Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Weekend and Other Trivial Matters

The tooth still hurts.
I know you will ALL be as glad as I am when I no longer talk about it!
I go back again on Thursday. Still taking antibiotics and Vicodin.
The pain seems to be getting the better of me.
I hate having to decide whether I want to be pain free or nauseated.
It's pushing me to my end.
Yesterday I almost threw my computer in the garbage.
I'm so not kidding.

On to happier things.
My weekend.
I tried to make the photos all pretty and bloggie like, but Picnik is from the devil himself, especially on my computer. My old processor just can't handle it.
Now you know why the whole shebang almost ended up in the trash bin...

I digress.

Cindy was so incredibly easy to entertain, perhaps it's cause she has one of those personalities - she seems to entertain herself.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my preparations.
I've secretly wanted a B&B for years.

The soup.
Oh my.
In my fantasy world, the rivers run freely with this soup. I will share the recipe later this week, I promise.

I finally talked Cindy half to death somewhere close to 3am.

See how refreshed she looks after only three hours of sleep?

I'm not sure if Cindy was more nervous about meeting all the new blogging friends, or my navigation skills, but she sure put on the deodorant.

Isn't she pretty? I just think she is so pretty.

And gracious.
I told her to turn the wrong way out of the driveway.
It was going to be a long trip.

We arrived in really good time, seemed like a hop and a skip, thanks to endless conversation.
We stopped at Walgreens so Cindy could get some batteries for her camera.
I didn't think I needed any, so opted for Smart Water and Twizzlers.

Here is what we found upon arrival:

I'm in love already, and mentally calling a dumpster rental when I get home.
I have to start all over on my house.

Notice the awesome vignette here.....that's right before Picnik destroyed my soul.

Notice anything missing in this post?
What about the ladies in attendance?
There were a bunch of them. (Shout out to Penny and Pat!)
After this picture, my camera shut down and said:
Change the batteries.

Deep sigh.

Cindy has done an uber awesome job of blogging about the weekend, and actually has pictures of the ladies in attendance as well as links to their blogs!
You can find her posts HERE and HERE.

If you don't hear from me in the next day or so, it's because Allied Waste has my computer, and my camera...and all the teeth that I'm about ready to 'pull out my head!'


  1. Jayme...It sounds as if you all had a wonderful time! I did link to Cindy's blog, and she picks up where you left off, so you just never mind about the photos you didn't get to take!
    Now, about that tooth business. Have you called your dentist back? It does not sound as if this is what is supposed to be going on. Perhaps you need a change of meds? You should NOT have to suffer this way, and I might give a shout out to him to see if he thinks something needs to be done.
    And, don't you dare call the dumpster! Your home is fabulous just the way it is!
    Blessings and healing to you this day,

  2. Loved the photos, and sorries about all of your frustrations! I think it must be that YOUR April Fools Day came a little early.....
    And Twizzlers? We love em here, and they are lovingly referred to as "Breakfast Sticks"!

  3. I'm glad you've been able to plow through your pain and still have some fun. Pretty impressive. And you, my dear, would be the perfect B&B owner. Book me a room!

  4. Praying for you dear...take care of those teeth. Hope you feel better soon, and your computer lives to see another day!
    Thanks for sharing about your time with Cindy and the blessed others. Someday that will be us!!

  5. Wonderful people, wonderful food - sounds like you had a great time. So sorry you are still having problems with your tooth. :-(

  6. Sorry to hear you are having some tsouris (look it up) ...the photos are rally lovely...feel better, Dianne

  7. What a charming place for a bloggers get together. Looks so cozy at her house. I would have loved to be right there with all of you. I bet most of us feel that way! Glad you all had a lovely time.

  8. First - you DO. Not. need to start all over with your house! I know you already know this, but I just wanted to boss you around a little with a reminder. Our houses are all different, but they are all uniquely ours. And yours, in fact, is one I'm dying to visit and will probably do so in the foreseeable future. Maybe with my Mama in tow.

    Consider yourself warned.

  9. Jayme:
    I hope your tooth gets better soon. It's so hard to function with chronic pain like that. I agree with above comments about checking in with the Doc to see if you can have a med change and to see if this is normal. And also that you do not have to start over on your lovely house!
    Jaimie in Evanston

  10. Your pictures were wonderful! That old tooth just won't give you a break, maybe you need to bump up the appt. and see if there's anything wrong??? Just being a Mom...

  11. I'm surely sorry to hear that your tooth is still such a problem. Living with such pain is never a fun way to live. Please take care.

  12. Jayme----
    Hope your WHOLE HEAD is feeling better today!
    I am truly amazed you made it through on Sat. with all the meds.

    Pic-nik can sure be no picnic!! I feel the same @ blogger dashboard...
    You make me smile.

  13. Looks like you had a great time! Your pics are lovely and your house is too- no need for major overhaul. I sure hope that tooth behaves itself soon!

