Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Day in Pictures

I was going to title this blog post
"The Mother Lode of All Drivel"

Empty your bladders and refill your drink cups.
Take a visual journey with me, if you would.
'A Day in the Life of Das Coopinkeepa'

I woke up to rain.
Glorious, much needed rain.
I must say, it didn't help my pensive mood, but more fed it.
I'd planned to do yard work all day - so now what?
I realized today that for the first time in my adult life - I'm talking since I was 14 - that I've had a weekday day that was my own. No job, no babysitting, no parent-sitting, no home business, no homeschooling.
Just me. Doing whatever I wanted.
Within reason - of course!

Well, I just had my morning coffee as usual, did my morning chores.
Whilst I drank my coffee, I read this.
Not the whole thing, silly.

I put on some music that I hadn't listened to in a long time, and friends - we had some church up in here!

I slapped a few more rows on this dishcloth.
I'm obsessed with dishclothes.
I can't stop knitting them.
I cain't.
I won't.

I had several nice phone conversations today.
I don't avoid the phone as much lately.
Could be a good thing.

Read me emails.
Please know, that your comments come to my email, and I read them about five times before I delete them. I do indeed.
Love 'em.

Thanks to my morning coffee, which is four shots of espresso and a cup of milk, I had me some 'issues' in the bathroom. Seems I've up and gotten meself a bit lactose intolerant.
It's a crap shoot - (pun intended) some days my morning milk bothers me, somedays it doesn't.
I bought soymilk today.

Really? You want more? I'm just getting started.

I baked some cherry vanilla muffins for the little lady that I met, when I went to go see her house on Sunday - that I thought I was going to buy.
Oh my goodness gracious, it's a long story - suffice it to say, I love that lady, and she's my new best friend. I brought her muffins and eggs today and we chatted. She's ill, and so is her husband. Heartbreaking - but what a spirit of hope and faith about her.
I really wanted to take her picture, but I didn't want to have to explain the whole blog thang.

These are the muffins pre-drizzle.

Fo schnizzle.

I baked the boy child his favorite cookies.
Lemon Butter Snaps.

I wore my new 'Eat Pray Love' inspired flowy yoga looking top.

I even put makeup on, and chose a bright lip color.
I curled me eyelashes.

Whilst I was out shooting my pouty lips, the mob showed up.
Demanding treats.

See that hose?
It's the only reason my grass is green.
Watering things 24/7 here.

Oh you pitiful, comical thing you.
I always feel so bad when it rains, this bird looks dreadful.
I used to blow dry it, but it's not too fond of that anymore.
Can't you just see a gold chain around this bird's neck!?
Italian I tell you! Italian!

I gave them some of Roy Thurman's melon.
I used to eat two melons all by myself everyweek.
I used to think it was ok to binge on melons - I mean - it's melon.
Guess what? Overeating is overeating.
Don't make no never mind whatcha be overeatin'.
The birds got a lot of melon this week.

Here's Vinny - struttin' his stuff.

Of course, I had to give the big birds some too.

Another shot of the Sopranos.

I walked to the corner.
And back.
1.2 mile
A nice little 'get your blood pumping' walk.
Join me?

Here's the house next door - just in case you are interested in being my neighbor.
I hope you like muffins and eggs.
And crowing roosters and 4am.
And spontaneous bursts of song.
And bacon.
I always walk to, and touch the stop sign.
Getting close.
Every single time I walk, someone stops and asks me if I need help.
I usually reply 'not the kind that you can give me'
No, I really don't say that - I just say I'm out for exercise, and they mosey on.

There we go.
Some hillbilly shot the sign.
Seriously - hillbillies are so predictable.

You sure can feel September in the air.
One of my favorite months.
Summer is still clinging, but fall is callin'.

I always, and I mean always find random objects.
This is a children's Bible story book.
Ironic to me, that the story that changed the world lies here on the side of the road amid the rubble.
Ain't that just like Him?

A shoe.
Not an old grungy shoe.
But a nice shoe.
A business man, nice shoe.

I got the heebie jeebs but quick.
How does one lose ONE shoe on the road?
I'll tell you how.
I hope my chickens didn't have anything to do with the devilment that shoe represents.

I caught my kitty mid-meow when I got back.

Splash a little cold water on your face.
I'm hitching up the buggy and going to town.
It's still early! The day is just getting started.

