Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today Be the Day

T minus five hours til the root canal.
I've had two before, so I know what to expect.
I'm queasy thinking about it, but I really want to get back to my life.
I actually picked up the phone twice now to call the dentist and cancel.
Do they HAVE to use needles that resemble caulking guns?
Does it HAVE to make all those horrible sounds when they drill?
Does it HAVE to smell like something is burning?
Oh the humanity.

Despite the pain and nausea, I've accomplished a lot this week.
I've been in such a fog though, that I couldn't even think about blogging.
I began to worry that I'd never be able to blog again, like I'd lost my mojo.
I'm still a little worried about that. I hope it's just the drugs.

Saturday, in order to divert my attention to the pain, I deep cleaned the kitchen.
I actually got rid of about ten things myself!

Sunday, I cooked for what seemed to be all day. In between banging my head against the wall occasionally to alleviate pain, I made the Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Calzones, my no knead bread, a creamy and delicious Jello Mold and some chocolate cookies. I spent quite a bit of time cooking yesterday. I feel like I'm going away to have some serious surgery or something, making sure that there is plenty of food in the house, and everything is in order. I know that after the root canal today, I'll be useless.

The Cowboy Calzones were a hit with Glenco and Aaron. I never had one, since I've not really been able to chew. They were easy to make, and handy for Glen's lunches. My No Knead bread recipe remains my favorite. I even had a reader email me this week, showing me a picture of the bread she'd made. I made Ciabatta bread last week, it was this three day recipe of making a sponge, etc, etc....and I didn't like it near as well as this easy peasy recipe.

I've also been actually obsessed with my dollhouse.
I knitted on straight pins.
Read that again please.
It was incredibly hard, but once I started, I couldn't give up. I had to do it.

How cute is this?
It'll be staged in the dollhouse. I glued beads on the tops of the pins to make them look more like knitting needles.

Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen so far. I'm wanting the dollhouse to have a 1920-1940 feel to it. I want it to be kinda old and run down looking. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much time I've spent on eBay lately looking at dollhouse stoves, sinks and fridges.

I haven't finished all the trim work yet. It's so fun, I can't even begin to tell you.
I made the wainscoting out of popsicle sticks. To buy the dollhouse wainscoting would have been over $20 for this one room. I did it for $1.

I also inventoried my spices.
I order my spices from The Spice House
Been ordering from there for years. It's SO much cheaper than buying spices at the grocery store, and they are so much fresher and potent.
If I'm not mistaken, it's where Alton Brown gets all of his spices too.

The vanilla is out of this world. I think I might start using this as cologne.
I feel like a kitchen chemist when I use it, out of this cool bottle.

You can order the spices several ways. In the jar, filled, or you can order little jar refill packs, or just order it by the ounce or half cup.
My initial order was all in jars, and that way, I just order refills now.

For example, the Mediterranean Oregano that I ordered was enough to refill my jar two times, and it cost $2.09. It smells incredible, and seems so fresh, compared to McCormicks, or other spice brands.

The cinnamon.....oh just wait to you smell the cinnamon.

All the girls are fine, and quite productive right now.
Quiche anyone?

Speaking of saving money on spices, know that last trip I made to the grocery store? I spent about $122? That was two weeks ago today.

Guess what?

I haven't gone back other than for milk and a few fresh veggies and fruit.

Spent another $40.

So far for the last two weeks, I've spent $162.

Well friends, that's all I've got for right now.
Thanks for hanging in there with me this week.
I hope after today I'll be back to myself again, and blogging about something worthwhile, like Chicken Butts or Cleaning Schedules!

I seriously can feel your thoughts and prayers.
I'm not nearly as freaked out by the dentist today as usual.


  1. Oh Jayme, it will be over soon and you go treat yourself to something. Like something for the dollhouse. Those eggs looks so natural and good. Wish I had some of those sweet chickens!

  2. Ooh I have the same idea for my dollhouse too! I love that period. Take care on your root canal, they are no fun are they!

  3. OH my gosh I LOVE your dollhouse!!!! I want to be your friend please! :o) I also RIPPED through the book you suggested called "Made From Scratch" and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm getting hubby to look through it and we're going to start implementing a lot of the ideas that she has in there! We just got a bulldog/lab puppy and we can't WAIT to start teaching her to pack! Thank you for the amazing recommendation!