  14. hi jayme,

    sounds like you had an amazing time with your blogging friends! how fun!!! sorry to hear your tooth is still bothering you. it's a good thing you've had so much going on. i'm sure all the fun has helped to distract from the pain of your tooth. hope the pain is gone soon and you can just enjoy everything and every day again!


  15. I am totally in love with my computer (iMac) and camera (Canon Rebel). No dumpster needed here, well except for maybe the decor in my house. I used to have it all under control but after moving across the U.S.A. three times I now just go.. aww, who gives a chickens butt anyway.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  16. Are you crappin' me? The dentist can't see you until THURSDAY???

    WHat's this person's name and number? I'm so calling to give them whatfor. Sheesh!

    Thanks for sharing my personal hygene regiment with everyone. Between your bucktooth maid and that death-warmed-over house guest, we deserve full cover Vogue magazine gigs. *snicker*

    Love ya! Oh...and I have your camera cap, which I am sending you today or tomorrow before I leave for Naples. Think there's snow there?

  17. I knew you gals would have a fabulous time at the blog party. Sounds like lots of fun! I will hop over to Cindy's blog to read more and see more photos.

    How did the party get organized? Did you all know each other ahead of time? I wonder if a similiar event could happen in my area??!!

    Oh, I sure hope you feel better real soon. Ouch!

    You home is lovely!

  18. Jayme,

    I know I've already been here today, but had the computer on to do a couple of other things and of course, I had to check in on the world of blog while I was at it.

    Something just popped into my head...do you think it is time for Glenco to take you for another cheeseburger? ;)

  19. Tooth ache and eating twizzlers?! No comment.

    Looks like you had a great time. Did Cindy really wake up that happy or did she find your vicodin stash? HA!

    I hope you don't toss you computer, at least not until you replace it with a mac laptop. I would miss your antics.

    Feel better, my friend.

  20. can we do that again ... i'm hearing all the buzzing in my head ... it was NOT idle chater, like some may think ... I've got to get to my take on it tonight!!!

    love ya, new found friend ...
    we'll hook up for junkin some day this summer, I go right past your exit ... maybe Annie and me

  21. How fun that you went to that! Somebody mentioned it to me awhile back and I thought it sounded like it would be fun. Cindy sounds like a total sweetie and her smile lights up her whole face. I hope I'll get to meet you both one day!

  22. Vivacious.. that's exactly how I would think Cindy would be in person. Totally cute pictures. So glad you both enjoyed the trip and visits. And thanks for sharing with us. Bless ya, Jayme, hope you feel all better pronto! -Tammy

  23. For someone who's in pain, you did GREAT! Those pics are art and you knows it ;-)

    Now I'm hungry and want to decorate.


    Please get better!

  24. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I know Cindy had a wonderful time at your B&B. I am intrigued by your bath tub....it looks wonderful! You paid such attention to detail....and truly made your guest feel special. Kuddos to you! Can I come for a visit???

  25. Hi, stopping by from Cindy's Cottage Instincts blog. How great that you could spend some time together. That soup looks delicious. I look forward to you sharing the recipe!

  26. Your pictures are just a crack up...how wonderful that you can just meet someone and feel so comfortable with!
    It was so nice of you gals to drive in from Indiana! I look forward to the continuing conversations and growing friendships.

  27. I just popped over from FlowerPatch Farmgirl. Your blog is so much fun! (I love soup too and can't wait to see your recipe :)

  28. you make me laugh. i love it. i felt the same way when i walked back in my house that day - total overhaul. amy has the best style. hope your tooth is feeling better soon. oh yeah, i am waiting for that soup recipe. yum!!

  29. Dear Jayme,
    I do not have a blog, but I do love to read yours! I am the same age as you are and have been making/canceling dental appointments over a tooth that needs a crown for almost a year now. It is so sad! I have one crown and it was not a good experience, hence, my reluctance to repeat the experience. Still, when I heard about your nitrate oxide, I felt hopeful! Why had my dentist never offered me that??? I was all set to make my appointment, but now I am delaying again. I just don't understand why you are still having pain - you poor thing! I hope that you will call your dentist and find out what's going on. Keep us all posted. I may make it to the dentist yet .. ..just depends upon how it goes for you! Bonnie

  30. Okay...so I admit that I'm going through withdrawal here because of no post yet today from you. HOWEVER...let me say that I hope that you have been gone today...either back to the dentist a day early to get to the end of this tooth problem...or out with Glenco getting a cheeseburger. Many, many hugs to you, my friend.

  31. Jayme,
    I sure hope you can get some relief from your pain. I really understand the sick thing from the medication, too. Hard to decide which is worse, so you take the pills and get to be in pain and feel like puking, too!

    I must say, you can sure write. Reading your blog is a joy and it brings a smile to my heart. Thank you!


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