Notice my fuel tank.

Notice how many miles I have until I'm parked on the road.

The conundrum at hand.
I want to go to Grace's house (little old lady I've befriended) and deliver cherry muffins.
She's four miles east.
Gas station is four miles west.
Everything in me wanted to turn east, but I played it safe and headed west for gas and groceries, and then to Grace's.
I know - I'm disappointed in myself too.
I bet I could have made it.

I do this ALL the time.
Despite the icy cold fountain drinks, delicious snacks and the smell of gasoline, I hate going to gas stations.
It's just inconvenient.

Now, the gas station is only four miles away - but look - it took 9 miles of my gas!

While the gas was pumping, it began to rain again.

Success! No need to visit a gas station again for 220 miles.

Next stop - the bank.
I was so hoping that Jake was working, cause he is a doll and a half and has a smile that could power the whole town of Lowell.

Grocery shopping next....

Do you see what I see?

Whilst grocery shopping, I felt a hunger pang, so I found something that sounded good.
Thick and creamy Key Lime Yogurt.
Obviously, I'd forgotten all about my lactose discomfort.

Spoonless, I tried in vain to suck out the thick creaminess.

Prettiness spotted on the way in the back door.

Did the bills.
I do the Ramsey envelope system.
Loves it.

Spent the afternoon with Glenco and the kitchen.
Made homemade mac and cheese.
Favorite food #2.
Why in the name of me don't I make this more often?
Butter lettuces with real buttermilk ranch dressing.
Folks, when you are really hungry, and you eat - slowly - purposely - food is divine.

I made Glenco a tuna stuffed tomato.
I only make these when the tomatoes are coming out of the garden.
I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but Glenny likes them.

Sista Cindy (Aaron's mom) stopped by to pick up a cupcake tin.
I gave her a casserole dish full of mac and cheese.

I went to Aaron's apartment and picked him up for Gymnastics.
I thought it would be a good time to visit with him, and bring him his cookies.
I haven't seen the child since - gulp - Tuesday!

We chatted endlessly.
He's loving school. Making so many new friends.
Being all popular and funny.

My new blog found friend Cheryl met us at Gymnastics and kept me company whilst Aaron did his thang.

I have some serious love for this lady.

I dropped the boy child off at 10pm. It's now 11:15pm and I'm heading to bed Fred.
I'm so looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. I loved reading your blog tonight !! Love Vinnie and The Sopranos !! lol Busy Day !!

  2. I love reading your posts!!! They are so real!!! Vinnie just cracked me up, yes, I can just see the gold chain around his neck!! :-)
    The rain was glorious this morning wasn't it!!! Much needed! The grass is till crunchy though...
    I live in Crown Point too, Winfield really... Handsome Hubby grew up in Lowell though. Nice to have a blogger friend in the neighborhood!!
    Love your blog!! Love your chickens even more! :-)
    take care dear,

  3. You are hilarious! I love reading your blog. Had to laugh at the pic of the roll of toilet paper. Our daughter is seriously lactose intolerant so I know it is not as funny as it seems.

    That chicken does need a gold chain, and now I am wondering about that shoe. (hopefully not an Italian job)

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Funny and entertaining! I can only hope my day today will be as peaceful as yours was yesterday... I'd take the country life over the crowded suburban life any day! :-)

  5. I'm glad Aaron is enjoying school, Jayme. I know deep down, you were hoping he'd spend a few days and come running back to the coop, right? But he probably won't and you know why? Because you have done a good job, an OUTSTANDING job of teaching him. Aside from reading, writing and 'rithmetic, you've taught him to THINK and EXPLORE and EMBRACE life. You're taught him to trust his instincts and himself. You've taught him to smile ...oh, that boy has such a smile! How could the kids and teachers at that school NOT love him too?

    Have a wonderful day, Jayme. Can't wait to hear about it later!

  6. Loved your day! Maybe we could move up there and be your new neighbor. Ha.


  7. Looks and sounds like you had a great day. If you don't count the 'crap shoot' start to it... I'd love to be your neighbor! Love bacon and eggs, chickens and roosters and spontaneous bursts of song sound really good to me! I'm so glad Aaron likes his new school and he's making lots of new friends. Doesn't make you miss him any less, but at least you know he's happy.

  8. Thanks for taking me on that walk, now bring me some dat food! I'm thinkin' maybe you'll have more travel time available... Pack that squirrel and come visit us crazy squirrels!