  4. Oh and I also LOVE the mini-knitting! You're amazing!

  5. You have really gotten lots done this week. The spices, cooking, cleaning, knitting (how do you do that?) and that darling doll house. I posted a water color that was on a greeting card I received. It is sweet and I thought of you when I posted it. Check it out.

    Good luck at the dentist. It will be so nice when it is behind you!

  6. Okay Lady.....YOU ROCK!!! What's all this??? You are some kind of WonderWoman in my estimate. I want to see a pic of your wrists. Are you wearing those golden bands???
    Geez Louize...How do you do it???
    And knitting something that minutely small???? For heaven's you wear bifocals yet???? You are one amazing woman and even in PAIN! I think I'll go sit in a corner and dream of being the Chicken Whisperer... Could you maybe start a TV show like Caesar the Dog Whisperer so I can get my daily fix of all your doings live??? (sort of live)
    Seriously, you take care, and slow down, yeah, I know..YOU WILL once all this is done today. But we will be praying and are in your corner rooting for you...(oh my goodness did I say that??) No, I haven't been drinkin any vanilla extract!! Just sayin' We're with you in spirit and BE BRAVE WOMAN!!

  7. You are one talented gal! Love the dollhouse, and all the special touches thus far (knitting with pins?!). I will check out the spices - thanks for the tip.

    Treat yourself to some R&R after your appointment, such as some quality time with those calming chickens. Just as good as yoga in my book :) -Tammy

  8. All of your toothache pain is WAY worse than the root canal ... trust me. The end of this escapade is sight. Repeat after me: Novacaine is your friend.

    I went through my dollhouse phase years ago. It's wonderfully addictive to have such huge accomplishments on such a small scale. I've thought about doing it again, but I'm too engrossed in remodeling and renovating this old house of ours in full scale to spend the energy working on a small scale house again. Your mini kitchen rocks!!

  9. Lord, I'd like to say a little prayer for Jayme this morning as she faces her root canal. She's dear to so many of us and we pray she has no pain, a quick recovery and in no time will be up and blogging. That last part was a little selfish on my part...I need chicken pictures daily or I begin to feel a little weak! Thank you, Lord.

  10. Jayme, I am lovin' that doll house, big time! You know, it's something I wanted to do as a kid...thanks for reminding me that just because I'm old-er doesn't mean I still can't do it. The knitting work is very sweet too.

    You've been busy this week girl! I see you have your camera back?

    Good luck today, I'll be thinkin' about ya!


  11. Jayme...time is drawing nearer for that dental appointment at 3:00...just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm praying for you.

    I do have one question for you, though...may I move into your dollhouse? Seriously! It is gorgeous...and to think you did it while you were in such pain! Me oh my!

    Take care.

  12. Sending special prayers for you on your root canal, sorry you have to go through it, what a terrible way to lose weight:(


  13. I hope your mouth is feeling better soon! What a great doll house...wish I had room for one. Love your sense of sure made me laugh. Now that I've found your're in my favorites so I can check on you daily. Hang in will all be over soon..if it isn't already. Take care.

  14. Thanks for telling us about those spices. I'm going to place an order, pronto. Your miniature knitting needles are precious, great close up photo...I think I can read your palm. I see a great many things for your in the future! ;)

  15. Well now you've gone and lost your mind, knitting on straight pins. If that doesn't beat all.

    That kitchen looks so fab - I kinda want to move in!

    Praying for you. Just remember - Hum a happy tune. Maybe Toby Mac? Just a thought...

  16. Cute little house! Sounds like you've had fun thinking about creating accessories for it! Wondering where the spices are from that you ordered - I'm looking for American Grown to help protect jobs here in the States.. Granted, some spices we just can't produce here in the USA because of climate, but many we ARE able to, but stores cut costs by shipping in from overseas.

  17. Good luck on the root canal!!! Just take your pain meds,before they wear off and in a few days you will be god as new! Love your spic tip! I make my own vanilla with vanilla beans and is super good and I give it as gifts to my baing friends!!! ( guess you ill be on my list next year, you can compare and let me know which is best!)

  18. Oh, Jayme, good luck at the dentist. I have a real fear of needles too and can sympathize. One time, my husband (then boyfriend in high school) had been put under general anesthetsia (I don't know if I spelled that right) to have his wisdom teeth pulled. When they let me see him and he was starting to come out of the drugs, I turned white as a sheet and the nurse had to put me upside down in the dentist chair and take my blood pressure because I FREAKED OUT! Same thing happened when I saw my dad come out of open heart surgery and was on a breathing machine. The nurses sat me down, took my blood pressure and gave me orange juice. I'm a total chicken. I feel for ya Jayme.

