourself a good time on your secret trip now.

  18. Feather duster and mirrior...brilliant! Have fun wherever you are headed.

  19. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love chicks so I am your new follower from Ottawa, Canada. Enjoyed looking at some of your earlier posts . You really enjoy your life...nice to see. I am having a give-away if you are interested in kitty dishes. Deb =^..^=x5

  20. Is there anything cuter than that little chick? Oh my! So glad things are going well (love the mirror - ha!).

    Have great fun on your adventure.

  21. Those are just the cutest photos of that chick! Makes me want more peeps!

  22. I know that chicken :)

    Have fun on your trip with the other bloggers! I'm a wee bit jealous and all, but I'll get over it. Seems there's lots of Hoosier bloggers, so I say we have a hoe down sometime. Or something.

  23. Hope your adventure is all you have imagined and more. Have a terrific time. The chick pics and story are the beginnings of a book.

  24. The pic of the chick and mirror is just too cute for words. Hope you have a wonderful trip I am going on one myself with the hubs.

  25. Thank goodness you and the chick finally got some sleep. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  26. hello from a chicken keeper in north wales UK

    best wishes

  27. Sleeps with Chinkens, have fun on your trip!

  28. oops, that was suppose to be Sleeps with Chickens not Chinkens!

  29. Hey Jayme! I'm dreaming of Amish Sourdough french toast this morning! Best hotel breakfast ever!

  30. Yeah, I just got over a nasty round of poison ivy--but I have a secret weapon--it's called jewelweed or touch-me-not. It grows all over our property in Crown Point so maybe you have some near you--has a trumpet shaped little spotted orange flower on it and the stems look transparent. Just grab some and rub it all over the poison ivy--works like a charm!

  31. I am a new follower, a 48 tear old, and a farmer's wife just down the road aways from you! Love your blog and chicken escapades! Stop by for a visit to our farm, we are hopping right now! www.walkingtheoff-beatenpath.blogspot.com

  32. "Betwixt me bosoms."
    Oh my, Jayme, I just loves you to death!
    xo, Cheryl

  33. Oh my....laughing again...what a talent you have. My son loves the picture of the chick with the mirror and my daughter-in-law's mom put little baby animals in her bra...too, too funny!!!
    Thanks for the laugh...what a gift to have...the gift of making other laugh!!

  34. Hello! I'm Phyllis :) Now you know one.
    I carried a baby turkey recently in my shirt or was it a kitten? Both I think...

  35. just read that outloud to my daughter... and now she wants to hold a baby chicken...

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