Friday, February 12, 2010


Another cold, snowy day here in NW Indiana.
At least the sun is shining though!
I can't believe how it lifts the spirits.

I took these photos from my office window this morning.

Today is not any ordinary day though. As I sit and type this, that darling Cindy from Cottage Instincts in en route.

I hope she likes what we are having for supper tonight.
I still can't chew too well.
My whole head is hurting.
Even my hair is hurts.
This can't be normal.

Nothing says 'welcome' like fresh, hot bread.

I rarely, and I do mean rarely have 'overnight' guests.
I get weird.
I worry alot.
I vacuumed twice today.

It's like you start seeing your house for the first time, or something.
All of the sudden, I want to redecorate the entire joint.

I'm going to force, er, I mean ask her if she'd like to take a nice hot bubble bath.
I bought some 'localish' wine. I don't know if she drinks or not, but I hope she does.
She might not notice all the ladybug carcasses trapped in the windows if she partakes a bit.

Her bed is all fresh and ready, and perfumed with linen spray.

Her towels are ready.

I picked up some books at the library I thought she might enjoy, in case she can't sleep.
Some of the chocolate cloaked cookies and truffles await.
My first attempt at truffles....I wasn't too pleased.
Again, this is where the wine will come in handy.

Tomorrow morning we'll get up and head to a little blogging get together in Illinois.
I wish I could tell you more about it, but I can't, cause I don't know much about it!
I'm going to meet 20 people that I don't know.
I haven't had the time to visit their blogs.
Maybe I should drink some wine too.


  1. OMG do you run a luxury spa or something? Everything looks and sounds DIVINE!! Lucky friend!!

    Have a GREAT time and don't fret... everything will be smooth and sweet, like those truffles ;-)

  2. Hi Jayme, I just dropped in from Our Little Piece of Heaven. Your blog is lovely and I have marked it as a favorite.
    The house looks perfect and completely ready for company. I go a little crazy over company, too. Just want them to be pleasantly surprised and extra comfortable.
    Have fun!

  3. P.S. I never met a truffle I didn't love.

  4. You are doing a wonderful job getting ready for your company. When hubs and I sold our itty bitty house and bought the home we live in now we actually have a couple of bedrooms for company. We painted and decorated the guest bedroom and bath off the walkout last spring and had visitors 3 times since. It is so much fun after you get over the worry if you have gotten it right or not. Hope you enjoy your blogging adventure. Tell us about it. Maybe I could come next time?

  5. Are ya kiddin' me? I would LOVE to be sleeping in that beautiful bed, with those lovely sweets and wine right next to me! And a wonderful pot of soup and fresh bread for my supper! She will LOVE it!

  6. Have a great visit!!! Everything looks lovely.

  7. You are SO special, Jayme! She'll be blessed beyond words...and tomorrow morning you will have a great time! Thanks for dropping by today! ;) Hugs to you from me.

  8. Jayme, relax! I don't know you and I've only followed your blog for a short time now, but I could SO relate to the pre-company jitters you described! But then I read about and saw all the pictures of your preparations and accommodations and all I could think was, "I want to be your friend! Can I come visit?!"

    Everything looks wonderful and I'm sure you will have a great time. Relax and enjoy!

  9. Jayme-what wonderful accomodations you provide, I would rate it a five star! Any availability in the Spring? LOL

  10. Jayme YOU ARE THE BEST HOSTESS EVER!!! All those sweet and wonderful touches, it's incredible the things you do for your guests. You're a wonderful lady!!

  11. Wow, it sounds like you've thought of everything! I have never had adult overnight guests except my brother and his two sons. Usually, we just have a handful of teenage boys and they certainly don't care about cleanliness! They just want junkfood in the fridge and pantry!

  12. Awww Jayme, you are so cool! I want to join you gals in the worst way. How fun can this be? Cindy is going to LOVE you and your home and the precious things you have done to make her stay special.
    It's cold and rainy here in FL and I think sometime you gals need to do a road trip down here and stay with me for a few days...or a week. Ha. What a hoot! So enjoy your weekend. Give Cindy a hug from me...and here's one for you! xoxo

  13. Jayme, you are the most precious thing! Your silliness always makes my day! Cindy is so very blessed to be met by such loving luxury! I love ladybugs AND a good glass of wine...but only ONE cause I might cry over the demise of the poor ladybugs...;-) Have fun, crazy woman! We'll all be waiting to hear about your good time!