  19. You truly have accomplished a ton this past week, all with your pain and on meds. wowie.
    Love the dollhouse. When I was just out of high school, I bought a doll house shell and decorated it myself to give to a sweet little girl...but mine was NO WAY as cool as yours. Amazing! I thought I was looking at a REAL kitchen.

    Thanks also for the spice information...wish I had had that earlier. But good stuff for future purchases.

    Jayme hasn't lost her MOJO...she's still quite amusing, amazing and inspiring as usual!

    Your root canal won't be too someone who's had plenty of em.

    You rock girl.

  20. *Think think think* (that's me thinking happy root canal recovery thoughts for you dear.

    I seriously thought the dollhouse kitchen was YOUR kitchen...and I'm saying to myself, "Good grief Cindy, how did you miss that she was redoing her kitchen????" Doy.

    Ok well then. Hope you are drugged up to your eyelashes by the time you read this, and in blissful, painfree territory.....

    Save me a cookie.

  21. Oh, I hate root canals, too. Hope you're feeling better. Brenda from Cozy Little House sent me over because of your dollhouse. I'm working on one, too. I found it on Craigs List. I also have spent an extraordinary amount of time on ebay looking at miniatures. It's addictive isn't it?


  22. You'll b fine, I'm praying for you too. Think calm beachy or ocean thoughts. Let me know if your not up to tomorrow. It will b fine, love you tons. Hugs and kisses, Ra

  23. Jayme I wish you the best today! Hope your recovery is swift and painless!
    The dollhouse is incredible, it is so cute.. I like the little knitting needles you made. Several years ago I made something similar, just with toothpicks. Try knitting with those...
    Thanks for posting the spice link, I'll have to check them out. So far I ordered from Penzeys spices, but it never hurts to have a look around...

  24. I have been thinking of you all week, knowing today was THE day. Praying all goes well and you will be feeling just like your old self in no time flat!

  25. I just stumbled across your blog so I have a lot of catching up to do. I live in Indiana, too, just northeast of Indianapolis, near Pendleton. I love dollhouses and look forward to reading more about yours.

  26. Prayer from me too. Inidently, the only root canals that have ever hurt me are the ones done by regular dentists. Going to a specialist made all the diff.

    I'm due for a tooth SURGERY next week. THIS one I am non too keen about! Ok, let that be freaked out. I want to go run and hide and never come out.

    I get it. Say a few for me too, ok?


  27. You have been crazy busy considering that you have had a toothache. Wow! I hope all went well today at the dentist. Thanks for the info on the Spice House, I'm headed over to check them out right now.

  28. You are amazing! If I'm in pain, I use it as an excuse to be pathetic and lay on the couch with a blanket.
    The doll house is adorable and the kitchen is coming together very thirties/forties, just like you wanted. So cute.
    Can't wait till you're back on your game!

  29. I hope everything went well today. I expect you are back home by now with your feet up knitting with tiny, tiny knitting needles! To cute. I don't knit. Maybe one day my oldest will teach me. Your dollhouse is great! I have one my dad built for me as a Christmas gift many, many years ago. I did some decorative painting and added shingles to the roof a few years ago but I have not done anything to the inside yet. You have inspired me to think about dragging it down to my work room. If you visit my site when you feel like it I posted about the chickens I am planning on getting this spring. I have been participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday and this week is C. Well of course C is for chickens. Now that you have shown your dollhouse I might just have to use that for D. I have been mulling D over and over and had not quite decided. Your my muse today.

  30. You are too cute with the tiny doll house knitting!! :) Hope your dentist visit goes well...sending hugs your way! :)

  31. How on earth can you knit with pins? I can't with actual knitting needles. I do love the dollhouse.
    I predict all will go well after the root canal. For somereason after I've had a toothache it's like a big huge relief not to have pain after a rootcanal.

  32. The Spice House...another joint I frequent when I'm on the West side! Along with The Olive Mill...ya ever been there? I'm tellin' ya girl...when you get your dental work done and I get my Daddy settled in the Health Care Campus, WE are going to the othah' side of town for some fun! :)
    (you gotta taste their balsamic!! Ta die for!)

  33. I am SO glad that Julie shared your site with me today on my blog. What a treat! And your dollhouse is going to be absolutely precious... I can't wait to be inspired by you!

    I'm adding your wonderful blog to my Blog Candy page now.



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