Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cooking Club!

If I'm not careful, this blog will be about nothing but food. I suppose since it's such a large part of my life, it's only natural. Food is such an integral part of my life. It's how I comfort, nurture and show love to the people I love. It evokes memories and satisfies my soul.

Today I wanted to introduce you to my Cooking Club. If you've been reading since I started this blog a few months ago, you'll notice that I'm in two cooking clubs. Well, I was in two. I had to let one go, it was just a bit too much. I already regret it somewhat.

It's a nerve wracking time. You fret. You worry. You wonder if the recipes seem cohesive as a meal. Is the house clean enough? Oh why do I have to live in such a small mess of a house? I should go out and buy a new set of dishes. I need new carpeting! These are the things that go through your head. Then, the girls come in, one by one, and we start eating, and then you don't care. You're having such a great time.

Terry was the host of this month's group. She has a LOVELY home in Lowell. Her garden,'s paradise. I have no idea how she does as much as she does. She used to be the President of the Lowell Garden Club. She's stepped down for a bit. She loves to junk as much as I do. Going into her house made me miss all my 'stuff'. I simplified my house a few years ago, and got rid of a lot of things on Ebay. When I see her collections of pie birds and the like, it makes me really regret what I've done.

The club meets Feb, March, April May, June, September and October. There are six of us in the club, so each of us get a turn to host the club. The host picks out the menu and assigns each of us a recipe. She also provides the drinks and bread if appropriate.

Pictured left to right, seated: Teri, Barbara. Standing: Mari, Terry, Debbie. You could look high and low and you wouldn't find a better bunch of ladies.

My recipe was a Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Gingersnap Pecan Crust and Marshmallow Sour Cream topping. Do you think I got a photo of it? Of course not. Funny story about the cheesecake. Pulling it out of the oven, I misjudged the height of the puffed up cake and tore the top off of it with the oven rack. No problem I thought, the marshmallow topping will cover a multitude of sins. And it did. Until, when putting it in the car to transport it, I shoved my elbow into it. Nice.

The recipe I want to share with you today is for the Pumpkin Soup that we had. There is a mental barrier for me and pumpkin served in any other way than a pie, a bread or cookie. It's like eating shrimp cake...I don't know how to describe it.

I'm glad I got over my issues and ate this soup. It was lovely. So good. The relish on the top really made it special. I hope that you'll give it a go this year!

Here's a link to the recipe. That way you can print it out easily.

To my cooking club girls...if you are reading this....I love you all dearly. You all hold such a special place in my heart, and I look up to each and every one of you.


  1. Great post! I made pumpkin soup this past weekend--looks just like your was soooooo yummy! I had always had the same thinking that it was just for pies...but I use squash this time of year for why not? I then made up a beef/pumpkin casserole yesterday..that was great too. Who knew so much good stuff comes from pumpkin! :)

  2. Hey Jayme! Mari told me about your pumpkin cheesecake (not the just how WONDERFUL it was! I told her that I hoped to see the recipe on your blog! Please pass it on, I would love to try it.

  3. How wonderful! A cooking club! I never knew there was such a thing! I might have trouble with that soup too! I want the Cheesecake recipe too! :)

  4. ok I've been to your home AND sampled your cooking.. my friend you have nothing to worry over.. your home is warm and inviting and beautiful... just like you, the hostess!

    I still RAVE about that salad girl... still!

    and to Joy's comment above... I'd like the receipe for that beef and pumpkin casserole!

  5. A cooking club sounds like so much fun, and the soup looked delicious. Wish I could have seen a picture of your cheesecake...

  6. Sounds like lots of fun and wonderful ladies to share the day with and good food! What do you mean...your house is precious, comfy and very sweet!

  7. Hi Joy! How funny...when I first read it, I thought it said a 'BEET pumpkin casserole'!! Feel like sharing that recipe?

    Tina & Carol..I will share the pumpkin cheesecake recipe, and do a tutorial on putting it in a hot water bath. It was pretty awesome if I don't say so m'self!

    Kim...too funny that you still remember that salad! It was so great having you here.

    Anke...I'll make sure to take a picture of the next one! are always so sweet. Thanks so much! I can totally see you in a cooking club!

  8. Jayme, you are so right. We fret, we worry, and then it all turns out fine. I love being in the club with you and the other girls, you are all so much fun! Love you dearly too!

  9. cooking club, how fun is that?! My sis in law is in a homemakers club in Demotte. Is it like that? How'd ya find it? Start your own?????

  10. Pumpkin soup looks good. Is it as good without the relish?
    I have it in my mind that some foods are not ever to be eaten hot. Tuna is one, I'm going to try and get over the Pumpkin issues.


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