Monday, February 8, 2010

Did Ya Miss Me?

I'm still here!

As you all know by now....

The Colt's lost.
Fifi is a Saint's fan. Can you believe it?
Must be that French thing she's got going on.
She actually had money on the game.

The girls had a little Superbowl party last night.
Helen wanted both teams to win.
I had to explain to her that football didn't work that way.

They REALLY got a kick out of the Denny's commercials. You should have heard them cackling. Scarlett seemed a little concerned and pulled me to the side, saying...'this doesn't apply to US does it?'

So I haven't blogged in three days.
Why does that seem like an eternity for some reason!?
My reason for not blogging:

I'm tired.
I'm obsessed with miniatures.

Let's talk about the miniatures first, shall we?
Refill your coffee cups, or go get another Diet Coke girls, this could be a long post.

Here's a back view of the dollhouse. Please notice where this beast is sitting.
On my coffee table.

I like to work on it whilst I watch TV. I'm rather embarrassed to say that I'm excited about TV this week. It's a good excuse to work on the dollhouse, PLUS, the Bachelor comes on tonight, and it's the hometown visits.....AND Ellen is finally on Idol tomorrow night. This is big time entertainment in my household. I've also discovered a show called "American Pickers". I'm in love. Two guys traipse the country looking for old dilapidated barns and find cool old stuff.

The livingoom floors and walls are done. I'm not sure what I'm doing with the ceiling yet.
I found some long thin popsicle sticks at Hobby Lobby, cut them into thirds and glued them stick by stick on the floor in a random pattern, and then stained it. Cost $2. I think it looks pretty stinking good.
See that little doorknob? I can't stand it.
I bought that little pie safe for the kitchen, thinking I'd paint it and antique it up, but there isn't going to be room in the kitchen.

I've started working on one of the bedrooms. I love this wallpaper. It's blue. I have NOTHING blue in my 'real' house, so I'm really loving it in the dollhouse. I don't know why I'm doing wainscoting in the bedroom. I love it, but it feels wrong to me. Oh well, it's stuck on there now!

I'm making a wire bed to look just like my bed. You can see the design I drew out on the paper. Scaled perfectly 1:12.

I've decided to eliminate the staircases in the house. They will just take up too much room, I think. I might regret this decision.

Now the tired part.

Do you ever get tired? So tired that you just don't realize that you are tired, and you try and try to keep going, but you can't and then you get mad that you can't and you get cranky, and you type big long run on sentences trying to describe how you feel, but you just can't quite describe it?

That was me on Friday and Saturday.
At first I thought it was Vicodin withdrawals. I really enjoyed the Vicodin. Nothing hurt. At my age, something is always hurting.
I imagined being addicted to Vicodin, washing them down with Mountain Dews and Twinkies, smoking King Size Kool cigarettes and living in the 'Appalacha' Mountains.
Ya, I was that tired.

I would come to the computer to blog and I would just hear crickets.
I had nothin'.

Friday, after school, I took a three hour nap and read this:

It might have been a mistake.
I'm so intrigued by the local food movement.
Being an all or nothing personality, of course now I want to do it, 100%.
Shall I never eat an orange again?
With knowledge comes responsibility.
Did I want to know that the chicken I buy at the store is raised that way?
Did I want to feel guilty about the fossil fuel used to bring me my fresh greens in February?
Do I spend the $6 a gallon on local milk?

How good is good enough?
Is it good enough that I raise all the food I can and preserve it?
Is it good enough that I bring my own bags to the store?
Is it good enough that I support the farmers markets?
Is it good enough that I've managed to consolidate trips to town to the bare minimum?
Is it good enough that we eat in 95% of the time?
Is it good enough?
I get mentally exhausted thinking about it.

Saturday, I made a brave attempt to conquer things, and scrubbed floors on my hands and knees, attempted to warp my loom, worked on the dollhouse, and tried to think about redecorating some in the real house.

Glenco looked at me, with a big fat cold sore on my lip, and said:
'Your run down, you need to rest'.
I kept pushing and pushing, til about 2pm, I started thinking something was wrong with me.

I started navel gazing.
Am I depressed? No, I don't think so...I haven't lost any interest in my hobbies...that would be a sure sign.
Why do I feel this way?
Did the infection in my tooth spread to my body?
Am I gonna DIE!?