  14. GIRL, can I come too? What fun and I do drink wine. She will love it. You have put your special touch on each and every thing. Fabulous! Enjoy, can't wait to hear all about your visit with 20 blogging friends.

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  16. Yes it's me again. Forgot to ask. Is that your gorgeous barn? Love it! Great photos.

  17. Everything looks great. Wish I were staying with you! Have fun tomorrow!

  18. You've done a lovely job preparing your guest quarters! Anyone would feel like a queen there...

    Thanks so much for visiting Homestead Revival and your gracious comments. Yes I did it myself, but a friend who is a graphic designer nudged me here and there and got me to try some things like PhotoShop Elements and learn them myself. Whew! It really stretched my little brain! But I did it! I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that I know some things on the computer that my husband hasn't even learned yet - he's a genius at that kind of thing.

    love, Love, LOVE that picture of the barn at the top!
    Enjoy the blog get together. Wish we had a group out west! Blessings.

  19. If Cindy doesn't show me...I'd love to stay at your place and I drink wine too. :) I found your blog from Dianne's Z.'s blog list. It is absolutely delightful and I enjoyed reading it. Come for a visit if you have a minute. Have a super great weekend. ~ Lynn

  20. Ha...I was going to say the same thing as Lynn did!!
    Seriously..what's not to like?? And Jayme...sweet girl...she's coming to see YOU..not inspect your home! It'd be a privilage to spend the night at your home!
    Have fun and let us know how the day goes tomorrow. I'd love to be attending with you, but to the nursing home I shall go! God is good, ALL the time!! {note to self!} xxoo!

  21. Now that sounds like lots of fun, and you're a definitely a thoughtful hostess. Okay, so I won't travel with know, car fires and such, but I would definitely visit you! I love the stack of books by the bed...that reminds me of my mom.

    Enjoy, relax, and most of all laugh!


  22. STOP worrying...
    She will love her bed and all the effort that you've put into her stay.
    As for the get together----don't worry about that either...
    I'll be there and what the heck..bring some of that wine if there's any left and we'll share!

  23. just to spend time with you would be a treat! You are the hostess with the my dear mother used to say!

  24. Visiting your blog for the first time, what a beautiful set-up! Wish I was joining you guys here in IL!

    Off topic, but had to say, thank you for posting the link to Hometown Seeds. Although I try to buy non-GMO, I never THOUGHT about my seeds for my garden! Anyways, I found out the seeds I was planning on ordering are produced by Monsanto. I WILL be ordering from Hometown, thank you so so much for making me aware of this.

  25. Your next project will be to open up a B&B. I'm sure many of us would love to come and see the Chickies and eat your homemade bread. Keep us posted ;)

  26. Ok, Jayme....I think i would like to come to your house for a getaway!!!!


  27. You have done it all and even more to make it a wonderful visit for Cindy. Oh my~you are so sweet to have her as a over-night guest. She is going to fall in love with you and your home and may never leave!

    Have lots of fun tomorrow! Can't wait to hear all about the get-together for bloggers.

    Relax and have fun...

  28. Ummm...can I come next weekend??
    New to your blog and enjoying it:)

  29. Jayme, I know from past experience that spending the night at your house is a total blast. I'm sure Cindy will have tons of fun and laughs. You are the perfect host, so no need to worry. Hope your mouth is healing fine. Please let us know about your bloggers meeting. Happy Valentines Day! Cynthia

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  31. Ummm, If you keep that up you might have more than an occassional house guest! Everything looks wonderful, like you are running a B&B, I wouldn't want to leave though! Have a great night!

  32. Those photos are gorgeous....that view from your office! How pretty. Your whole house looks very inviting and cozy. I know what you mean about overnight does kind of mess with your head a bit. Have a fun time, and I hope you feel better by tomorrow.

