Friday, February 26, 2010

Raspberry Ribbons

Meet your new best friend.
Raspberry Ribbons
I like saying it with pronounced rolled 'r's.
There is no reason, other than I have serious cabin fever.

The full recipe will be at the end of the post. Oh how I wish I could have some cool print feature for the recipes.
A girl can dream.

Whilst Aaron toiled over a paper describing the navigational techniques of Christopher Columbus, I whipped a batch of these babies up.

After mixing your dough, you'll portion into 8 pieces and roll them out in even logs.

Have I ever extolled the virtues of my Silpat?
It was the first thing I went out and bought after I got out of debt.
I kid you not.
$20 well spent.

After rolling the dough into logs, use your thumb or finger to press an indentation the length of the log.

Ya know, it isn't until I see pictures of myself, do I realize how old I'm getting.
Those are crypt keeper hands.
My hands hurt they are so dry.
I use moisturizer, alot.
My hands seem to be in water constantly.

You are going to bake them for ten minutes before you spoon in some raspberry preserves.
I made freezer jam with my raspberries.
I have more jam than I can use in a lifetime.
Thus, these cookies.

After jamming them, you'll bake them for another ten minutes.
And then you'll cut all the ends off and eat them.
Cause the ends don't look good.
Destroy the evidence.

When they are nice and cool, you'll drizzle drazzle finizle fanazle them.
Don't be stingy with the drizzle, shinizle.
More proof of cabin fever, sorry.


Raspberry Ribbons

1 cup of softened butter
1 egg, slightly beaten
1 t vanilla
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 c. flour
Raspberry Jam

Beat butter and egg together until well blended.
Add egg and vanilla.
Add half of the flour, mix well.
Gradually add remaining flour, beating until it forms a ball.

Preheat oven to 350.

Roll out in 8 long strips.
Make an indentation the length of the ribbon.
Bake for 10 minutes.
Remove from oven and spoon jam in the groove.
Bake an additional ten minutes, or until lightly brown.

Glaze with a mixture of powdered sugar, milk and 1/4 t. of almond extract.
(I'm so sorry, I don't measure for this. I just take a blob, maybe like a cup and a half, and then add milk til it's a good drizzling consistency)

After glaze is cool and dry, cut into desired size.


  1. Oh my... I wish I had some of those to go with my cup of coffee right now. They look soooo good!

  2. Hey I have my Starbucks in hand and I'm coming over!

  3. I'm stepping away from the ribbons :) Those look (too) marvelous! -Tammy

  4. What in the name of ME???

    Here I am reading vegetarian/lo salt recipes and click on your post.

    Um, how's come you didn't give me some o'dat rasperry nirvana you've got stored?

  5. Oh man, you're killing me! I swore off sugar a month ago! They look so YUMMY!

  6. Wow! I just grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down - I am drooling on the keyboard... They are kind like long shortbread thumbprints and they look simply fabulous! As for the crypt keeper hands - hogwash. You have dependable hands - hands that have been busy, hands that make beautiful things and help care for others! I'd better leave now - I think I just ruptured a salivary gland looking at your lovely treats!

  7. Well those look yummy! We also have more freezer jam than hubs and I can eat. We have started giving it away when ever anyone comes by now because and 3 more months the strawberries will be prolific again. Last year we had 110 quarts so I am thinking even if we have a bad year we will still have enough. Not so many raspberries, we are replanting those this year.

  8. Jayme your hands look like someone who loves working with her hands (thats what I keep telling myself anyway)but for the dryness part I use pure glycerin you can buy it at the drug store or Walmart anyplace like that.It is horribly sticky but if you put it on in the evenings after you are done dishes etc. it can work miracles by morning (the longer it sits on your hands before going to bed the more it soaks it). I tried it years ago after figuring everything I was trying already had glycerin in it so why not go straight to the source. Hope it helps. Also good for your feet this time of year when they get dry and yucky. nancy

  9. I want one - neigh, I need one. Or three.

    I also want a freezer fulla raspberry jam.

  10. With all my heart, I am lusting after these. Thank you. Very much. Not.

  11. Looks yummy - I'll definitely try making those!

  12. Bet my hands look older and dryer than yours! LOL.
    These treats look amazing, and if you keep posting all these great recipes, I may have to stop coming by until I finally lose another pound. *only kidding!*
    How did the dentist trip go yesterday? Have a great weekend.

  13. Honey, your recipes are out of this world! Your photos, well I could just lick my PC screen. Your hands resemable mine, I call em good ole gardening hands!

  14. If your hands are dry, Jayme, make sure you are drinking enough water. Same reason lips get chapped. People usually don't drink enough water in the winter and get dehydrated.