Glenco looked at me again, and said:

"You need a cheeseburger and a nap, you never stop Jayme"


By 4pm, I'm googling symptoms of how I feel.
My mind just never stops ding dang it.
Have I possibly gone mad?
That's it.
I'm 'mad'. In the worst sense.
I've not slept well.
I lie in bed wondering why bacon isn't on the 'Superfoods' list, and try to remember all the names of the girls on the Bachelor, and plan my veggie garden, etc., etc. I re-join and quit Weight Watchers fourteen times mentally, and write the most wonderful blog posts you ever read.
I toss, I turn.
I'm gonna 'snap out of it' tomorrow, I promise myself.

Sunday breaks dawn, fresh and anew.

We drove to Lafayette, Indiana and I met the most wonderful gal.
Well, I'd 'met' her before here, in blogland, but I got to meet her 'for real'.
She has a blog here.

Isn't she just lovely?

Her home was as lovely as she was.

She's a gal after my own heart. Check out her menus!

She has quite a vintage tin collection (Jen, I thought of you immediately!)
Look how she has these Valentine tins displayed...

We had a nice, easy visit. She and her husband are an absolute delight.
I fear I talked her head off.
I do that when I'm a little nervous.

After we left Leslie's house, we went to an old diner, that had been featured on Guy Fieri's
"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'.
It's called Triple XXX in Lafayette, Indiana.
Get your mind out of the gutter! That was the name of the rootbeer they serve.

Taking Glenco's advice, I had a big fat cheeseburger.

We got home just in time for the Superbowl coin toss.

Seems that Glenco was right.
I just needed some rest and a cheeseburger.
I hate it when he's right.

I've got my mojo back girls!
I have lots of fun Valentine goodies to share with you this week.
Start saving your cans.
The 28oz cans are the best......


  1. I've been taking Vicodin since my knee surgery a month ago, and HATE the thought of going without!
    Sounds like you needed just what the "doctor" ordered!

  2. Jayme,
    Love the pictures. I used to have a doll house too * built it from a kit and had it full of miniatures.. I had to sell it when I moved to england. I should do another one..maybe someday.. It is great to meet blooger friends isnt it?
    Have a good time with your miniatures.

  3. Jayme you seriously crack me up! I have lost my mojo lots of times. I hear ya about the aches and pains and chin hairs, why in the world do we get chin hairs now??? Sorry about the Colts, I was pulling for them. I'm glad you had a cheeseburger. Every now and then you just have to have a good ole cheeseburger.

    Oh and it's Gia, Vienna, Ali and Tenley:)


  4. I am so glad you got that cheese burger and rest. I would have missed your blog!

    Doll house=what fun
    Chickens=the best

    Have a great day.

  5. Fifi is absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful coloring. You make me laugh. Love the work your doing with your doll-house. Glad your back.

  6. just had practically major surgery after the infection of your seriously think that just popping out a tooth after fighting an infection is something to bounce back from? All that takes a toll on you body, and Glenco is and protein are a major boon to recovery!
    Jaimie in IL

  7. To answer your question...YES, I MISSED YOU...BUNCHES!

    Loved the doll house! What a wonderful camera you have because looking at those pictures I always think at first that it is YOUR house...not a doll house. Isn't it amazing what a person can do with popsicle sticks? And all this time I thought they were only for holding sugary treats for me to eat. ;)

    Glad the chickens enjoyed the Super Bowl! TOO cute!

    I'm glad that Glen took you out for the day yesterday. It seems to be what you needed. Why is it we hate it when our husbands are right about such things? lol

    Take care of yourself.

  8. I was just going to email you to see where you are and if you were alright. Guess i needed not to haven't lost your mojo...or anything woman! Awesome post.
    Wish I could hook up with some blogger friends and get inspired.
    Your doll house is adorable.
    You do more than your share to help the environment and by the way you eat and grow your own food.
    Your home is clean, and you are very you bring smiles to us all that read your blog.
    You are amazing. **is this idol worshipping? lol**

    Glad you are back...we sure missed you.

    Oh and Guy F. visited a diner in Goshen and aired that once. I believe it is Southside Soda Shop on Main St. Some day maybe you and I can visit it together.


  9. Jayme! Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back (sang to the theme music of Welcome Back Carter -- Only this is Welcome Back Clucker) ...

