Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shopping Tips

As I was perusing Aldi today, I thought about a few tips that you might find handy.

Why not start stocking up now on flour, sugar, nuts and baking spices? It'll be easier on the budget to spread it out over the next couple of months instead of going out and getting it all at once. Also, you can start watching for sales. That's always a good time to stock up.

I also wanted to share a couple of things at Aldi that I'm loving right now. It's a Special Purchase, so I'm assuming it's not around forever. Black Forest Ham, and Black Forest Smoked Turkey. It's $8.99 for 3#. It's pretty delicious. Been making panini's like they are going out of style. I'm pretty picky about my deli meats, so this was a gamble for me to buy these.

Just stay away from the Smoked Sausage at Aldi. Don't ask. Just don't ask. It's frightening.

Are there any things that you love or hate at Aldi? Do share!


  1. oh oh oh, right now aldis also has butterball turkeys for 99 cents a pound. thats half price of meijers. but if you really wanna stock up on the basics, try costco. 25 pounds of flour for 14 bucks and 25 pounds of sugar for 7 i think. as long as you have a place to store it all, you cant beat it!! and of course, you should always "grow" your own eggs!!

  2. I just wish we had an Aldi down here in North Florida. I really miss it. The bread & buns at Aldi was always so reasonably priced. Down here the price of bread is just out of sight. And, yes, the price of Aldi sugar & flour can't be beat. I watch for sales here but usually the best prices are at Walmart.

  3. I love ALDI. Adore it. We lived on unemployment funds for almost a year. Thankfully, I was a seasoned Aldi shopper already, so... piece o' cake. Mae mentioned bread. One favorite thing is their 7 grain bread. Yum. We're talkin' whole sunflower seeds within the bread. Their baby green beans (frozen) are very good also. Enjoy!! -Tammy

  4. WEll, I'm lucky enough to be the sis-in-law to Northern Indiana's Regional Manager for I get to know about all the good stuff before everyone else does. It's pretty cool. I'm pretty cool. Scratch that.
    I love your blog, btw. I started following last week sometime or other. Pop over and wave at me if you get a chance...I'm even doing my very first in the world giveaway of my handmade goatsmilk soap.
    peace. cindy

  5. I Love Aldi's can't beat there prices for sure! I do stay away from their banana's and potatoes...had bad luck with them! Their speg sauce is great, let it simmer in a crock pot for a while, mmm mmm good! Have to try the ham, thanks for the tip!

  6. The 3lb meat your talking about is great in salads, ham salad and so on. Jess loves loves loves aldi's. It's great for basics and necessities. He's taken over the g'shopping as we call it here. We have lived on work comp checks for a year and had to rely on aldi's. I personally prefer Strack's but the wallet tells us where to shop. However someone just gave me a aldi cookbook for the holidays so I'm gonna give it a try. We dislike aldi chips. But the baked beans are surprisingly good. Ra

  7. I don't know if our Aldi over here is the same as yours. A couple of the things people are talking about I've never seen.

    I do most of my shopping there because evrythings so much cheaper than even the cheap supermarket brands. I like their flavoured tuna and their frozen veges.

  8. I love Aldi and I do wish we had one here. We have one about an hour drive from us, but I don't make that drive very often. Being from Germany, I've grown up with Aldi and all their specials. When my kids were smaller, a lot of their clothes came from Aldi and actually a lot of mine did, too. Also I think it's great they don't use plastic bags and people have to bring their own.

  9. Thanks for the great ideas! I normally don't buy meat from Aldi's, that's why I was so surprised that these little hunks of meat were so good! I try to follow the store sales as well, but sometimes it seems that you are driving all over just to save a couple of dollars. Aldi is my first stop always though!

  10. OOOOOooo, Aldi's. Love it! When GrumpyUnk was in college, 3 kids, stay-at-home Mom we ate because we had Aldi's. Now my kids are grown and that's where they shop too. Even on vacation.
    I love their pork chops. Center cut. NUMMMMmm. The beef lunchmeat is good. The chicken breasts in frozen isle. Devils food cookies. Cashews. Frozen green beans (almost like fresh!)Grumpy likes their frosted mini shredded wheat cereal better than name brand. Their own brand of chocolate is yucky, but their semi sweet choc.chips are excellent. The list goes on...Oh, and the seasoned pork tenderloins, peppercorn,

  11. What do I love or hate? I hate that you have an Aldi and I don't!

  12. There's only ONE Aldi's here in Massachusetts, and it's about 100 miles from me. However, I just last week passed a construction site whose sign said "Aldi's -Coming Soon" - and it's about 3 miles from my house. I'm delighted, cuz I've been to their stores in MO and know their prices are good. Costco's prices are great, but the problem there is the quantity you have to buy - usually way too much for my little household of two.

  13. I love Aldi's but I don't care for the sliced cheese cheese. I guess I'm too used to Kraft slices but Aldi's seemed dry.

    I agree with the smoked sausage. It's indescribable. One funny story, I asked my husband to stop by Aldi's to pick up a few things. He came home complaining "Do you know they lock up all their baskets and you can't use them?" I had to educate him on the baskets now he's a Aldi's fan.

  14. No Aldi in San Francisco or Grass Valley CA. Pooh. Sound like a good place to shop. I will stock up on the baking goods soon for my Holiday baking. Thanks...

  15. I shop there first and most of the time it is the only place I shop for the week's groceries.
    Not fond of most of the cereals. We do all agree the Granola cereal is great and very cheap (not the lowfat one).
    Here are some of our favorites we always have on hand:
    Brownie mix makes a delicious 9x13
    Spaghetti Sauce
    Nonfat French Vanilla coffee creamer
    Medium Salsa
    Jalapeno peppers ~ hot
    frozen strawberries & plain vanilla yogurt (great for smoothies)
    frozen oj
    no-fat refried beans
    tortilla chips
    Cinnamon Graham crackers
    buttery snack crakers
    chunk cheese ~ very reasonable
    Instant Brown Rice
    Light Ranch dressing
    All their cake mixes!!! very moist
    Light Italian dressing-for marinades
    Baking Supplies
    That's about it since I named half of my grocery list;)
    One thing I really really miss is their makeup remover cleansing cloths. I think they were priced under $2.00 and my daughter and I used them a lot!


    P.S. my 22 yr old daughter likes the burritos..but I am not going to try them:P

  16. You guys sure love your Aldi's! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I remember 'back in the day' shopping there, and there was only one in the area, and it was rather dingy and dirty. I always felt so poor going there! They've built new ones around here now, and they are clean and bright. Love it. I still won't get EVERYTHING there, but for the most part I do. I guess about 90%. Meat freaks me out in general. I don't exactly know why, but Aldi meat, well, kinda really freaks me out. The frozen turkeys, the pork tenderloins, this new Black Forest ham and turkey, I like them very well. I think that the grocery bill is one area that we can really help control our household budget with. Good work girls!

  17. just found your blog & really enjoy it! the food looks amazing & I can't wait to browse around more & maybe pick up a couple recipes!



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