Monday, February 1, 2010

This Isn't Funny...An Update

Just letting all you sweet people know that I'm still alive! Last night was my darkest hour, and I did call the dentist. Glen picked up the antibiotic and I've taken four so far, and I can't get over how the pain has subsided to about a four now....last night was a fourteen! I went to the dentist today and he was ready to do a root canal.....I was way too sick to my stomach from all the painkillers and antibiotics to have him fooling around in my mouth, plus I needed a driver.
Right now the nausea is as bad as the tooth pain.

Root canal scheduled for Thursday at 3pm. Glenco will drive me because I will be so drugged up, I won't even know I'm at the dentist.

Root Canal $1400
Antibiotics $15
Vicodin refill $5.00
To be pain free......Priceless.
Pants falling of from not being able to eat.....most excellent!

Why is it all of this hits at the same time?
Property taxes.
Income taxes.

I'm feeling as much pain in my pocketbook as I am my mouth.

Pocketbook....who says pocketbook anymore!?

Thanks again for all your concern, comments and emails.
I felt quite loved.


  1. I've never had a tooth ache before but I know what it is to dish out some maja bucks for dental work and it is worth it. I hope you are feeling better. Love the word pocketbook, lets bring it back in vogue.
    Be well

  2. Wow! So glad that you got the meds needed to get rid of that awful pain! So, a root canal! It will all be OK after it is done! I know what you mean about the pocketbook! I need new tires and need to buy them soon. It is a safety issue and needs to be done. But, oh hate to spend the money.

    Rest and take care. Weight loss good. Pants falling off good! But what an awful way to loose weight.

  3. Root canels, have had 2 of glad you will be doped up. Ended up having a root canel in the same tooth twice because the first one didn't do what it was supposed to. I know that you will be well taken care of. You are in my prayers.

  4. How come the one thing that helps you the most...the Vicodin...costs the least? LOL.
    Poor thing. It's no fun getting nauseous with taking so much medication. Thursday...come soon!

  5. Jayme, thank you for the update. I've checked your blog several times today hoping for some word about how you were doing. I'm sorry you've had so much pain to contend with. Will be praying for you when you have that root canal done. Glad Glen will be there with you! I don't remember where I saw this but someone not too awfully long ago said, "Money...I can always get more money...but, you...well there is only one you." Pocketbooks are still pretty, whether they have any money in them or not. ;) Take care!

  6. Oh Jayme, I am so sorry, I have had severe tooth pain before and you are's not funny! I also had to visit the dentist today, seems I broke a filling and I need a crown....yippee!!!


  7. Oh nooooo, Sorry to hear about the cost factor but glad you are going to be pain free... That will be priceless... and for the record.. I do say "pocketbook"..:) and coins are often only pennies. .and .My Gramma called those" Money seeds"
    Take care & thanks for the update...

  8. Poor Jayme, boy do I know how you feel.....been there, done that.

    I hope that ou get that taken care of as soon as possible...


  9. Glad you got some meds. Hope your root canal goes okay.

  10. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Great news about your pants. I know this will not make you feel any better about the price but our dentist charged my husband $2800 for a root canal. That put the barn on hold for a few months... Will be praying that all goes well Thursday...

  11. Well I guess I'm glad you aren't in so much pain! I'm prolly gonna have to get a root canal soon too. I'm dreading it. Birthed 6 children naturally, but I'm skeered to death of the dentist.

  12. Oh Jayme, glad you're some better. I have a scary thing coming up soon too, so I will be there virtually for you. We shall be strong (but bring on the meds!). Take good care of you. -Tammy p.s. we did finally have a successful bean roast. yay. SO good!

  13. So glad a little relief arrived today. Drugs are good. Has Helen been looking after you? She kind of owes you.

  14. I'm just glad you have some relief. I will continue to pray for you.

    You may not be interested, but if you are, I have another blog, I'm Just Sayin, and I have blogged about my chicken I was telling you about. It's lengthy, but very interesting. Take a look if you feel like it sometime.

    Blessings to you friend.

  15. Here, I'll make you feel better. That root canal fee is pocket change for what they charged me for an implant that I had to have (from a trampoline accident 35 years ago which damaged my front tooth)!!

    Thank God for antibiotics that still work when we really need them!!