    Another great recipe. I have gained 10 pounds from looking at your blog!

    I hope you are FINISHED with the dentist and that darn tooth.


  15. Oh
    is right!

    Salivating on keyboard going on here on this side of the computer screen and I don't care if I do short something out or electrocute myself.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  16. OOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... yummers.. Ah, did I mention.. ooooooooooooooooo?

    Love this recipe.

    Tip.. mineral oil, take a teaspoon at night and wash your hands with sugar, mineral oil and a bit of goats milk. Pat dry.

    with love,

  17. Oh yum!

    Shall we exchange postcards?
    Please email me your address.
    This should be fun!

    Also I am having a giveaway on my blog.

  18. These look absolute luscious! Never fear! I just copied and pasted the recipe part to Word and....wah la! I might even make these this weekend. Thanks, Jayme.

  19. Jayme, I laughed so hard at crypt keepers hands. You are not alone. I was just saying to Raul how old my hands look. Too funny. The raspberry ribbons look yummy. Thanks for the recipe. Cyn

  20. This is so dangerous to show me. I have "miss my husband" fever - he's out of town for a few days and I always feel sorry for myself when he has to take a trip. And although I'm the picture of self-discipline 95% of the time, when he's gone, that 5% gets me every time. I could eat the entire TRAY of those things!

  21. That looks amazing! Bet that baby would make any sore tooth feel better!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe too.. I'm kinda tempted here.


  22. The Solution for your hands: Glysolid. ( The only place I know to get it is on-line. The glycerin cream (in a wide and shallow jar) is The Cure for dry hands. Period. Can't live without it in the winter. Glysolid hand cream (in a tube) is what I use the rest of the year - supplemented by occasional applications from the jar (a more intensive product) during peak gardening time. Not expensive, and highly effective.

  23. Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love(also know as raspberry ribbons) in my tummy. You think your hands look old, at school I make my pre-k'ers wash their hands at least 8 times a day and of course I wash mine as well!

  24. We LOVE these! They have been a favorite for years and we recently added them to our family cookbook. ( I got the recipe from Midwest Living Magazine years ago.) We make them every Christmas. My daughter likes to use raspberry jam with lots of seeds. We use the handle of a wooden spoon to make the trough down the middle of the dough. And I cut them at an angle to give them pretty pointy tips... I think it makes them look fancier that way. So easy and so delicious. Sometimes we use almond flavor instead of vanilla in the cookie dough, and one year also added some lemon zest... that made them ultra good.

    As far as dry hands go, I like: Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion For Extra Dry Skin. It comes in a blue bottle with sort of orange/peach stripes on it. I have to wash my hands a gazillion times a day and they would get so dry they would crack and bleed. This lotion is the **only** thing that has ever helped.

  25. I must try these, the look delicious. Thanks.

  26. I have marion berries in the freezer, and you have inspired me to make freezer jam. Looks delish. I have always wanted to get a silpat, but they've seemed a bit pricey. Worth it, huh? Maybe I'll have to splurge. Have a good weekend, Jaymes.

  27. yuMMMMM ..they look great. just bought the vanilla you mentioned awhile ago too! jan

  28. Oh, WOW! Those look amazing. I might have to make them today :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  29. I will take a dozen LOL :O)... mmmm those look good!!! and boy do I hear ya on the hands!!

  30. My my, the work that went into these Raspberry Ribbons and into the blog post....thanks for taking the time.... I'll be sure to share this post with my daughter, Dianne

  31. Oh, I love your blog! Just came over from the postcard exchange Deborah has going. I'd love to get one from you,please contact me with an address:

    I'll be back to take a long stroll down your blog(O:

  32. Just made the Raspberry Ribbons and they are delicious!! Thank you for the recipe - it's a 4-star keeper! I also have crypt keeper hands and I use a product called Vanicream that you get in the pharmacy. It's not by precription but you have to ask the pharamcist for it. It works like a charm!

  33. oh my-you are making my tummy growl!

  34. Wow, great recipe. And it is healthy, right? Because of all the raspberries ;)

  35. Why is it that every time I visit your blog from my Aunt Mama Hen I end up in the kitchen!?! Between you and Aaron, swimsuit season is not looking promising! Oh well! I love food more, and it's always there for me - summer is not...and so I'm off to bake!

  36. Yummy, oh so yummy looking. I will print out the recipe and try it out. I don't cook much but those are a must.

    Hands...look just like mine. My hands are especially bad during the winter months.

  37. Those look delish - mmmmm - tea time!

  38. These look amazing but since it's no longer winter (April!) I think I'll wait. Or maybe not :)


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