  33. Jayme,

    Everything looks perfect and I have no doubt Cindy will have nothing but wonderful things to blog about when she returns from her visit. I will ignore the photos of the lady bug carcasses she posts!

    Have fun tomorrow!


  34. girly girl, you got it goin' on!

    i do the same thing: "Has that table always had that scratch?" and "When did that crack in the wall happen?" and "Why haven't I bought any new sheets in the last 100 years???"

    i'm sure you all had a WONDERFUL time...the basket of towels look FAB.

  35. Wow!! That Cindy will be spoiled rotten!! Hope you gals have a wonderful time tomorrow, and that your pain level subsides considerably. Enjoy yourselves! -Tammy

  36. Jealous of the overnighter. Jealous of the bath (and I'm not even a bath girl). Jealous of the fluffed bed. Jealous of the library books. Jealous of the bread. Jealous of the sweets. Jealous of the whole dern thing.

    ps - Jealousy isn't a sin, right?

  37. Oh my, you certainly go all out to make a houseguest feel special. Everything looks so lovely. If you ever wanted to open up a B&B, you'd be very popular. Enjoy the blogging event.

  38. Wow!! hope she does not come to my house after yours!!! You are so wonderful! jan

  39. No such thing as a bad truffle! So you are going on a little excursion this sled???

  40. We are all a little crazy when company comes. Just so you know after your company leaves you need to change the sheets because I'm coming, lol! What a wonderful place to lay your head and read while eating chocolate. Is there really anything better than that?

  41. Cindy will enjoy your stay, how could she not. You make me hungry looking at your post today.
    Have fun and take lots of pictures!

  42. Ok, well I'm in love with the bedding you have on her bed. Where did you get it? I'm looking at things similar to that at Pottery Barn -- seems to be the only place that has red and yellow as the dominant colors -- but they're fairly pricey. Any hints? And if you tell me you made it, I might go cry.

  43. I wanta come for a visit:) How wonderful...she might NOT ever leave!!! I miss Indiana!!!

  44. Looks like the Coop B&B! I want to come stay.

  45. Ohhhhh that Cindy will be so spoiled! How sweet of you to hit the library with her fav reads. Chocolate. Nice bed. Wine... good golly, I'm so jealous. If I promised to blindfold myself the entire visit and eat soup (my mouth hurts too), could I come?!?

    I cannot WAIT for the update on you two!


  46. Jayme-
    You are gracious and a fully prepared hostess.
    I understand your feelings, but you are a model for us all.

    Give us a full report!


  47. hi jayme. it was so nice meeting you yesterday. i hope to see you again soon. til then i will get to know you better through your blog. can't wait to snoop around. your hospitality for cindy - amazing. love all the details!!

  48. Mmmmm!!! You just might have to open a B&B after everyone reads this post! What a wonderful way to treat your overnight guests!!

  49. Jayme, I am so glad yo have met you yesterday and so glad you came! Happy Valentine's day!

  50. Oh Jayme.......when I was a little child I would often hear people say "it is not the place but the people that make a place magical and special" and that is the first thing that came to my mind.

    You have made this such a special, beautiful place for your friend and for her just to spend time with you, she is very lucky..

    I love the pictures it makes me proud that you represent us.

    P.S.....when can I come over for a visit?????????????

    Love and hugs,

    P.P.S....I live closer than anyone..; ))).

  51. Thanks for the heads up on the bedding on my bloggie! I appreciate it...we're in the narrowing down stages of picking out new stuff for our room.

  52. Jayme - Hi from SW Indiana but my heart truly lives in Kentucky. Started reading you blog when you were doing the series on house cleaning. Just happened to land there at that moment and keep coming back.

    I love your red bed. (Looks red in the picture). I have a beautiful old iron bed. The friend I bought it from would love to have it back, but no way. She always painted it every few years. I'm digging it out of storage and it needs painting. In the past it has been painted white or cream. I'm thinking of the red. What color red is your? Is it spray or brushed on? Everything else in the room is oak or painted white, and most of the bedding is white/cream with a folded comforter and a few pillows in a rose pattern or plaid of deep red and moss green. I'm thinking the red painted bed might be OK!? I can always re-paint it if I don't like it...can't I?!?! lol


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