Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rocket Dogs in Arkansas

Went to Arkansas in search of BBQ today. I absolutely love the Ozark Mountains. They are so very different from the cornfields at home.

The pictures don't do it justice. It was just so pretty, and hilly, and colorful. It was very hilly, crooked and steep. My stomach was a bit queasy from it all. Reminded me of the Great Tilt-a-Whirl incident of 1976.

This was the first good cup of coffee I had in Missouri. It's a long boring story. I have serious coffee issues. I'll go into it one day.

Adorable sign.

We drove to Eureka Springs, which is an incredible little town tucked in the hills. The pic above is of my new Life is Good Hat, and Jim's new Life is Good shirt.

The town is filled with these little springs. The gardens were beautiful.

Cute little houses like this filled the streets. (Jen, I thought of you and your village :-)

This gate makes my stomach hurt I love it so much. Jim wouldn't steal it. And he calls himself a friend.

A wonderful fall planter idea!
By the way, did you notice it stopped raining?

When I saw this sign, I said to m'self, I said....'ok'.

Jim is an impatient man. He doesn't like to be kept waiting. Especially for pork.

Fruit of the Swine.

Life IS Good, baby.

No comment needed.
We saw Beaver Dam on the way home.

Jim still can't figure out how beavers built this dam.


  1. I am glad you are liking MO and Arkansas. I meant to tell you to eat at the Red Hen in Bourbon if you went down I44. So good. Only ate there once. So, so good. Going to eat there again some day, on my way.

  2. So funny! I saw that house and my first thought was Oh! That's my favorite picture so how funny that you thought of me. It sounds like a wonderful trip and oh how I miss southern bbq, especially Memphis bbq but it's probably about the same in AR. You're making me a bit homesick.

    I can't believe he wouldn't steal that gate for you. Loser.

    By the way, you are cute as a bugs ear. Oh my gosh I'm slipping back in to my southern vernacular. See what you've done? Say hello to my people.

  3. Beautiful pictures and the food looks delish. Glad it stopped raining so you can enjoy your visit.

  4. You are so close yet so far away. We're just East of Memphis...come on by. I'll try and remember how you make your coffee.
    I love the Ozarks.
    Hope you enjoyed the sunshine while you had it, the rain is returning...

  5. I saw the first pic and thought, "OH COOL!! She loves Rocket Dogs too". Then at the coffee pic I thought, "No! She loves GOOD coffee too?" Then I wanted to steal the coffee sign. THEN I spotted the Life is Good clothes and I knew, yes I KNEW you are my sister by a different mother. sigh, where ya been all my life, sis???
    And I think it stinks he wouldn't steal the gate for "us".

  6. I LOVE Eureka Springs! Been there many times! The place is incrediable at Christmas!! Did you by chance see the rock house the old woman built? The name escapes me at the moment but the place is fascinating! :)

  7. Carol - you are probably thinking of Quigley's Castle, a stone house that's a tourist attraction a little south of Eureka Springs. It has plants that are about a hundred years old that grow from the ground to the second story ceiling. Also has all that stone work outside the house.

  8. Oh, love your photos. Great. I want to go there! I want to live in that precious little house! Love the coffe shop sign and ohmy gosh...what a hunk of ribs!

    So glad you are having so much fun!

  9. Hi Journaling Woman! Thanks for the tip about Ren Hen. I'll be heading back up I44 this weekend, I'll keep my eye out for it!

    Jen, 'your' people say hello back, and that they've missed you!

    Anke, always so nice to see you here...

    Susan, I'm having so many coffee issues lately that I don't even remember how I like my own coffee!!! I have relatives in TN, near Chattanooga. I sure hope to visit the great state of TN soon.

    Queen...I'm the YOUNGER sister right???? :-) I love Life is Good as much as bacon. All of my money could go there. Sigh.

    Carol and Ken..I did not get to see that cool house! Next time I'm down here and we go to Eureka Springs, I'll find out where it is, sounds like something I would love to see, especially the plants!

    Dogwood, you are so sweet. Wouldn't you just love to live in a little house like that??

  10. I think I hear the chickens gettin out of the coop, you'd better come home and check that! Miss u.

  11. Great post...looks like you and the 'hub' had a grand time, but, too bad about the gate. I would have been tempted as, love, love it! I remember an article in a magazine many years ago about Eureka Springs...what a quaint little town...would love to visit myself.
    Have a terrific week,
    By the way, Jim's pretty darn good lookin'!

  12. I enjoy reading your blog so much! Stop by mine when you get time, I have something for you.

  13. I'm having withdrawals....

    All my chickens are gone so I am having to live through you.

    Where are youuuuuuuuu?????? :)

  14. Maybe I'm just an ignorant Aussie...but what's a rocket dog? I was imagining a really fast terrier but then there wasn't a single dog photo or mention. Hmmm.

    Cute town. I would have gone ga-ga as well. The gate reminds me of one from the abandoned house next door that is sooo overgrown with creeper and bushes you wouldn't even know it's there. The house and the gate. I'm trying to convince Mitch to take the gate for me as no one would even know (the owner lives 3 hours away) but he won't listen. Maybe it's a man thing. Maybe I'll have to creep over in the dark of the night and do it myself.

  15. So, OK, I'm trying to catch up with all your blogs with this exasperting dial up, so who is Jim, and where is Glen. What did I miss? I liked Glen. He was a good man. Sandy

  16. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods! We live on Beaver Lake just outside Rogers, AR. Isn't Eureka fun? From the pictures looks like you were at Bubba's BBQ?

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