  9. Jayme, you so totally crack me up! You had a "weekday that was my own" and yet you spend it going, going, going! I can identify though. Thanks for sharing a day in the life of an Indiana wannabe farmgirl. :)

  10. Most excellent post... your muffins look dee-light-full... and even more wonderful that you made them for a special friend... LERVE THAT.

    You were the topic of convo at the Panera Bread blogger meeting in the central parts of the Hoosier state... one of my besties seems to be obsessed with some "squirrel" of yours.... hehe.

    Bee Lady said sweet things of you... maybe we shall all meet up one day... tra la la la la

  11. I want to move into the house next to you. I'll put up with the crowing roosters if you will put up with my four wild banchees.

    Loved reading about your day.

  12. Now I've got a hankerin for cherry vanilla muffins and I live no where near you! Any way I could persuade you to share the recipe....including the drizzle, ma'am.

  13. Sounds like a great day even with the crap shoot! Your mac and cheese looks so much better than mine. Recipe please!

  14. That looks strangely similar to a day in my life :) I'd say you handled "your day" very well Jayme. I love that you made your neighbor muffins. That is what the world needs more of! Muffins! It would solve the ills of the world I tell you. Oh, BTW, recipe???

  15. I'd love to move next door to you and be another farmgirl wannabe!
    Then maybe you would share the recipe for the cherry vanilla muffins and tell me what pattern you are using to knit your dishcloths.

  16. Jayme, You are just a gem. A kindred spirit of sorts...although we don't know each other all that well yet. We share the same sort of wacky-off-the-wall sort of humor - which can sometimes get me in trouble!

    Love your EYE-tallian chickens! Vinnie looks like he would be the woebegone one that would be asked to kill his friends. just sayin....

    I soooo enjoyed taking your daily walk with you-every step of the way! Thanks for the smile! Diana

  17. That sounds like a full, and I hope satisfying day. It will take some time to find your new groove but you sound like you are on your way.

  18. this post was the best start to my weekend....i feel all happy and hungry and stuff :)

  19. I was so delighted to check in with you and find your lengthy post complete with fun snapshots! You are a very productive lady, I must say. Makes me a bit guilty feeling... Lovin those Italian chickens.

  20. What a day... I too don't like to get gas, not sure why, it's not even out of my way since I get gas right by where I work.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair your cat is sitting on. Those old metal lawn chairs are my favorite. Obviously all of the ones in Washington rusted into nothing years ago because they're really hard to find.

    And I'm not sure what it is but the roads in the middle part of the US just don't look like the roads here... our country roads just don't look so picture worthy!


    PS can you share the recipe for those cookies?? they look amazing!

  21. Jayme, you are 100% pure delight. I just decided - I am going to buy that house next door. J/k, but it does look great to me :) Enjoyed this post about your day!! I have rooster videos just sitting on my hard drive to upload (and now we finally have speedy internet). Better get at it, huh? I ♥ Vinnie!! -Tammy

  22. You're funny. What it must be like to actually sit and have a conversation with you.
    Sucking out the yogurt! That cracked me up! ...and the shoe connected to the murder, too funny. That's something I would have thought of.
    The lemon snap cookies (which I have never heard of) look absolutely delicious!
    Thanks for continuing to make me laugh.

  23. Yes. Pee'd myself at the 'what in the name of me' bit.

    I'm moving my big butt next door to you come hell or high water.

    And the crowing rooster? Buddy (my love) better just watch his back....

  24. It's amazing how you stay so busy even after your original plans are rained out.

    And I'd love to be your neighbor! I love cookies and muffins and even use a fair amount of eggs. But, no bacon. I can't even stand the site of it and the smell really gets me. Maybe, I'd better just stay where I am and let someone else move down the street and do the overeating. You know, your neighbor is going to have a few opportunities to overeat!

  25. Love Love Love your blog.... makes me laugh everytime. Ahh I wish we were getting rain here in Northern California, I am longing for Fall, cool mornings and rain!!!! Wait we have the cool mornings, but then it gets up to 100 in the afternoon.... oh well only a week or two of this awful hot weather left. Hope you have a great Labor Day Week end.
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  26. Oh the rain yesterday was so wonderful and the storm last night, I loved watching the lightning out the windows. Your pic of your walk area is so nice I go down that road alot, the second mailbox in that pic is my brothers, yep he lives at the house called "Povery Acres". That shoe would give me the heebie jeebies also.

