Sunday, February 21, 2010

Randomly Yours

Random Photo #1

The picture that started it all.
Easter 2009.
Lemon Cornmeal Cake, Hot Cross Buns and Key Lime Cupcakes.
I felt that the world needed to see these.
So I began blogging.

Sweet Cory of Pink Dogwood Blossom tagged me ages ago, and now that I'm finally off of pain killers, I thought I'd play along.

Seven Random Things About Me.

Have you any idea how difficult this will be, since I've told you everything already? You already know way too much.
I'm sweetening the pot by adding some random photos as well.

Random Fact #1
I have a love/hate relationship with blogging.
I LOVE blogging, love meeting new friends, love love love.
Hate that I don't have the time to reply to everyone.
Hate that I don't have the time to meet everyone.
Hate that I don't have time to read all the blogs I want to.
My rear would be permanently fused to my chair.
I've heard that really happens.

Random Photo #2
The hallway leading to the upstairs bedroom.
Ya'll have never been upstairs before!

Random Fact #2
I fear death.
The process of dying, more than the afterlife.
The thought of my corpse freaks me out to no end.
I don't do pain well, as you've come to realize this past month.

Random Photo #3
A sneak peak of my upstairs bedroom.
By the time I paint the headboard (bought paint 4 years ago) perhaps it will be stylish again.

Random Fact #3
I know every word, every vocal inflection, of every Beatle song.

Random Photo #4
My almost warped antique floor rug loom.
I think I'm going to REALLY enjoy this.
Or go mad in the process.
Stay tuned.

Random Fact #4
I've never tasted the following foods:
Beer, ketchup, mustard, salami, and all fish and shellfish.
Please don't tell me what I'm missing.
I didn't eat mayonnaise until I was 30.
Didn't eat salad dressing until I was in my 20's.
I'm weird...but then you already knew that.

Random Photo #5
My current library books.
So interesting, ain't it?

Speaking of 'ain't'

Random Fact #5...
I'm a grammar snob.
Please don't get me wrong. I make a TON of mistakes. I'm sure I've made my share of people cringe when they read this blog. I'm sure that previous sentence alone had many grammatical errors. I have to think, and think hard before I say 'I'm going to go lie down', and I still sweat when I need to use an apostrophe to denote possession.
My pet peeves?
Double negatives.
Using 'them' when you should use 'those',
When I hear someone say 'I ain't got none of them'....
it's like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Random Photo #6
The last of my winter goals
See Benjamin Franklin perusing them?

Random Fact #6
I adore Benjamin Franklin.
Read everything I can about him.
Have his 13 Virtues printed out.

Random Photo #7
Scarlett's reaction to Random Fact #7

Random Fact #7
Upon moving to the country in 1988, I purchased 25 baby chickens to raise for meat. At this point in my life, I'd never even cut a whole chicken up before, let alone raise one in my backyard and eat it.
They all lived.
They all died.
They all stayed in my freezer for two years.
I couldn't bring myself to eat them.

Please remind me about this when I announce that I might be doing this again in April.

Thank you very much.


  1. very cute blog, loved it, have to hook up soon. smooches! Ra

  2. I totally get Random Fact #1. I must do as Bill O'Reilly says "Keep it pithy!". But I'd love to just visit everyone forever!

  3. Jayme,

    The more I know about you, the more I like you!


  4. Thanks for the disclosure...loved it! You are so popular...and so loved by many!

  5. Fun reading all the random stuff about you.. Jayme you always make me laugh. :-)
    What I really loved was the Easter 2009 picture with the lemon and key lime cakes. Have you already posted the recipe for the lemon cake on your blog? Lemon is probably one of my two favorite tastes and scents of all time.

  6. Fun post, Jayme! I loved the note above your Winter Goals on #6 ...I thought 'wow, studious!' And then I remembered that you homeschool your nephew. Having homeschooled my two kids, I can so relate to the list ...staying organized is a prerequisite to success AND sanity! LOL

  7. You are just too darn cute.
    I can see why you began blogging---that dessert setting definitely needed to be seen.

    Hungry mean critters killed our hens.
    Today I painted over their images on the powder room walls...
    I'd still like to get some.

  8. OH MY GOSH!!!
    I forgot to tell you---I used to have an old Union Loom. It was an industrial floor loom. I spent many an hour warping that sucker...
    Don't you love the rhythm of weaving??
    I miss that part, not the warping part.

