Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday Musings....

It was another wet, gloomy, damp cold day here in Northwest Indiana. I didn't mind it too much, but it's getting a 'bit' old. I started the day, the usual way. Bacon and coffee. Food of the Gods. Elixer of life. Nectar....well, you get the idea.

I've been cleaning and organizing my head off. The first week I 'had more free time' (translated....FIRED) I slept about 12 hours a day. I didn't realize I was so exhausted. The second week, I just really craved solitude for some reason. This is my third week. I'm ready to tear the house apart and start scrubbing things with toothbrushes.

Here's the corner of my office. It's always been such a place to dump things. I would always cringe if someone walked in here. I finally got it organized and cleaned up. Doesn't it look pretty? Don't you love things in jars?

I liked the way the light was hitting things this morning. Thought it was so pretty. The window in here is an eastern exposure, so the sunrise always blinds me when I'm on the computer.

My sister-in-law and niece stopped over unexpectedly for a visit yesterday. I loved it! I had just finished making a big pot of Pioneer Woman's Cauliflower Soup and baking bread. Perfect timing. The soup was wonderful by the way. You really should try it.

We decided to venture out to County Line Orchards in Hobart. I have to tell you, I won't go back there. It's just too commercialized. I didn't even take photos. $85 for a bushel of Honeycrisp apples. $60 for a bushel of 'all other apples'. I don't know...have I been living under a rock? When did the prices get that high? $1.69 a lb you pick! It was so crowded, so commercial. Ack. I didn't like it one bit. When we were camping a few weeks ago, we happened upon the sweetest little orchard, with the sweetest little man. There was a sign hanging in the shed that said 'Please don't let him keep you talking past 6pm. Tell him it's time to come home for supper'. His wife had written it. I couldn't stand it. I wanted to take them both home with me.

We did drive to the lake. Lake Michigan. It's so beautiful at this time of year.

This is my sister-in-law and her daughter. We got home well past dark. I made smoked turkey and apple panini's with gouda cheese. Had some more soup. Oh what a nice day.

I'm off to the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, Illinois this morning. Gotta run for now.....

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Thanks so much! Happy Sunday!


  1. Your office looks so nice, you did a really good job! The pictures are all beautiful and it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Your office looks great. I really need to get my Craft room organized. It is the catch-all room. We are getting some much needed rain this weekend. It is quite warm here though. Actually, it is HOT. I practiced clogging in my garage yesterday. I was soaking wet when I finished!

  3. Jess and I had a date yesterday and we almost went to the apple orchard but it was so cold and I knew lots of peeps would be there. Went to the movies instead, I haven't been to the orchard since the new barn went up. I love the office. I thought when you said sisnlaw it was Tracy. Anywho, glad you had a good time and I would love to hit the flea market sometime, call me. Hugs, Ra.

  4. My husband and I went to County Line Orchard ages ago, before we had kids. We were shocked at how commercial it was and honestly spent about five minutes there before we left. I much prefer smaller orchards and you pick without all the bells and whistles.
    Your office looks great!

  5. I love reading your blog.....I am so hooked, this is the first thing that I click on as soon as I get online.

    Just like you we have moved here from Northfield, but thank God we are so lucky that my husband can work from home. He only goes to Northfield when he has a meeting or a presentation.

    This was also hs dream, to find a little farm, but we haven't been lucky so far. If something is right, there are 50 things that go wrong, so we keep looking.

    My family is in Indiana, so we are lucky.

    My uncle has a farm in Lowell, 10 acres, with anything and everything that you can think of. I just close my eyes for a second I feel like we are in Europe.

    You are such an amazing person that you make all of us fall in love with you. And your nephew, OMG he is beautiful God bless him.

    Your office looks great Jayme....when will you be available to help me clean ..; ))).

    I look forward to reading your blog every day.

    Thanks for making it beautiful.


  6. Jayme, I love, love, love your blog and follow you every day. Tell me, were the pics of the lake taken at Kemil Beach? And to Aaron, I love your creativity with the camera.

  7. JaymeJo,

    Ta just pulled the pumpkin cake you made out of the oven, she posted it on fb so be sure to look, we went to 3 stores looking for a bundt pan yesterday and nobody had any or they were sold out. So I used an angel food pan and it did ok. Will be picking one up when I find one. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to try the cauli. soup and all the other stuff. Off to make the June Cleaver banana cake. Love u much, Ra

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. We did too. And to top it off I got a Sunday afternoon nap!

    I love the little sign with the little old man!

  9. Oh Jayme girl,
    Be still my heart !! I just love all the organization in your office.Just love the jars, now I want more, there so fun.
    Where did you get the bakers rack ?
    I can't wait to come see all that you have done in person.
    Sounds like you had a very nice day yesterday, can't wait to hear about today.

  10. Could you post the recipe for the cauliflower soup? I bought the world's largest head of cauliflower at the Valpo farmer's market this week.

  11. Sounds like a fun time with your sister-in-law and her daughter. Yummy sounding soup. I used to love going to apple orchards and buying fresh apples but we have an apple tree in Grass Valley so we get to pick the apples in our own backyard. Oh, such fun.

  12. Note to self---write CoopKeeper when apples are ready next fall--FREE! Hubby planted an ORCH (not enough trees to be full fledged orchARD yet)and will gladly share next year.



  14. That sounds like a lovely day. The lake looks beautiful. I wish I could get up that way to see for myself.

    I'm glad you liked the books. I'm so glad you happened upon my blog so I could discover yours. It's such a lovely place to visit.


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