    So glad you are feeling better, although clearly overwhelmed. Your husband was right, you need to rest - rest your mind and body. I'm happy you bit the bullet (I mean cheeseburger) and enjoyed some down time visiting a blogging bud.

    I live by the kiss method -- keep it simple, stupid. I don't over think things anymore. Because if you really keep thinking all of this through, none of it makes sense. Should you eat healthy? Yes. Do you need to go to the extremes that these books advocate because it's healthy for you and the environment? Poppycock. If that is so, why are these health police publishing books in printing factories that use energy and pollute air on paper made from trees delivered to bookstores in trucks that use fuel to sell in shops that use power...You get where I am going with this? Don't ever forget all these movements are just big marches that keep going around in circles. And people that write these books, etc are just capitalists in jeans and tee shirts. Do what you want to do. You only live once. But don't deny yourself pleasure and stress yourself out or feel guilty because you don't live the way others dictate you should.
    I love your doll house! You are one of the most creative souls I know.
    Lastly, I thought of you during the game last night when I saw the Dennys commercials!

    - Deborah

  10. So glad you got your groove back Jayme. I missed you. The dollhouse is adorable!

  11. You are an absolute delight,I am following you, and I'll stop in often to see what you are up to.
    Love your style of writing..
    Love the pix...
    Love the blog.
    glenda@serendipity cottage

  12. He he. I would have given you the same advice... Whenever I'm tired and feel like crap I head over to BK or some other place for a big plate o'junk food, then sleep it off. Sometimes add a hot bubble bath to help the sleep. Oh and fresh bed sheets with lavender. Works like a charm!

    Glad you're back and weaned off the Vicoden! Love your girls... Do you get green or blue eggs from your EE's?

  13. Oh Poppycock! We all need a little cheeseburger now and then. Glad you had a nice visit in Lafayette

  14. Sitting here sippin' on a Root Beer float. A&W sells them all bottled up nicely at our grocery store... I fear I have a new addiction coming on. Just waiting for someone to bring me a juicy cheeseburger to go with.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  15. Jayme, my dear, this post is what blogging is all about. Is there someone to call to nominate you for the hall of fame? Is there a hall of fame? If not, there should be.

    Turning cyber friends into real live, flesh and blood friends is the BEST. We hang out together in blogland because we have similar interests, and we'd probably all get along famously if we were in the same place at the same time.

    Cheeseburgers can cure anything ... really ... the big ones are especially powerful.

    Yes, we missed you. Welcome back.

  16. Jayme, Jayme, Jayme girl..You got my head spinnin' with all this NEWS! boys howdy do you got your mojo back. whew. What fun you are having....and dealing with drugs at the same time. mmm.mmm.mmm....
    You are the Chicken Whisperer. You are the Dollhouse Extreme Makeover Guru. You are the Do it or Die mindset of a Marine...girl...even with a coldsore to boot. I'm so glad you have your Glenco to keep your feet on the ground sometime.
    And that cheeseburger looks to die for. I want some. Yummm. So did you have some of that XXX rootbeer? I did wonder what kind of establishment you were eatin' at for just a second there. Glad you met a fellow blogger and I did love the photos you took at her home. Pretty!!! So I'm waitin to see all these Valentine goodies and ideas! Okay? She's BAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKK! yippee!

  17. Jayme, glad you're back! We all need a rest and a cheeseburger once in a while. I'm loving your dollhouse and I'm going to post about mine on my blog, you've got me all inspired again.
    Thanks and glad you're feeling better.

  18. 28oz cans, I'm intrigued. Glad to see you are back on track. I think the chickens were a bit worried there, for a while ;)

  19. Welcome back Jayme! Glad you're rested. Sometimes a cheeseburger is all it takes. And the dollhouse is looking good. You've been a busy girl!

  20. Gosh, I'm tired just reading about all you are doing...give yourelf a break girl...take it easy for a while...

  21. So happy the cheeseburger worked and helped you to feel better.

    One day at a time, my friend.

  22. Oh, let's not talk about that game!

    I'm glad you're back girl! I need a good dose of Jayme to feel right. So nice you got to meet your friend in person and those tins...

    So was that burger your revenge for the cookie pictures? Cuz now my tummy thinks I'm hungry even though my brain knows better. Stay warm.