    So nice to see a fellow Lowell neighbor posting. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.

  27. Miss Jayme...please accept my lengthy apology (cuz it's a big one) for not keeping you abreast in my road, so sorry!!! What fun it would have been to have you along!!! No one wanted to go with me and I hate not being able to share my fun finds right away!!!

    Next time for sure!!!!

    Love reading your posts, so much that I bring the family around at times and read it to them!!!

    Glad Aaron's doing well in school. My son changed schools this year and it's a little unnerving! Not knowing the teachers, parents, friends. But I must admit, I do like having the house to myself all day... selfish I am!

    I'm so proud of you for the weight loss...I can't seem to work up the effort to work out!! And who wants to cut their grocery bill in half??? I'd rather cut out my husbands gym membership!!!!

    It's beautiful today, but rain's coming tomorrow, so I must mow, pick cucumbers, tidy the garden and make applesauce.

    I love your washcloths! I used to make them, but now I don't remember how...maybe someday. I'm itching to get back to quilting though. Just can't bring myself to do it during the summer, when I enjoy being outside.

    THis comment is almost as long as the post itself...sorry!!!

    Have a great day!

  28. I'd like to learn more about your pay system: Ramsey Envelope System! It looks SO organized! P.S. I love your handwriting!

  29. I spy....BACON!

    Hey...I wanna get money from that guy too! He's a cutie!
    Had the same dealio with the fuel meter yesterday. I started ringing out the steering wheel trying to get more gas out of it. Ummm...didn't work.

  30. This post completes me.

    I want a tuna stuffed tomater. (Why won't you eat one??)

    I want you to call Glenco "Glenny" more often. I likes it.

    I am happy to have finally met Aaron's mama.

    I want to hear more about Aaron's gymnastics. And so does Ruby.

    I want some o' yo cupcakes.

    I likes your new flowy top.

    I could go on and on...

    So I will.

    Your mac and cheese looks divine.

    I want you to come and cook for me - regularly. So does Calvin.

    I like your lipstick.

    I feel the same way about miscellaneous abandoned artifacts alongst the road.

    I hate getting gas with the same intensity as you.

    And I could go on...

    But I'm a reasonable person, so I won't.

  31. Jayme,
    HOwdy! I watched Vinnie about half dozen time. I think I need a rooster now. Even Dotty stayed a Dottie no rooster in the bunch. If I lived next door to you I would walk with you. I miss my walking partner in the city we walked a small almost empty mall often together. I miss it. The treadmill is just not the same. Hubs just told me the other day he would love some home made mac and cheese. I am a good cook but I seem not to find a good recipe for it. None of it ever tastes like my mother made but then again I may not really remember that taste exactly after all these years. Would you share your favorite mac and cheese recipe? The shoe thing is very spooky I think I would be looking over my shoulder. The only thing I have knitted so far is a dishcloth. I am working on my second, same pattern as the first. One year I think I crocheted about 40 of them in sets for Christmas presents that I included in with some canned goodies and homemade breads. I think that was my favorite gift giving year. So simple except for some late night finishing up some of the dishcloths. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  32. Busy day to say the least.

    I think all chickens are Italian. I can tell by their accents.


  33. Jayme~Thank you so much for sharing your day with me (us in blogland). I had lots of fun. Your days are always full of fun and interesting and busy stuff. Chicks and cat darling. Yard lovely. Oh my!!!!

    Have a fun weekend.

  34. I think we may be twins seperated at birth with a couple years between our deliveries !I love your blog and find it hilarious.I can totally relate to you. Loved the desk story,I could see myself in that situation ! Totally !

  35. Wow, you are a posting crazy woman! But first things first. Here's my gas getting secret.....I always try my very best to tank up when I have a boy with me. I think pumping gas is a boy job (bbq-ing falls in the same category). So, if I'm even close to needing petrol, and I have a fella with me, that's how I get out of that icky job.
    Love seeing a day in the life, Jaymes.

  36. That was the cutest rooster crow I have ever heard. May I come love him?

  37. hi i love your chickens been in the south 15 years want some chickens and blackberries and a very small garden. new to the computer learning how to work my i phone. something about your pictures made me feel relaxed thank you so very much


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