  16. YAY. You called the dentist, and got on the antibiotic....good girl!!!!
    It's just money.
    your health is most important.

  17. I've had several root canals before and none of them were really that bad. I had to have one when I was four month pregnant (NO painkillers prior!) and I had never been so happy to see a dentist!
    Take care of yourself!!!!

  18. Very relieved to hear you called last night. Dental costs are ridiculous but you gotta do what you gotta do. Take care of yourself and good luck with the root canal.


  19. Glad to hear that the worst of the pain is starting to subside. I'm so glad you called him and got the medicine. Take care girlie.

  20. Oh, I'm a huge fan of "pocketbook". Especially in theory.

    So glad you're on the mend, friend. I've had one root canal and I found it to be helpful to hum while they're...working. It helped me not to hear the um...sounds. I think it annoyed the dentist, though.

  21. Jayme, I so feel your pain, this past spring I had a back molar that was in need of a root canal...the pain was off the charts, the dentist said it was due to the one and only wisdom tooth I was born with, was pressing on a nerve that runs the whole length of the jaw. To solve the one problem I had to have oral surgery to remove an inbeded wisdom tooth that had become part of my jaw bone because it was there for so long...I ran the risk of have permanent damage to this nerve that would cause a stroke like look to my mouth. It was crazy! There were nights i did not sleep at all. Found out I was allergic to Vicodin, threw up more than I ever had my entire life!
    Pastor still refers to it, as the darkest days of my life! No Joke! Funny how we all like to share our stories...glad you're better, root canals are expensive, but your teeth are everything! xoxo :) Julie~

  22. I will be thinking of you Thursday! Here's to this time next week, when you are much much better!!! Like you said, it always seems to happen the same...When it rains, it pours, and yet, we always get through it, make more money, pay the bills, and keep on moving forward. :-) The day will come when you are doing a "happy dance" again. I know it. :-) Take this one day at a time.

  23. Jayme,
    Last year at this time I was right where you are. And I don't do the dentist thing well, either. And I had to have a new dentist as the weather was bad and I was too sick to travel the usual 150 miles to my regular dentist - yes, I do travel that far! Anyway, I got so ill from the pain meds and antibiotics. I put all my trust in the new dentist - very wrong to do. My old dentist sent me to the Endodontist for a root canal years back. The new guy was very confident and I needed help... Well, he didn't do it quite right and I still had pain. He told me I probably needed another root canal on the next tooth over. He had maxed out all my insurance, too, in just two visits. So I called my old dentist and he said to get to the Endodontist - yes, 150 miles away. I ended up having another root canal on the next tooth over but after several months I still had pain. So he did the root canal over that the other dentist did and that helped. During all that time of pain and not being able to chew on that side of my mouth, I ended up with jaw issues and had to have two months of physical therapy. I had to pay for the Endodontist out of pocket for two root canals. And I still have to go back as there is still some residual pain and bite issues. Plus I need a new crown on the tooth that has had two root canals! It was a tough time last year and to top it all off, our dear old dog had to be put down during all the dental trauma! But I am just grateful to have dentists available and to be able to afford dental work when needed. It is a true luxury when you are in pain! Hope you are better very soon!

    Tramp #2

  24. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and that plans are in the works to get everything fixed. Take good care of yourself! Rest!

  25. Bless your heart. When it rains it pours right? I wish you didn't have to deal with the pain. The pain to your mouth and to your pocketbook. Congrats on the falling off jeans though. Sometimes we just have to focus on the positives!

  26. owww. I hate the dentist, and always wait too long to go, so glad you called...hope you feel bettersoon! jan

  27. I too have been checking all yesterday for an update. Sorry you are having to shell out the big bucks, but so glad you will be getting some relief. We miss our Jayme and hope you feel better soon.

  28. and you are...quite loved! I still say pocketbook.

    So happy you are feeling much improved.


  29. Ive had about 5 root canals in my life - and none of them was very fun. One, however, was interesting. When they were going to do the procedure, the darned injection would not make my tooth numb! They gave me 3 injections, and finally after almost 45 minutes, the dentist hypnotized me, and it WORKED!!! So, I learned something new that day! Too weird!

  30. So sorry you need the root canal, but at least that will stop the pain eventually. I still say pocketbook, along with many other "oldies." Makes one sound a bit classy, I think.


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