  23. Jayme,
    You were in my old stomping grounds! My mother lives in Lafayette and the rest of my family live in the little burgs east and south of it. You are making me homesick. I could have gotten you a long list of great indoor flea markets and the best goodwill stops in town from my sis. We always drive to Lafayette to junk around for a day when I visit. The burger looks great I think I will have to ask sis why we have not stopped in there for our lunch before! Glad your back and feeling back to par!

  24. WOW! I didn't know miniature houses could look so real! That's so neat.

    I'm with you on the local food thing. I wrestle with it back and much is enough? I'm a very budget concious person, but organic and local is all very expensive, yet I want to feed my family really healthy whole food.

    It's quite the conundrum. :)

  25. Have I missed you? Well - duh. You and your miniatures, Jaym. I'm loving it. Are you going to buy a miniature you to put in there on that wire bed? Maybe tucking a miniature Jayme into the exact replica of your bed each night is just the thing you need to find rest? (If so, I'll need you to start shaping me up a bed replica...and be on the search for a mini Shannan. I'm TIRED.)

    ps- Yes, it's enough. It's above and beyond. You cannot walk away from oranges like they're nuthin'. It's enough.

  26. Leslie...AND a Cheeseburger?? Just what the Dr. ordered!!! You, my dear, got to spend time with one of my favorite people!!!

  27. I love the dollhouse! Rest and a cheeseburger sounds like a real good idea!

  28. I've heard of "warp sense of humor" and warp floors but why would you want ot warp a loom?:)

    Glad you are feeling better. We are watching ice form on the trees and the power line to the house. I was glad New Orleans won, time they got their Mojo back as well.

  29. Glad you are feeling better. Dieting can make one very cranky, I know. We treat ourselves on Friday night with a kiddie sundae at Braum's. We always get the same kind since after 40 years we are basically the same person! Butter Pecan...yum! We go through the drive through, set in the car with the engine running and savor our weekly treat. It's so dang good and for days I am on top of the world. Sugar, does Vicodan have sugar in it?

  30. Jayme, if you didn't do all the stuff you think you should do the world would go on. It will go on when we are gone, we are not in control. Do your little part and don't get yourself under condemnation.
    God made us for His glory, so everything you do, let it be to the Glory of God.
    He has blessed you with many talents, don't let them be a curse, but a blessing!
    I have learned to keep life simple, the most important things first, a long hard lesson for me.
    The doll house is unbelievable! Your blogs are addictive & you know I love you.

  31. Okay, I'm REALLY late commenting on this post, but I've been a bit busy converting my blog over from River Rock Cottage to Homestead Revival...

    Do I detect just a hint of perfectionism? Ah, I recognize the symptoms because I have the same syndrome! I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but I wonder how I would have felt about it at the beginning of my food journey. Good thing I read it 11 years into the process. You WILL drive yourself crazy if you try to do it all right away. Just think, each thing you do, however small, puts you one step closer to the goal!

    Tell Fifi I was rooting for the Saints, too, since the Cowboys didn't make it!

  32. Jayme, I just got back from vacation and am finally catching up on your posts. I love your writing!! are wonderful at packing it with so much heart and soul!!! BTW....I read the book....all or nothing is so hard....try to ease your way into it so that you don't go "mad". But, if you are fired up and want more to read....try "Food, Inc." or Michael Pollen's book...for the life of me I can't remember the title....please tell me this isn't the start of Alzheimers!!

  33. Oh, and if you need any cheering up....come look at my goat babies!!!

  34. I feel kind of lost because I haven't read your blog for a few days. Love the dollhouse, by the way. I always wanted one, thought maybe my daughter would take more of an interest, but nope. Maybe someday. I know just how you feel when you're tired, but you have so many things going on in your head. My hubby & I have been laid off since the first of December, and thought the company would be back on track by now, but it's not looking that way. So, at the age of 52, I'm looking for another job. It's a lot of work. I'd rather be home quilting and planning my garden. I've read Barbara's book too. Her family opted to do a challenge and it worked for them. I think if you stop and think about eating locally or at least seasonally a little better each time, you're accomplishing a whole lot more than most folks do. Glad you're feeling better. Sorry about the game outcome. I was thinking about you Indiana folks on Sunday.


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