Thursday, February 18, 2010

And You Thought I Was Kidding?

'Operation Blowhole'

Did you think I was joking about putting my computer in the trash?

Never fear....I finally got a newer monitor screen, and decided to blow a hole in this one.
Glen did the honors for me, since I didn't really want to hold a shotgun close to my head with the way it's aching already. It gives me great pleasure to destroy things that frustrate me.

I'm a redneck through and through, and I've got the pictures to prove it.

Reminds me of when we bought this old house and there was a metal storm door on it that chapped my hide every time I saw it. It stuck all the time. I can't tell you how many times I hurt my hand. When we finally found an old door that fit the space, Glen took the door off, propped it against a tree, and gave me the gun.

Boy, did that feel good.

Been awfully busy this week. I've up and left the house everyday. Today's no different, it's 'D' day, as in Dentist day. Yesterday was my best day yet pain-wise, for the last two weeks. . It's not really my tooth bothering me anymore, it's more my skull. My jaw, my eye socket, and my ear. Now my lower jaw is acting up.
I'm so hoping that there will be no drilling today.

Just stopping in quick like to say 'howdy', and that if my skull hasn't been tampered with at the dentist today, I'll be posting 'THAT' Potato Soup recipe later today. There's also much news to share...


  1. So sorry that you are still not feeling good! You have a brother in pain to sympathize with you cause Bob got his tooth pulled two weeks ago and he is still having pain, esp in his ear and jaw. Another round of antibiotics and more vicodin for him. :(

  2. GOOD FOR YOU! Glad you have a new computer monitor. :) And glad that you are getting out a little every day. Hope your dentist prescribes some more antibiotics for you because it sounds as if you just may have a need for it. Take care...good to see a post from you today.

  3. Boys howdy, you know how to do it up right, don't ya? My man-people here would just be eatin up this post. Yeah, baby, they'd be yelling and taking potshots themselves at the demon monitor...
    They can only dream of shooting at stuff that presents itself as evil and the Enemy ...
    Maybe why that's why one became a Marine???????????? hmmmm.
    You are a hoot. I love it. It was so chivalrous of your honorable knight to do justice for you!
    Hope you will really really get better after this visit. Goodness.
    Enough is enough... Saying a little prayer. Good to see you back. Hugs.

  4. Bye-bye to the old computer monitor. So many times I have wanted to toss our computer out the window!!!

    Good luck at the dentist. Sorry about all your pain.

    Looking forward to more news that you will share with us. Love your blog.

  5. I hope that pain will be finished for you soon, otherwise I will be apt to start crying for you just like I was crying for my 4 year old grand daughter that has been living with a constant pain from an ear infection that they just cannot get rid of. She is allergic to penicillin, has tubes and the antibotics she always takes just are not working. She has been to 4 drs appointments in 2 weeks and has started screaming on the way there because she just knows they are going to poke and prode and scrap when she gets there. Yesterday they started a 3 day shot program. Poor thing, poor mommy, there I am again almost in tears. You need to get well soon I cannot think about anyone else in pain right now.

  6. Well if that ain't just the best darn way to get rid of a little pent up frustration, I don't know what is!

    Good luck today ~Andrea~

  7. LOL!! I must be easily entertained.

    Sorry about your ongoing dental woes. Makes you go hmmmm over having false teeth, doesn't it?


  8. You are so funny. My husband will do that, either blow it up or burn it up. He gets a real satisfaction in destroying something that had caused him pain or frustration. Sorry about the continuing pain. What you're experiencing now is muscle pain. Muscles have memory, so you need to break the memory. Ice and an anti-inflamatory should be your friend for awhile.

  9. oh Jayme you and I both have the same outlook with the denist I always see the glee in his eyes when I show up since he already knows it will never go easily nor cheaply. I do believe his kids should come and shovel snow for me since I have paid for their education all these years. Love what you did to the monitor I would do the same if my sons (4 of them)would let me shoot my gun. 2 are Marines and they think their momma is just a little to crazy to have her gun at any time. I figure if I can raise 4 boys I can do anything. Feel better fast, nancy settel

  10. I LOVE you. This is hilarious. I always threaten to shoot-blow up- toss out the window all sorts of things. I didn't know you could actually do it ;) Note to self!

    Hope you feel better!

    And stop by and enter my giveaway if you haven't already. Might have to scroll down a few posts.


    PS- I am to totally jealous that you got to meet Traci Thorson. I adore her. She's the sweetest.

  11. I am SO hoping the dentist does something for that pain!
    Meanwhile, your dear husband has taken out your frustration for you! LOVE the fact that he did the honors!

  12. Chapped my hide?? LOL!!!!!!!! That gave me such a giggle!!!!

  13. Mr. Dimples better fix you up good today!! Positive thoughts for you. I love the way you and Glen relieve stress :) Awesome. Feel better. -Tammy

  14. Oh my goodness!! You've done what so many of us have wanted to do from time to time. I'll bet that did feel good. Feels good just seeing the pictures!

    Feel better!!!

  15. He does have a license to do that to you, doesn't he??? Check next time you are in his office. Glad Glen is a good shot!

  16. I hope you blew out all your frustrations with that shotgun! Feel better soon now.

  17. What a great idea to blow a hole in things that drive you crazy! Hope that darn tooth issue is cleared up today!

  18. Jayme you're so funny! I wish I could've gotten a chance to talk to you on Sat!!! Next time for sure :)

    Glad you don't have to put up with a frustrating monitor anymore!!! I'd like to drop kick my computer to the curb, that's for sure...

    :) T

  19. Jayme hope your pain is easing up, I feel for ya sister. I had yet another visit with my neurologist and again another medication to try. Sometimes you just feel like someone's guinea pig. Hang in there.

  20. Yea for a new computer screen and I laughed so hard at how you took (or hubby) took care of the old one. It must be the Redneck in me but that is really hilarious.

    I just stumbled upon your blog and love it!

  21. As long as you don't prop Dr Dimples against a tree and fill him with lead if your toothache starts back up!
    I love it. Next time you are in the market for a computer consider a Mac.

  22. WoWser! Glad ya ain't tired o me!!!!


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