Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I Learned Today

Introducing the only dishrag in the "Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum". One dishcloth takes woman 40 hours to complete! Believe it.....or not.

I learned how to knit today. Well, been learning for a week or so, but I think I can officially call myself a 'knitter' now. It gives you a lot of time to think, sitting there, knitting. Perfect for me whilst waiting for Aaron during math tutoring.

I learned how to knit.

I learned how to purl.

I learned how to drop stitches.

I learned how to tear knitting out.

I learned how to start again.

I learned how to read a knitting pattern through tears.

I learned how to straighten the knitting needles out after you've thrown them under a bus.

Now, I just need to learn how to take it off the needle. Would be hard washing the dishes with it attached.

As soon as I get it off the needle, I'm going to post it on Etsy. Do you think $300.00 is too much to ask?


  1. I have learned to knit twice now and plan to learn a 3rd time. For some reason it doesn't take too well for me. I think the Stitch and Bitch knitting handbook is an awesome resource though!

  2. The dishcloth is very pretty, I like the colors a lot. Don't worry, even people who knit a lot have days when they want to throw the knitting under a bus. Been there many times...

  3. That's the prettiest dishcloth I've every seen!
    I think it falls in the "priceless" category....frame it!

  4. Hey there. I jumped here from Anke's blog. Nice to make your acquaintance. Love those knitted washcloths.....they are the best. Good luck getting it off the needles!! Love the picture of your porch...just lovely!
    Bee Haven Acres

  5. Jayme, I think that your knitting is great! Are you taking on any new comers to the knitting world ? You could teach people like me alot of new things. Good Job !! Love the colors !

  6. You are doing a great job with your washcloth. Love the colors and design the varigated yarn develops as you knit. I love knitting but stay with scarves. I have knit a few washcloths and love them. Casting off is very easy and actually fun.

    I think $300 is a little low for Etsy!

    They do make nice gifts!

    Enjoy your day...

  7. How funny your entire blog is. I love seeing your pictures of your farm house. What a break, from reading about ladies who sell the upscale, glittery, fashion items. Rhinestones etc.
    Show more pictures of your house.

    If you tought yourself to knit, you have it going on.

    Janice In Missouri

  8. Jayme, you just make my day everyday.

    That dish cloth is nice, it would be a shame to use it; ))). Someone suggested framing it.; ). It is so easy to knit, crochet, andyone that wants to do it can learn. It is not rocket science.

    I have been knitting since I was 7 years old. I don't know how to read patterns, I feel no use or need for them. Whatever I make just comes from my mind. All I have to do is take a look at something and I can duplicate it and make it even better than the original. I have been knitting/crocheting gifts all my life.

    Everyone tells me to sell them, but my heart will not let me. I make them with so much love for someone I love they are priceless.

    My great-grandmother God rest her soul, told us little girls that "if a girl does not knit, emroider, crewel, crochet, sew, her fingers will fall off"....just think what that can do to a little 5 year old girl hearing those words from someone that they love sooooooo much, and think her word is THE LAW?! : ))))).

    I guess that right now I am greatful to her, because ths has calmed me down so much and when someone receives a beautiful gift that you have made with so much love, there is no feeling like it in the world.

    Keep on knitting, writing and just beaing you. You are a very beautiful, special person and I can speak for all of us, we just love you.

    We should have a get together and start a knitting or crocheiting club. They wanted me to teach in Northfield, there was a little club at Barnes and Noble, but how can I teach someone when I don't know the terminology for each stitch?; ))) I would show them, and they all told me that they learned more from me than any other book or teacher, so sometimes visual is better.

    Looking forward to your next post; )).

    Please do show more pictures, this is better than TV to me. My friend's father's house was in the Chicago Architectural Digest Magazine 3 times, and I find your house more endearing than their mansion any time of the day.

    That is because you are in it and you make it fun......shoot now I want a house like that that we can save and fix....I used to hate when my husband would suggest that, to me it is new or nothing, but after reading and seeing what you have husband told me to thank you.; )


  9. LOL :) As someone newish to knitting....I can so relate! :) BTW I just knitted a hat for my son out of similar camo yarn(darker shades)...turned out beautifully! One of my favorite knitting resources is Youtube videos! Type in what you need and there is a video to explain it that you can knit along with and pause and rewined over and over again! And on there yet? I am jenngardenknitter on there. They have forums that you can post a question and get answers FAST!

  10. Hi Jayme,

    Found you through A Country Farmhouse. You are so funny! Love the way you tell the story of your house.

    We just finished renovating a small cottage built in 1890. It's very small, 1k sq ft. But I can relate to so much of what you said.

    Nice meeting you,


  11. Hi Jayme,
    Good Luck with your knitting. I have never attempted it. I crochet just a little though. I have become expert at uncrocheting, ripping seams etc. and starting over!

  12. oh Jayme, I've been away from your blog for some time, so I just caught myself up on all I've missed. My sides are still hurting, and I think my daughter is seriously contemplating having me committed, as I've been sitting in this room laughing hysterically! The photo of the kitten put me over the edge! you are a HOOT, girl! Oh, and I think $300.00 is just fine on your dishcloth, dear! Been there, done that, can't do it again!! xox ~Laura

  13. I learned to knit 1 year ago doing a sock! What was I thinking? I SO understand the "tears and fears!" Great post!

  14. I feel your pain. A couple of years ago I learned to knit. I made four scarves. Then I quit. I knit, then quit and now I'm in a snit because I can't remember how. I definitely think you're dishcloth is worth $300, though. How much do you think I could get for the scarves?

  15. Knitting is great therapy once you've got the hang of it. I am much better at waiting during my taxi-ing my kids around if I have something to do while I wait.
    I love the yarn you chose.

  16. Jayme, you have to stop knitting just for a little while and write something.....some of us miss you you know....; ))))). <3


  17. The rumors of my demise have been exaggerated!

    I'm here, I'm here! Loved all your comments about the knitting. It's been a love/hate relationship so far, but more love than hate. Finishing up a scarf for Aaron now, I'll take a pic of it to share....

    Been away from the computer for five days...oh my, so much to catch up on!


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