  9. Oh the yellow looks springy, love.
    Great photo. Like getting to know you more through your random things.

  10. Jayme, I remember those chickens. You gave me one to eat, couldn't do it either. Hope to see you soon. Cynthia

  11. Great list! Hubs wanted to know why I did not order meat chickens. I am sure I have told him a number of times that we will not be eating our chickens. I had an aunt that would always wait until we got to her house before killing the chicken we would be having for dinner. I was young, I think I was scarred for life.

  12. Did that once in my was the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced. I didn't eat chicken for a very long time, and now I haven't eaten it for about 8 months, and I don't miss it.
    I love this thought.........that the only thing that makes chickens and pigs and cows different from dogs and cats, are the stories we tell about them.

  13. Oh dear, oh dear. I'm an overuser of ain't, at least on the blog. I'm thanking my lucky stars that you looked past that! Ain't I lucky??

    And I have read many a quirky fact over the years, but your never-tasted foods list made me tilt my head horizontally. I am agog. I mean aghast.

  14. Somehow I knew when I read that you killed the chickens and that they were in your freezer that the next thing I would read was that you couldn't bring yourself to eat them. Brings back memories of living on a farm when I was a kid and why I was never allowed to name the cattle. :)

  15. Scarlett looks like my Ginny. Is she a Rhode Island Red?

  16. Now it's time to tell you what you've done wrong since I last saw you.


    I'm sorta weirded out that you have never tasted ketchup or mustard. Or that you don't want your bum fused to the computer chair.

  17. Didn't think you'd get away without sharing the lemon cornmeal cake reicpe, did ya? Now, cough it up! Okay, the the hot cross buns, too. I swear that I'm going to create the same arrangement at my house this Spring, including the lemon tree branches - beautiful!

  18. I'm with you on the Beatles and grammar thing but no ketchup or mustard? Wow!

  19. I almost forgot the most important one: random fact no. 2. Leading up to the actual moment of death just freaks me out!

  20. Oh, yeah! That was fun and I'm certainly glad that I got to see the first photo. Except, I didn't get to eat any of those yummy looking confections. Sob!

    I could do without all of the things you mentioned except mustard. Great mustard is something not to me missed. You can do without the run of the mill stuff.

  21. Very interesting randomness. I don't know about that whole chicken business. I couldn't do it. I have to have my Sweet Hubby cut up a cooked one and I have to actually leave the room when he does. I think maybe I wouldn't make a good farm girl.

  22. One day I'll have to do this. Thanks for sharing all of your random-ness. This little place of yours is a lovely place to visit.


  23. I'm with you on the chickens....I have a field full of cows and have to buy my meat at the store. And I can't wait to see more of that upstairs bedroom. And what you do with the loom. And does the fact that I start many of my sentences with the word "and" make your list of grammar no-no's?

  24. Jayme, Yes I have seen your Squirrel...don't you just love them. I sent Deborah at the Fairfield House lots of pics of before and after...I'm sure she will forward them to you if you like...Sheryl

  25. Very interesting facts today! Enjoyable reading about you!

  26. "Just the facts, Maam!" Love learning more about my felow blogging peeps. Very interesting, indeed. Have a great week.

  27. Love your site! I'll be visiting often. I'm a wannabe farm girl, too!


  28. Jayme, you are so hilarious and humorously self deprecating. My favorite random fact #4, seriously never tasted ketchup! WOW I am impressed. I get the chicken thing, I could never ever raise animals, kill, then eat them. Oh I would just die. Seriously thought I look forward to reading your blog, love your photos and the text that goes with them.
    BTW thanks for posting the potato soup recipe. I'm going to give it a try this weekend.

  29. No wonder that poor chicken looks so freaked! You are wonderful in all your randomness. You could make buying toilet paper into a well spun story though! No, please not the chickens!

  30. Please, let the chickens live. They sound like pets to me.

  31. You could have sold those chickens to friends and family! My brother did it once, and then never again...

    I have trouble rehoming my roosters, I cannot imagine killing any of my pets for food. I suck at keeping chickens!!

    I love your staircase :)

  32. I knew it. You would do an outstanding job with this task and you sure did. Oh, what fun to read. I enjoyed not only what you wrote but also your photos.

    Thanks for your continual honesty. You are funny along with being a very lovely lady.

    Have a nice and peaceful evening.

  33. Grammar snob...uh ohh. I know better, but I can't help myself. We talk like this and it leaks into my writing despite my best efforts! I don't know how you can live without mustard, ketchup or salami girl!!! Although I didn't taste mayo until after I married, we were a Miracle Whip family, I learned to like it. Unfortunately I have "learned" to like a lot of foods and that there-in in the problem! We do love the tours of the house Jayme...more, more!

  34. You and Scarlett always make me laugh... ALWAYS! I adore your blog.

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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